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  1. We must wait. But..it could be so good.
  2. Hello from Madrid friends. Low temperature: -1,8º Temperature 1:49 PM: 5,4º Foggy Waitting for Monday and Tuesday. Waitting for the Snow.
  3. Warm and sunny day in Central Spain. Villalba (Madrid, 917masl): Low temperature: -3,1º High temperature: 9,9º 10:52 pm: 4,3º Madrid (Close to the river, 615-622 masl) Low temperature: -4,2º High temperature: 13,5º
  4. Warm, bored and strange year here in Central Spain. January: Warm and very wet month, 25 raining days. Just 2 snowfalls (1cm hahahaha). And just 6 night below 0º . Lowest temperature -5,5º . High temperature 12,1º February: Warm and wet month, just 2 snowfalls (one of them 15cm). Lowest temperature -6,2º. High temperature 15,6º March: Very warm month, 1 snowfall (3,3cm). Lowest temperature -3º ( ), high temperature 24,8º (Record) April: Wet and warm month. Lowest temperature -1,8º. High temperature 28,3º May: Cool and wet. lowest temperature -1,1º. High temp
  5. Warm and sunny day in Madrid. Night temperature: -6º. 11:32 am: 3,7º.
  6. Hello friends Villalba (NW of Madrid, 917msnm): Low temperature: -2,3º High temperature: 7,9º 11:02 PM: -0,4º Sunny day.
  7. MeteoMadrid


    Don´t worry mates. Same as Spain. Just one month. It is not so dangerous.
  8. Hello friends Villalba ( 917masl, 61.000 inhabitants, NW of Madrid) Temperature min: -2,8º (5:05 AM) Temperature at 6:00 AM: -1,1º Cloudy Madrid (Universities 690 masl) Temperature min: -2,2º Temperature at 6:00AM: -1,8º Clear
  9. Hello friends! Villalba (917 masl, 61.000 inhabitants, NW of Madrid, Center of Spain): Temperature min: -4,0º (07:01 AM) Temperature at 09:00 AM: -2,7º Temperature at 12:15 PM: +4,9º MADRID (Airport, 600 masl): Minimun temperature: -3,7º Temperature at 11 AM: 2,7º Sunny day.
  10. Hello friends. Villalba (917masl, 61.000 inhabitants, NW of Madrid): Min: -3,2º (7:01 AM) Max: 11,7º (2:24 PM) Temperature at 9:00 AM: 0,0º Temperature at 12:00 : 7,5º Temperature at 6:00 PM: 6,9º Temperature at 9:32 PM: 1,1º Sunny day.
  11. Hi from Center Spain Villalba (917 masl, 61.000 inhabitants, NW of Madrid) Minimun temperature: -7,1º Maximun temperature: 21,4 Average low: 1,4 Average high: 11,8º Average: 6,1º (-1,8º) Days with snow falling: 3 ( average: 1,6) Days with snow lying: 2 (Average: 0,7) Centimetres: 3,4cm (16 November) Days with night below 0º: 11 ( average: 6) Days under 5º degrees: 7 (average 2) Days up to 20º degrees: 3 (average 1)
  12. 2013 to August in my city (close to Madrid, Spain) Minimun temperature: -9,8º Maximun temperature: 40,4º (record) Snow days: 12 (max 8cm, April) Storm days: 18 Fog days: 39 Nights below 0 degrees: 51 Nights up to 20 degrees: 7 Days below 5 degrees: 23 Days below 0 degrees: 1 Days up to 30 degrees: 38 Days up to 35 degrees: 8 August 2013: Minimun temperature: 9,9º Maximun temperature: 40,4º Days below 25 degrees: 3 Nights below 15 degrees: 4 Nights below 20 degrees: 27 Days up to 35 degrees: 4 Days up to 30 degrees: 19 Storm days: 7 Very warm month.
  13. Nagasaki... August 1945 War, war, war..Obama is the same as Bush, war criminals.
  14. Hi friend, yes Teide is the highest peak in Spain. More than 3700 masl. In Iberia we have some mountains more than 3000 masl in Pirineos and in Andalucia. Nice image from Scotland, thank for share it
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