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    Midlands Regional Discussion

    All we've had in the last 2 days is loads of nasty cold rain, it's funny looking at the Netweather radar how the red and green turns to blue as soon as it reaches Shropshire, except over the highest parts, then goes back to red and green further east. It's not like we're dodging all the heavy stuff here either, it just won't turn wintry. Snowline seems to be 200m lower everywhere else. To be honest we did very well last winter, and I'd rather have it dry and frosty than get loads of non-sticking stuff (especially if other places nearby get a covering)- but 18th January and still no snow this winter quarter.
  2. The sunset is a good 10-15 mins later; it was earliest about 10-16 Dec. Sunrise has only just turned though (latest in last week of Dec); it stays after 8am here until the last week of Jan. The later sunsets are starting to become noticeable especially when it's clear (there is still a bit of light on the horizon at 5 now). It's all down to the equation of time (solar noon, when the sun is due south, doesn't quite correspond with 1200 GMT). Regarding the clocks changing, if you look at the equation of time we get it all wrong. Solar noon is earliest in late Oct/early Nov, and latest in Feb. So we put them back just when sunset is already made earlier relative to clock time, and miss the chance to get a boost from it by putting them forward in February.
  3. Summer of 95

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Sighting confirmed of frost..... -3C and lovely and white on the grass. And sighting of sunshine as well.....
  4. 2012-13 had jack all snow until mid-January, and ended up quite snowy. Late Dec and early Jan that winter were horribly mild and wet as I remember. It's strange how this year has been the reverse of last year: 2017- very boring year except for awesome December 2018- excellent year but with rubbish December
  5. The full moon coinciding with the winter solstice meant it was almost as high in the sky as it can get, hence the moonlight appeared stronger. Plus it was near perigee so would have appeared slightly larger.
  6. Summer of 95

    Predictions for 2019?

    Jan 5.5C CET, E+W rain 100-150%, E+W Sun 80-120% Mostly mild, wet and changeable with one or two northerly outbreaks bringing a bit of snow for a couple of days. Similar to Jan 2004 Feb 1.0 CET, rain 40-70%, Sun 90-120% So, so overdue. Surely the odds are on it. A month with a mix of N'ly and E'ly airflows giving snow to all parts of the country at some point. Minima of -10 or below widely across central and southern parts, -15 recorded in a few places. When not snowing, frosty and sunny weather prevails. Mar 5.0 CET, rain 90-110%, Sun 130-150% A very mixed month with February's cold persisting at first, then returning a couple more times with warmer spells in between. Very sunny and lots of frost but temps reaching mid-teens widely in the warm spells. April 10.5 CET, rain 30-50%, Sun 140-160% Anticyclonic and settled with lots of warm sunny days, but sometimes cold at night. Rain only during short showery outbreaks. May 11.2 CET, rain 50-150%, Sun 100-120% A crazy month that starts with 25C+ widespread, then turns very cold with late frosts even in southern parts. Then the heat returns, but with thunder included. Some cracking storms which leave nowhere thunder-free this month, hail and the odd tornado as well. June 13.8 CET, rain 110-150%, Sun 65-100% This year's stinker month. Low pressure constantly stuck near the UK, often positioned so it drags in cold N and NE winds. Plenty of rain with only the odd storm. Only a few western coastal spots get average sunshine and rain, and the east and southeast get the worst of it. Highest temp 24C in West Wales, most of the SE doesn't reach 21C at all. July 16.7 CET, rain 90-130%, Sun 70-110% Poor but not as poor as June. Washout first 10 days or so, then a spell of anticyclonic northerlies making it dry but cool (18-20 maxes) with the West sunniest. The anticyclone slowly edges east bringing more places into the sun, by the end it has reached all but the east of England. 25C reached in the Midlands, SW, Wales and W Scotland in the last few days. August 19.0 CET, rain 10-60%, Sun 150-175% Even more overdue than a cold February. After 2 months of "where the hell is summer" from SE-centric media, the anticyclone settles bang over Britain. Temps climb from 25, 28, to 30C over the first week, eventually it reaches temps not seen outside Londonland since 2006, even 1990. Then during the second week record highs are set at places as diverse as Newquay, Cardiff, Shawbury, Birmingham, Manchester, York and Glasgow; however due to the exact position of the anticyclone (centred now along an axis from Wales through the W Mids to NE England), and a cut off low over the Low Countries (who are having the kind of summer we had between 2007-2012), the SE corner is affected by breezes off the North Sea keeping temps pegged back to 23-26C with odd bits of cloud and fog. The heat gradually subsides but it remains warm and sunny, with isolated thunderstorms mainly in central and western areas. Sept 17.5C CET, rain 40-80%, Sun 130-190% And so it continues. Warmest Sept ever overall, with record September highs over 30C in much of the Midlands, north and west, however fog and sea breezes continue to affect southern N Sea areas. Continuing anticyclonic bar a couple of temporary Pm incursions sparking storms over NW England, Wales and W Mids. Starts to cool in last few days, but stays dry. Oct 7.5 CET, rain 80-120%, Sun 120-140% Wow, where did Autumn go? Coldest October for decades, again well overdue. With the Aug/Sept highs having moved to between Azores and Greenland over the last few days of Sept, northerlies come in. And stay all month, giving bright but cold conditions. Frosts occur regularly, with -5 minima in central England as early as the second week. Later on the northerlies become more showery, bringing thundery outbreaks, hail and even low-level snow to all areas. Most of the country doesn't exceed 15C all month. Nov 3.0 CET Rain 50-80% Sun 95-130% The early winter continues. October's northerlies dominate the first few days before an anticyclonic, sunny, frosty 10 days or so. The high moves north joining an early Scandinavian one from mid-month, bringing easterlies with early snow; the most widespread in Nov since 1988 at least with only some west coasts missing out. Then comes a battleground scenario when the cold wins, heavy snow falls over the western and central parts and with the cold established it stays. Dec -0.7 CET, rain 70-90%, Sun 80-120% With snow cover persisting from Nov the easterly flow from Scandi/Russia is really set in. More snow comes over the North Sea on -15 uppers, reaching even the far west. The easterlies blow all month: sometimes snowy, sometimes dull but subfreezing, sometimes cold and sunny with low dew points keeping the snow cover intact. Compared to Dec 2010, 1995, 1981 it does not produce such extreme minima but is more consistently cold, with many inland parts seeing an air frost every day.
  7. Summer of 95

