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  1. Please carry on here old thread here ------->
  2. Please carry on here old thread here ------>
  3. The old thread's disappeared, so here's a brand new thread for discussing storms and convective activity on the European mainland, which do not directly affect the UK... A coupe of useful links for storm tracking http://www.estofex.org http://www.sat24.com http://www.lightningmaps.org/realtime today certainly is a busy day for storms on the continent with some lively storms over the western med heading towards the Italian coast
  4. just woke up terrified and in agony......there's a blazing yellow orb in the sky where none has been before!....are the aliens finally here? ......the light, aarrgh, it burns!
  5. you're not wrong there Karl, according to that chart my temp in my little chunk of the M4 corridor is 222222C....bloody warm in my book
  6. In Memoriam

    Sad news about "aaaah bristow" as Sid Waddell once said....RIP
  7. Did you know.

    a helping hand for Pete?
  8. snow's had it chance, it's over half way towards mid-summer, so time for hardcore coldies to give it up and allow the rest of us to look forward to sun, warmth with the odd thunderstorm!

    1. karyo


      No spring or summer this year, just a preparation for the EPIC winter of 2018/19! :yahoo:

  9. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    I was thinking more of his batting....i.e go back to county cricket, try and score some big runs so as to play primarily as a number 5 or 6 batsman who bowls as a second spinner? Stokes can bat at 7 with 4 specialist bowlers to come (including a specialist spinner)
  10. probably a daft question, but is T96 on UKMO a possible snow dumping for parts of the region?
  11. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    just to add Kev, the overseas issue seems to a problem for all test teams, there seems very few overseas tour wins these days......Im hoping Livingstone might get a game tomorrow, as well as Leach and Wood (to add some pace)...Moeen needs a break, undoubtedly a talented cricketer but his confidence is at rock bottom and some county cricket before the summer international schedule might do him the world of good
  12. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    agreed, as I mentioned, I hope Lehmann is being totally truthfull....I must admit from what I've seen of him over the years, he's loud, brash, loyal and not the sort of bloke to lie...Michael Vaughan speaks highly of him (he knew him well from their Yorkshire days)......It seems the chief instigator was indeed Warner, who coerced Bancroft into performing the dirty deed.............I must admit a part of me also wonders if Steve Smith naively decided to try and carry the can for the debacle thinking it would be a storm in a tea cup and was in fact unaware of what Warner had plotted?...One for the conspiracy theorists but Smith never struck me as the kind of man to cheat, Warner, most definitely yes though
  13. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    my thoughts on cricketing current affairs in one easy meme....lol
  14. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    for those of us that are ardent England supporters (even if we give them grief from time to time...lol) the timing of the aussie debacle couldn't be better as it's taken the attention away from England's abysmal performance in the first test against NZ, the second test starts tonight I believe! lol
  15. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    regarding the post to chiono regarding Lehmann being off the hook....All they've gone on is Lehmann's own testimony as to what he said, there is no recording or anything...He's probably telling the truth, but in light of how Smith/Warner/Bancroft have been caught in the act of cheating, then telling porkies to the umpires and then the media, you can hardly blame people for questioning the validity of Lehmann's 'words'.....If he is telling the truth then it just makes what smith & co did even worse as they hatched this plot behind the coach's back completely undermining him and bascially 'sh**ing' on him
  16. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    I do though have a lot of sympathy for the players who weren't involved in this debacle, sadly in the public eye they will be cast as guilty by assocation....The likes of Starc & Cummings are genuine decent people who will no doubt be livid at the revelations of the past few days....and boy oh boy aren't they going to cop it from the Barmy Army next year!.....
  17. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    I'm very aware thanks, what they earn is in the public domain, CA are transparent with their players central contracts....and believe me, they are very few sportsmen the world over who can afford circa 50k a day for representation for a lenghty period of time....they've both just taken a $1M hit as their IPL contracts have been cancelled and their sponsorship deals will be binned quicker than you can say 'cheat'.............As I said, support from pressure/player groups will be irrelevant, because of the backlash from the australian political world, media, and public, there is absolutely no way they will be picked for the next 12 months (9 months in bancroft's case) even if the players in question legally challenge the severity of sanctions...........Vaughan and others are not backing down in the slightest, on the vaughan & tuffers podcast from a couple of days ago, both said the idea of lifetime bans were ludicrous and even the notion of year or year plus bans were too harsh Personally, given the 'leadership group's' self righteous nature and appalling gamesmanship over the past few years (Warner for example is an uncouth thug) I'm enjoying seeing this team's downfall, it's as funny as hell, they are and have been for some years, a disgrace to the game.....lol
  18. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    your last bit is irrelevant...firstly Smith & co won;t be able to afford the lawyers they need (a google search shows fees of up to £50k a day, very few individuals can afford that) and secondly it's an irrlevance because even if they did sue for breach of contract, CA will be under no obligation to pick them even if the cheats won their case, they'll just sit them out for 12 months anyhow.....Smith, Warner & co will be advised not to appeal IMHO, to do so will just make them look far worse and no cricket team/franchise will touch them with a bargepole, which in turn will destroy their long term finances
  19. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    Smith & Warner bans confirmed and they've lost their IPL contracts as well, so fair justice IMHO, they've been hit hard, both the ability to play cricket, and in their wallets
  20. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    breaking news, accordng to cricinfo, smith and warner have been banned from cricket for 12 months, bancroft for 9 months
  21. England Football Team

    I noticed a striker called 'Immobile' played for Italy tonight.....No wonder they didn't qualify for the world cup...lol
  22. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    worth stressing, these are the preliminaries.......lehmann won't survive this, smith and warner will be sacked and banned, as will be bancroft........if not, thwn it's a travesty and the future of test cricket in serious doubt, the australian team/Cricket Australia will never be trusted again and will have a bullseye on their collect heads from the media for the future and beleive me, it won't be pretty
  23. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    The DRS for lbw reviews has always been a bit 'funky' IMHO....I appreciate that it's all software based on predictive paths of the ball, but I've seen many a time when it looks plumb, then the DRS shows the 'predicted' path and I think 'hang on?'! rumour on the grapevine is that there will be some kind of announcement from CA later on today, me thinks it will be the sacking of smith and warner from their respective positions, although further punishments (such as possible bans) will be issued in the incoming days/weeks when CA have finished their investigations and deliberations
  24. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    it's a standard ICC penalty, but fear not, I feel the ICC penalty will be nothing compared to the penalties that will be imposed on Smith, Bancroft & Co by Cricket Australia.....I think Smith & Warner will lose the captaincy and vice-captaincy respectively and get lengthy bans, Bancroft will get a ban, and that foul mouthed coach Leahman will get the sack.......................on a seperate note it does make me wonder about the ashes somewhat, in that Starc & Co got the ball reversing around corners with reverse swing where as a superior bowler (Jimmy Anderson) couldn't get the ball off the straight for love nor money
  25. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    The aussie cricket team are an utter disgrace, both on the field with their sledging and cheating as well as their off field behaviour...personally ,I'd like to see Smith & Bancroft banned for a while as well as Warner getting a ban if he opens his mouth one more time...sooner or later he'll pick on the wrong person and get a beating