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  1. we should see something start building near southampton blandford cell has exploded
  2. there we go one cell popped up near blandford forum, should start to see more cells appearing
  3. i think the thundery rain will be under alot of destablisation as there is a CAP in place over us atm, rerunning the rainradar it looks like cells should start firing up either ahead of it or behind it.
  4. Cells appearing behind the mass, therefore we should be hitting into the unstable atmosphere soon
  5. i wouldn't loose hope buddy as the models are constantly changing, i am going to watch the radar ?
  6. This reminds me of a storm on Friday 7th June 1996, hot summers day like this and storms moved in from the SW around evening went on for hours.
  7. cells backbuilding towards petersfield, looks like were hopefully in for a couple of rumbles
  8. Love the sound of thunder, looks like a cell is heading this way from basingstoke
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