    Winter 2018/19

    SW England and S Wales have had an absolute horror of a month so far going by the stats: very wet, 2C+ above average, very little frost and extremely dull. St Athan 142 mm, +2.8C anomaly, lowest min -0.3C, 16.6 hrs Camborne 143.6mm, +2.4C, lowest +5.9C, 13 hrs Liscombe 200.4 mm, +2.5C, lowest -1.7C, 9.5 hrs Aberporth 110.6mm, +2.1C, lowest +0.9C, 6.6 hrs Those sunshine totals down there would be bad for N Scotland. Makes us seem like we're getting off slightly, even though it still seems to have had a lot of wet cloudy stuff and very little cold. The Midlands and E England are at least drier and somewhat less dull, although still mild. http://www.met.reading.ac.uk/~brugge/CURR.html
  8. Snow lying on 7th Jan since 1990: 2011 2010 1997 Snow falling: 2011 2006 So "December 2010" aka 7th Jan 2011 would have still had a white Christmas, and a very well timed one (started snowing about 7.30am, 2cm lying at 0900, all gone the next day). 2006 snow fell on the afternoon of 7th Jan, gave 1cm lying at 0900 on 8th Near misses were: 1998 snow falling on 5th and lying on 6th, 2002 snow lying from 30 Dec 2001 to 5 Jan, 1995 snow lying from 2-4 Jan.
  9. Summer of 95

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Nothing but cold rain, temp started rising well before the front arrived as often seems to happen with W/E battlegrounds nowadays. 0C at 9pm, 2C at 9am, no chance of snow or freezing rain if it keeps doing that.
  10. Summer of 95

    Less well known eye popping winter charts

    January 1894 produced an incredibly cold day at Armagh on the 6th: 24.4/6.3F (-4.2/-14.2C)- note comment "lowest temperature since at least 1843"; if it was that cold in Ireland from an easterly how cold was it in Britain? http://climate.arm.ac.uk/scans/1894/01/INDEXA.html The following year's famous winter on 7 Feb 1895 produced an even lower minimum 4.9F (-15.1C), but didn't produce a maximum anywhere near as low as Jan 1894.
  11. Summer of 95

