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  1. Light snow most of the day here in Bedfordshire nothing if any amount temp below freezing all day currently -1 dew point -5 , I am not expecting anything to materialise this far north and inland
  2. Freezing rain here now quite heavy every thing crunchy as you walk across the concrete making a racket on the window as well
  3. It's fleeting between light and moderate no accumulations I can tell we still have 95 % snow cover
  4. Welll surprisingly moderate snow now falling with quite large flakes didn't expect that temp 0.7c
  5. We still have a good few inches in bedfordhsire hardly any melt today temp currently 0.9 and dew point 0c
  6. On the current track it is going to be west London if not a bit more than that.
  7. I think inland areas will get snow in the early hours looks to me that a band will be further west than they have said
  8. Can see a few surprises tonight a band of snow will move through the region as ever someplace could get a slight covering others 2-5cms
  9. Just the outside chance inland of a little snow before sunrise could be rain sleet in most places tonight
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