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  1. Anyone remember the storms of 3rd - 5th January 1998? It was a ferociously stormy period which probably saw some of the highest wind gusts ever recorded over southern England and Wales. Despite this and the fact there was a programme devoted to it a number of years back, I never see it get much of a mention in storm discussions. Here are the synopic charts for that period: The strongest winds occurred when an intense secondary depression crossed England rapidly during the morning of the 4th Jan (you can see it brewing to the west of France on the second chart). It produced storm force
  2. Interesting charts, well done Looks like ex-hurricane Flossie was a particularly severe event for the north. I bet the Norwegians have some vivid memories of that one. I seem to have some recolection of Lili a decade ago...or at least I think that's the storm I can remember.
  3. Apologies if anyone has already posted something along these lines, but with the recent unseasonaby windy weather, I thought it would be interesting to discuss memorable summer depressions. I thought I'd give 2004 a mention. Unusally, there were two notable areas of low pressure that brought gales to the south and west during that washout summer, and occurred within two weeks of eachother. The first of these was on 23rd June: and the next struck on 7th July: (GFS shows low pressure system the next day) I remember 7th July was particularly nasty in Oxford. With that low centre position
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