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  1. All ive seen is members looking so far ahead on the hunt for cold discussion and getting excited over charts that were never going to materialise, so pleased no one is making any comments on there no more, the killer has been the stubborn high pressure whether anything changes in the next couple of weeks will have to see. Les
  2. Thanks for the above post great memories the 7th was a Monday had a week in Buxton [with school] the snow they got was great to see compared to living on the east coast bar the beast from the east. The 13th we had a blizzard in Lincolnshire the snow was on the ground till boxing day, back then was a case of watching the BBC weather after the news and listening to Radio 4. Regarding the modules i remember the forecasters saying about knife edge situations back then saying the mild would push through but the cold stayed and was prolonged. Interesting to see whats happening now but sometimes in my years of watching the cold can come unexpectedly and produce something great so lets hope so. Les
  3. If i remember correctly the end of November we had a northerly and snow on the ground for a few days which was early for us.
  4. Good post same here long time member and as usual each winter looking at charts to far in advance some never learn. Les
  5. Thinking exactly the same BFTP not much change in the models at the moment
  6. Over the years always said lets get the cold here first then see what happens and develops. Les
  7. Well this will be my 11th winter of model watching never say to much but do plenty of reading and unfortunately some never learn and want to write a winter off before it starts, whatever the models show is based on computers and data, some years a cold spell develops out of nothing and they are probably the best ones rather than a raging easterly showing for days to be let down at the last minute. The weather whatever should be enjoyed, the models are a guide only and instead of posting because we are not getting what we want is a bit pointless, we have a good two and a half months to enjoy so some should sit back and enjoy. January and February are to me the best months for cold and snow so i will just see what we get, if nothing then theres next winter of model watching. Regards Les
  8. Well even though what has been said in the papers or predicted by every one how this winter will turn out its been at least 20 months since i have seen snow on the ground, and here i wouldn't be surprised if we don't see any this December. Les
  9. Evening all If the models do play game and we end up with a nice snowy cold spell can we discuss it and enjoy and not look for a breakdown straight away after all this model watching and waiting over this winter. cheers Les
  10. You would of had alot more snow than us but we did have two days off school, i just wished i had took photos of the event but unfortunately didnt bother. Shame we didnt have the videos on mobile phones then it would have been great to look back at. Regards Les
  11. This is what can make our weather so interesting how it can change so quick but i dont think that will be the case this week.
  12. Gavin Sorry getting my dates mixed up i was looking at Jan and Feb of this year which after the cold start of November and December 2010 we had absolutely nothing and thats why i can see Jan and Feb 2012 being similar. Les
  13. It just goes to show how they make it a big deal of it as the topic of the weather is the main talking point everyday, and then they say theres more to come always makes me laugh, i would say next week will be similar to this but with a milder few days. With regards to a big freeze there needs to be a drastic change but my gut feeling we will have a January and February similar to last year. Regards Les
  14. Thats why we love the weather, may not all be true but its never dull Les
  15. I think also the run up to christmas the weathermaen predicting a knife edge battle between mild and cold with the cold hanging on longer than forcasted. Regards Les
  16. I was 14 at the time and on the 7th we went on a school trip to Buxton, an outdoor activity week, and what a great week. It was my first time to Buxton and how lovely it was compared to the flatlands of Lincolnshire. The snow started on the Tuesday night and just kept falling all week, i remember canoing in Chapel en le Frith [i think its spelt] and we needed to break the ice. It was sad to leave Buxton at the end of the week as there was no lying snow when we got back only snow showers that didnt add up to much, that all changed on the Sunday as we had a blizzard [the 13th]and the snow lasted up till boxing day after the mild weather arrived, so yes white christmas that year in my eyes and a great number 1 in the charts as well, where have all the years gone. Regards Les
  17. We had the Thursday and Friday off school during the February snowstorm, just wish i had taken photos, i can still remember some great shaped drifts. Les
  18. Quite right John didnt need to repeat original post, but it was nice reading from Mr Data. Les
  19. It was an amazing week for me, great time spent in Buxton with the school on an outdoor activity week, being only 14 i was quite excited by the time Wednesday came with heavy snow showers giving a thick covering. On Friday 11th we got the skis out which was my first time ever, on a golf course in Buxton i think, but that was only for the morning because we at to leave in the afternoon to go back home. We got back to Boston about 9pm leaving Buxton to a snowy scene while Boston had nowt, that all changed by Sunday the 13th when we had a great snowstorm as Mr D said the snow lay on the ground until after Boxing day. Even though officially it was not a white christmas in my eyes it was, great time and only seems like yesterday. Thanks Mr D. Les
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