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  1. I know slightly off topic but worth putting it into the discussion. If you check the Met Office monthly summaries for 1962/3, you can clearly see that the Aurora was visible in Scotland approx 15 days each month. I have seen it twice and i live in Scotland and i am 33. The discussion above is about the Suns possible interaction... What are the general view points on sun activity? Would it be safe to say that the more active the sun, the possibility of colder weather increases as per the monthly summaries? Met Office Monthly Summaries 1960's
  2. From what i can find online, the highest temperature recorded in Aberdeen in September is 24oC. Currently 26oC at Dyce according to NW and XC Weather. Wonder if there will be a run on it in the MSM?
  3. Why would you be shocked? Its a pre-scripted game. Just look back over the last 2 weeks and see where this is headed... The nominations will be Gove V May. May will win. She is pro-remain and any negotiation will be watered down to nothing notable. Just like the Vow for Scotland. The Brexiters were played and they will be really annoyed when they see they are actually worse off and immigration continues. It’s all a farce. If they were all for allowing leave to win, DC would have enacted article 50 on the morning of the result, either on his own accord or through and emergency act of parliment. Instead he leaves it for his successor…May who was pro remain and the media are jumping all over it. BJ will have been given a little nudge and told don’t run for it or else…hence why the guaranteed winner has pulled out. Time will tell…it’s a game and its easily witnessed!
  4. sdloh dnaltocS Scotland holds a 2nd referendum prior to the UK leaving, on a successful Yes vote, Scotland resumes its position as the defecto UK state membership. This, i believe is what NS is discussing at the moment. This makes sense for all.
  5. When a referendum is held and everyone with more than 2 brain cells knows that it has no legal basis and is purley advisory and you see a drop not witnessed in 30 years on the reult of said referendum, it is very telling for when Article 50 is enacted. Stock prices are mostly irrelevant...the issue is the value of the £. When (or should i say IF) Article 50 is enacted you will see a drop like NEVER before. The UK's currency will be decimated, whats worse is that it will be long term. The reason i say that is the concession to the UK having access to the single market will be to still allow free movement of labour. If this is unacceptable to 'the establishment' then free movement of labour will be restricted and so will single market access...namely the financial services sector. London's status as the hub of financial transactions globally will change and shift most likely to Frankfurt/Paris or Edinburgh is Scotland becomes Independant. Make no mistake...what the markets are doing today and have done this week is effectively the calm before the storm. I do not believe for one second that the UK will be allowed to leave the EU. The 1% have too much to lose, to much control to lose. Between now and any possible enactment of Artcle 50 you will find that the circumstances will change by some way or another to change the publics/governments perception on why it will be bad for the UK to leave.
  6. I would like to see Scotland with a new currency and a membership to the EU as its stands today. I would go with the Scottish Ryal and establish a Celtic trading bloc. Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland, all with single market access and Celtic Bloc access
  7. Do you really think the EU would decline to give Scotland continued membership when Scotland already abides by EU Law and Treaties as an independant nation and 90% of the EU's oil? Thats not to mention the relocation of the financial centre from London to Edinburgh because of the requirement to hold fianncial passports to trade within the sigle market in financial services which will only be issued if Westminster agrees to free movement of people. Scotland already fulfils the requirements to EU membership...its ludacris ad misinformation to think it wouldnt be fast-tracked in.
  8. I'm not going to jump into this and argue any points. What i will say though is this...and i will say it loud and clear. There are 2 options available here. 1. England and Wales leave and the UK ends. 2. Westminster decides to not enact Article 50 and the UK ends. The most sensible comment i have read is as below. From the guardians comments section: If Boris Johnson looked downbeat yesterday, that is because he realises that he has lost. Perhaps many Brexiters do not realise it yet, but they have actually lost, and it is all down to one man: David Cameron. With one fell swoop yesterday at 9:15 am, Cameron effectively annulled the referendum result, and simultaneously destroyed the political careers of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and leading Brexiters who cost him so much anguish, not to mention his premiership. How? Throughout the campaign, Cameron had repeatedly said that a vote for leave would lead to triggering Article 50 straight away. Whether implicitly or explicitly, the image was clear: he would be giving that notice under Article 50 the morning after a vote to leave. Whether that was scaremongering or not is a bit moot now but, in the midst of the sentimental nautical references of his speech yesterday, he quietly abandoned that position and handed the responsibility over to his successor. And as the day wore on, the enormity of that step started to sink in: the markets, Sterling, Scotland, the Irish border, the Gibraltar border, the frontier at Calais, the need to continue compliance with all EU regulations for a free market, re-issuing passports, Brits abroad, EU citizens in Britain, the mountain of legistlation to be torn up and rewritten ... the list grew and grew. The referendum result is not binding. It is advisory. Parliament is not bound to commit itself in that same direction. The Conservative party election that Cameron triggered will now have one question looming over it: will you, if elected as party leader, trigger the notice under Article 50? Who will want to have the responsibility of all those ramifications and consequences on his/her head and shoulders? Boris Johnson knew this yesterday, when he emerged subdued from his home and was even more subdued at the press conference. He has been out-maneouvered and check-mated. If he runs for leadership of the party, and then fails to follow through on triggering Article 50, then he is finished. If he does not run and effectively abandons the field, then he is finished. If he runs, wins and pulls the UK out of the EU, then it will all be over - Scotland will break away, there will be upheaval in Ireland, a recession ... broken trade agreements. Then he is also finished. Boris Johnson knows all of this. When he acts like the dumb blond it is just that: an act. The Brexit leaders now have a result that they cannot use. For them, leadership of the Tory party has become a poison chalice. When Boris Johnson said there was no need to trigger Article 50 straight away, what he really meant to say was "never". When Michael Gove went on and on about "informal negotiations" ... why? why not the formal ones straight away? ... he also meant not triggering the formal departure. They both know what a formal demarche would mean: an irreversible step that neither of them is prepared to take. All that remains is for someone to have the guts to stand up and say that Brexit is unachievable in reality without an enormous amount of pain and destruction, that cannot be borne. And David Cameron has put the onus of making that statement on the heads of the people who led the Brexit campaign.
  9. Yes and if they scrapped Trident we could save the NHS, stop cutting welfare and reinvigorate our nations manufacturing industries. Unfortunately though, the principles of this country are one of 'empire' and status and not of its people and its future. I particularly liked it when Phillip Hammond stated that NK having nuclear weapons makes them a target, yet when talking about the UK and its deterrant, we aren't a target, we need it for protection. The banking sector should have been allowed to fail. Yes it would have had huge implications across the UK and the globe but one thing is for sure, it would have been re-born a different animal. Thousands of peoples lives have been affected by the banking crisis yet those accountable become non-accountable. London is too heavy in economics and with a diminishing output in pretty much all heavy industry, the country opens itself up to huge problems in the future should another, more catastrophic crisis hit...which, lets be honest, capitalism is destined to fail. Fiat is destined to fail...its just a matter of when.
  10. London Heathrow - No Belfast - No Cork - No Aberdeen - Yes Edinburgh - No Liverpool - No Manchester - No Cardiff - No Norwich - No Newcastle - No
  11. I once read somewhere that + lightning is Pink in colour and far more dangerous. - lightning is yellow or blue in colour and more common.
  12. I miss those BBC graphics. I always felt they gave a better depiction of the weather! As for that snow, event...i remember it well! We had a similar set up in late feb/early march 2006 too if i recall.
  13. Hi Sandy, welocme to netweather, lots of info to be learnt here
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