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  1. Please carry on here old thread here -------->
  2. for every one T384 chart that verifies, I could probably show you 50 that don't (and to be fair, in the T384 chart shown is pretty dissimiliar to what actually verified....yes an easterly is there on both charts, but certainly to my eyes that's where the similarities end).............in saying that, who knows what Day 16 will bring this time? it's all part of the fun of model watching
  3. Premier League Discussion

    quite a come down for Sanchez, going from a decent premiership team to the 'also rans' of Man Utd.....lol...........the idea of 'winning a championship' must have got lost in translation on him, he didn;t realise it meant competing for the Sky Bet Championship in a couple of seasons time.... #unitedarepants
  4. Please carry on here old thread here ------>
  5. Please carry on here old thread here ------->
  6. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    the ODI team showing the test team how to do it with a through dismantling of their aussie opposition......another solid win today sees them taking the ODI series with a whitewash 5-0 walloping a definite possibility
  7. that's odd, GFS over the past 24/48 hours was modelling a rain/sleet.snow mix for the midlands to my eyes....pretty much bang on with what actually has happened, as was the NMM hi-res.....now, ppn charts are an inaccurate tool IMHO generally speaking, but did you view the GFS (and NMM if you have them) charts that are available on NW or from other sources?....the reason I ask is that some of the GFS ppn charts from other sites don't have a 'wintry mix' overlay, rather rain and snow hashing with no 'mix' overlay
  8. just to add, I'm quite happy to get it totally wrong and to be spouting total pigswill, as it will mean the midlands receive a lot more snow than forecast!
  9. some ramping for tomorrow going on for sure in that thread......just thought I'd post my musings in there.......I fear there will be some disappointed punters in there come this time tomorrow....some snow for sure for some, but not as much as is being ramped......the french model (ARPEGE) even has some of us receiving snowfall tomorrow (fat chance!)
  10. not really Shaky, to be fair, it's been modelled quite accurately by the GFS, and without putting a dampner on things, there are 2 things to consider....1) snowfall will be temporary and will quickly turn to rain except for the far north of England and parts of Scotland.....and 2) that GFS charts posted show only now rain/sleet/snow mix shading, whereas the GFS charts on NW clearly do......worth noting that by 3pm tomorrow, the 0C isotherm has already risen to 5000ft, so any snow would have rapidly turned to rain and melted any snow that may have accumulated.....genuinely not trying to put a dampner on proceedings, just perhaps a more realistic viewpoint Hirlam hi-res model show snowfall concentrated further north and generally more patchy, and ICON (which has a lower resolution) shows ppn changing rapidly from snow to rain...ARPEGE shows more snowfall potential but overeggs things IMHO, it even has my location down for 3 hours snowfall tomorrow morning (that aint gonna happen...lol)
  11. * has a look at the thread title * * looks at post content for the past few hours * * leaves said thread with a slightly puzzled look on the face * talking of which, considering the so so output for coldies the past few days, I quite like the 06z GFS, the building in of high pressure from the Azores eventually forming a mighty block....The atlantic sure won't be piling in if that verifies, and as it enters FI, there has been in recent outputs, a trend for retrogression which open the floodgates to some much colder air from the east/north east
  12. elevation is the key, as it's actually snowing here.........................................at about 10,000ft
  13. you pesky midlanders, bragging about your snow....pah!......nothing compared to whats happening here.....snow's so heavy here, it's a total whiteout, and here's the piccy to prove it! see what I mean?
  14. Steve, I;m as blind as a bat....what time frame is that?......cheers
  15. how dare you post well-rounded, sound analysis of what the model output suites are actually showing as opposed to the general cherry picking of perturbation 46 of the navgem model at T6000 as fully 'nailed on' like we too often see
  16. There is still some Short term interest for coldies in Scotland & the north of England in the next 24 hours and again sunday into monday (plus parts of NE and eastern England) based on the 12z model suites, but alas for many us coldies outside these areas, today's model outputs can be described by the cunningly hidden subliminal mssage in this post..
  17. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    so now Stokes has been charged with affray, the ECB have just announced that he is available for selection.... .......what planet are these goons on in the ECB?.....They make him unavailable for the ashes depsite the faact no charges had been filed at that time, and now he's been charged and will almst certainly be found guilty of affray (given the cctv footage which I think we can all agree is pretty damning) they decide to lift their 'ban' and pick him!.....mental
  18. Please carry on here old thread here ------>
  19. ah, cheers Sam.....I wasn't sure what you meant, and at that time of the morning, the best I can muster is 3 question marks....lol
  20. Premier League Discussion

    I do declare that you cheated with the in game editor
  21. Premier League Discussion

    that's nothing....I took Liverpool to 5 consecutive CL wins and 4 league titles in 5 years on Football Manager....Dybala, Griezman were inspired signings, and I signed Messi and turned around his rather to date mediocre career at Barcelona and turned him into an actual half decent premier league player...I'm a shoe-in for the job
  22. I was musing to myself yesterday morning that this nasty little LP for wednesday night/thursday would be tough for the model suites to accurately predict....I saw many hyperbolic posts stating how it would be slamming into Scotland with a flattening of the general pattern afterwards.....so I decided to do a little experiment, lets take each model run (GFS) from the overnight (00z) suites and make an small incremental southwards adjustment on each subsequent run of say 30 miles and see where it ends up come thursday....The answer is that the LP centre would basically traverse the M4 corridor bringing winter nirvana to many!......and then this morning I see Fergie's tweet about there's a possible +/.- margin of error of 250 miles......Now, of course, the reverse could be true, an incremental adjustment northwards of a similar amount would have the LP blasting it's way to the north of Scotland taking the worst of the winds etc across the Shetland Islands...................The moral of the story for some members is don't shoot your bolt too soon, wait and see what pans out...after all, no one likes a messy premature reation?
  23. always worth dusting off that well known NetWeather Classic regarding winter model watching...."Get the cold in first, and the snow will follow...the finer detail will be sorted in the days to come".......................unless of course if you live south of the M4 when the quote is "Get whatever the hell you want in first, it makes no difference, and the rain will follow"