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  1. Since the heating V A/C war of winter 2012/13 (A/C won 😚..) and me ignoring the thermostat settings, dad getting whopping bill in 2013/14 winter 😈, we have a new boiler and individual thermostats on radiators now.

    10.30pm-6.30am the thermostat is set to 17ºC, 6.30am-9am it's 21ºC, 9am-2pm it's 20ºC and 2pm-10.30pm it's back to 21ºC. I don't have the radiator on in my room but the house is comfortable for father, which is fine for me.

  2. It's the humidity and general design of our homes which makes heatwaves unbearable. It was noticeable coming back from high 30's in California to a London Heathrow in high 20's the other year. I would happily spend a day in 40ºC low humidity heat than our humid yuck that is unescapable without air con.

    Can't really moan about it though as this heatwave and a decent Summer was long overdue, it's almost as rare as a proper Winter these days!

  3. I used to hate the hot weather and stuffy environments, till I became involved with freelance mascot/charity work. Inside a costume, temperatures rise above 40ºc, most don't have cooling but mine has fans inside the head to help draw out hot air caused by breathing and draw in fresh air through the mouth/eyes. Keeping the head cool really helps, even if the body is hot.

    I often forget i'm wearing a fleece jacket till someone comments how I am not melting in weather like this. It's possible to get used to heat, took me years to build up the tolerance.