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  1. I would like to see Scotland with a new currency and a membership to the EU as its stands today. I would go with the Scottish Ryal and establish a Celtic trading bloc. Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland, all with single market access and Celtic Bloc access
  2. London Heathrow - No Belfast - No Cork - No Aberdeen - Yes Edinburgh - No Liverpool - No Manchester - No Cardiff - No Norwich - No Newcastle - No
  3. I once read somewhere that + lightning is Pink in colour and far more dangerous. - lightning is yellow or blue in colour and more common.
  4. I miss those BBC graphics. I always felt they gave a better depiction of the weather! As for that snow, event...i remember it well! We had a similar set up in late feb/early march 2006 too if i recall.
  5. Hi Sandy, welocme to netweather, lots of info to be learnt here
  6. Does anyone seem to know how badly affected Aberdeen was during this storm? Just curious if it would have felt like a bad autumn storm of it would have felt like a hurricane on the east coast?
  7. As i was travelling southbound, the fireball travelled from west to east. I emailed the Aberdeen Astronomical Society with the report and 2 of their members witnessed it also. They informed me that it was likely to be a bt of space junk because it was travelling so slowly, no matter what it was, it was amazing to see.
  8. Do you know how i would get in touch with a local one near Aberdeen?
  9. A bit off topic but does anyone know if there was any meteor shower forecast last night? Its just i was driving down the A90, south from Aberdeen at about 10pm and there was a massive meteor, it was green and the tail was right across the sky, it broke up and loked like it was going to hit because it was still lit as it approachd the horizon, lots of people saw it becaue a lot of them put their brakes on...it was the biggest meteor i have ever seen and took quite sometime to cross the sky...anyone know anything?
  10. On a slightly different note but still kinda relevant to this type of topic! Does anyone know what the coldest temp EVER in the Uk including windchill is i.e. top of Cairngorm etc?? And what the fastest windspeed ever recorded at the top is?
  11. Wow...that would have been amazing but scary...birds dying n' all
  12. I remember the year after that...winter of 95/96, im sure we had snow the first night of October! Do you have a chart for begining of October 95 and begining of October 96?
  13. Wind Speeds like that remind me of being at the top of Carn Aosda at Glenshee Ski Resort a few years back, only the windspeeds were gusting about 120mph with little tiny ice crystals hitting your face, hugely sore, like hundreds of little needles...if you faced the direction of the wind you couldnt breathe...also facing uphill with the wind on your back was actually pushing you up-slope quite abit and vice versa for downhill
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