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  1. I used to hate the hot weather and stuffy environments, till I became involved with freelance mascot/charity work. Inside a costume, temperatures rise above 40ºc, most don't have cooling but mine has fans inside the head to help draw out hot air caused by breathing and draw in fresh air through the mouth/eyes. Keeping the head cool really helps, even if the body is hot.

    I often forget i'm wearing a fleece jacket till someone comments how I am not melting in weather like this. It's possible to get used to heat, took me years to build up the tolerance.

  2. 16 minutes ago, OldLandRover said:

    With regards company car, van and truck drivers - I had same with my employers refusing to pay for winter tyres so I took cash alternative and ran my own vehicle. However if winters were mandatory (in wintry conditions) it would prevent these employers from putting lives at risk to save money. I accept that UK is a moderate climate and not too many snowy winters but we do have cold wet roads and ice alot more frequently than snow and winter tyres are safer in those conditions too.

    My wife wants the warm weather ASAP because she has loads of seedlings to get outside and a veg garden to attend to. She is far less of a cold fan than me and the kids :-)


    Mine won't do the cash alternative. If they did i'd get a van or something similar which would hold tools and spares without weighing the back down, taking space making the car useless for personal use (unless I spend 2h emptying everything)

  3. No more snow please... as much as I like it, i'm off to an event in Bristol over easter.

    My company provided car's owners won't allow winter tyres to be fitted, they won't even change them till the tread is at 2mm. I'm not alone, I suspect alot of company car drivers have the same restrictions. I might get some snow socks though if next winter shows signs of repeat.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, sorepaw1 said:

    I Agree. And also it comes down to how some vehicles are ill equipped to deal with snow and ice. 

    The tyres on any vehicle are the first point of contact with the road.

    It doesn't matter how much your car is worth whether it's a Rolls Royce or a Ford Focus .

    Winter tyres are the ultimate concept for any vehicle. 

    I invite anyone to watch youtube videos on winter tyres. 

    You put 4 winter tyres on a 4 wheels regardless of drive train. Ie .front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Or 4 wheel drive. 

    It makes the difference between life and death. Or having a accident or not 

    Getting stuck or not. 

    They might cost between £300 and £400. New but you put them on in November and take them off in April. Back to your all season tyres.

    But what price do you put on your life or family life.

    I tried getting the leasing company to fit them on my work car but they wouldn't. They won't even authorise the fronts, 3mm tread depth. Their limit is 2mm.

    I miss the van I had in my last job. That ploughed through snow, this Peugeot gets stuck due to tyres and boot being full, weighing the back end down. Naturally all work wanna know is why I couldn't get to Bradford this morning to meet some builders that got over the M62....

  5. 7 minutes ago, cheese said:

    IIRC sausage lives in Leeds, and at the moment most models are showing that feature splitting in two as it approaches, leaving West Yorkshire dry and snowless - so I can understand why he's annoyed. Areas further south should do better, especially East Yorks and north Lincs.

    For Leeds, I'm hedging my bets on Friday - we'll need lots of shower activity spreading well inland otherwise.


    I'll try find the Leeds Snow Shield and send it somewhere else...

    Hoping for something special but i'm doubting the 1995 Jan depth will be surpassed for another Winter. Main thing is it gives me hope of this setup occuring in say late Dec or in Jan one upcoming Winter. It'll happpen eventually.