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  1. JRMcLeod

    Model Output Discussions 06z 04/11/16

    I know slightly off topic but worth putting it into the discussion. If you check the Met Office monthly summaries for 1962/3, you can clearly see that the Aurora was visible in Scotland approx 15 days each month. I have seen it twice and i live in Scotland and i am 33. The discussion above is about the Suns possible interaction... What are the general view points on sun activity? Would it be safe to say that the more active the sun, the possibility of colder weather increases as per the monthly summaries? Met Office Monthly Summaries 1960's
  2. JRMcLeod

    Scotland - Weather Chat - Spring 2016 Onwards

    From what i can find online, the highest temperature recorded in Aberdeen in September is 24oC. Currently 26oC at Dyce according to NW and XC Weather. Wonder if there will be a run on it in the MSM?
  3. Im no expert but thought i'd share my projections for thie evening. Whatever happens, i hope those of you that want a storm see one and those of you that don't want one sleep through it.
  4. JRMcLeod

    General Weather Pictures

  5. Erm. Think the one off the east coast of the US is more active. Besides, Africa, SE Asia and South America are not included and from experience, Central West Africa has storms pretty much constantly.
  6. Well i have to say what a fantastic strom last night here in Aberdeen. Started at around 145am, tracked up the coast. Peaked at around 230am. I am presuming it was an elevated storm (supercell) as there was a lot of lightning above but very little serious thunder. The storm seemd to come in bursts, 3-4 strikes in quick succession then a break for about a minute then repeat. I did however see my first twin fork lightning hit the ground. The rain and hail came on and wind picked up a lot. I have had the pleasure of travelling often to West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico and this storm last night was very similar in nature. Thought it would be cooler today but its very humid now and muggy.
  7. Can anyone give a decent update on forecast for tonight? Particularly for Scotland (East Coast)? Would be much appreciated.
  8. London Heathrow - No Belfast - No Cork - No Aberdeen - Yes Edinburgh - No Liverpool - No Manchester - No Cardiff - No Norwich - No Newcastle - No
  9. I once read somewhere that + lightning is Pink in colour and far more dangerous. - lightning is yellow or blue in colour and more common.
  10. I miss those BBC graphics. I always felt they gave a better depiction of the weather! As for that snow, event...i remember it well! We had a similar set up in late feb/early march 2006 too if i recall.
  11. JRMcLeod


    Hi Sandy, welocme to netweather, lots of info to be learnt here
  12. JRMcLeod

    29th October - It's A Biggie!

    The realisation of Christmas!!!
  13. JRMcLeod

    The Great Gale Of October 1877

    Does anyone seem to know how badly affected Aberdeen was during this storm? Just curious if it would have felt like a bad autumn storm of it would have felt like a hurricane on the east coast?
  14. JRMcLeod

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    As i was travelling southbound, the fireball travelled from west to east. I emailed the Aberdeen Astronomical Society with the report and 2 of their members witnessed it also. They informed me that it was likely to be a bt of space junk because it was travelling so slowly, no matter what it was, it was amazing to see.