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    More cold rain. Snow being reported in places down south (even Isle of Wight), so no reason why it shouldn't up here, providing we get precipitation and the coldest air together. Uppers are obviously just cold enough (though could do with being colder), but can we get the coldest temps/DPs to go northwest? Presumably they are down there because of shorter sea crossing. There's no sea in the way between SE England and here, so no reason why it should warm up if it heads the right way....
  12. Summer of 95

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Sleet seen in a heavy burst of rain at 4pm, with temp of 4C. Back to drizzle now
  13. Summer of 95


    Friday 13th (yes) May 2016 in Cornwall. Absolutely perfect weather, unbroken sunshine with max of 22C, couldn't have hoped for better. Not so hot that it's uncomfortable in suits (like it is at many high summer weddings) but warm enough. My wife and I have a thing about 13, we got together on the 13th (June 2012, not much nice weather that month), got engaged on the 13th (October 2013) so obviously we had to get married on the 13th too....
  14. Summer of 95

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Haven't seen a frost like this in October since the 90s! Reminds me of those Autumn mornings when I was at school. Didn't get any precipitation here at all on Saturday, so no way of knowing if it could have snowed or not- but this morning certainly gives a wintry feel.
  15. Summer of 95

    Your Deepest Snow Record

    Deepest round here for each month since 1987 Nov 5-10cm 20/11/88 (can't remember exact amount but was enough for sledging and way more than any other Nov fall) Dec 28cm 11-12/12/17 (as above) Jan 10cm 22-24/01/13 Feb 15cm 08/02/91 Mar 12cm 12/03/06 Apr 2cm 02/04/12 December seems to be the best month for deep snow here, having 3 out of 4 of the depths of 15cm+. February hasn't had more than 7cm since 1994.
  16. Summer of 95

    Should I buy a classic car?

    I like browsing Honest John Classics when I have nothing else to do, lots of interesting stuff on there even if it is weird seeing the cars of the 80s/90s I grew up with called "classics": https://classics.honestjohn.co.uk/reviews/ High Pressure: interesting you say that about the Fabia, when I drove taxis we had an Octavia that was brilliant, reliable, went on forever except that you had to be so careful of the underside. Once the oil sump ripped open when it was driven over one of those fold-down car park poles, like 2" high.... Had to be careful where you took it.
  17. Summer of 95

    Spring 2013

    The thing March 2013 did show here (and March 2018 confirmed) was that snow doesn't always melt away in March during the day. That was obviously just a 90s/00s thing, it used to be the case then that after mid-Feb you normally needed at least 5cm to have anything left the following day, at least 10 to keep full cover, even if the temp barely got above freezing. Having thought about it, I wonder if wind direction is important here? 2013 and 2018 both were easterlies, while most late snowfalls between 1990 and 2010 came from the west or north (March 1995, March 2001, late Feb and mid-March 2004, March 2006). Interestingly the relatively minor snowfall of 11 March 1996 bucked the trend; despite giving only 3cm it stayed on the grass for 3 days, barely reducing; it came from the east. Perhaps the fact that easterlies tend to be less sunny here than northerlies or westerlies in March, combined with their usually having the coldest uppers, and the North Sea being colder than the Atlantic means they don't melt snow so readily in the daytime once the days lengthen? By contrast in Dec or Jan, air temperature seems to be more important in the weaker sun, there's little difference between westerly/northerly or easterly, neither will melt snow in the day in low temperatures. If this is the case, the crapness of that Feb/Mar 2005 spell is even more striking; it was 2 weeks of easterlies yet still it melted once the sun rose, when it settled at all.
  18. -1C right now, earliest air frost in years
  19. Summer of 95

    Best and worst winters

    Best: 2017/18 For: December gave deepest snow here in over 30 years. Record low March max. Spectacularly ended a run of completely rubbish winters. Against: although not snowless, Jan and Feb were not particularly memorable. 2010/11 For: subfreezing December coldest month here since 1963. 26 days with lying snow in total. Against: No snow at all after Jan 7th. Rubbish February. 1995/96 For: all months from Dec-Mar had lying snow, plenty of cold weather. Against: First 20 days of Jan were horrid, and odd mild days ruining cold snaps (22-23 Dec in particular) 1990/91 For: The snowy snap in Feb and snow on 8th Dec (though nowhere near as much here as Birmingham) Against: I remember jack all of the January or March (or Nov or April) so they can't have been that memorable 2012/13 For: Plenty of cold days and regular snow after mid-Jan Against; late starting, lack of low minima was strange and very disappointing given how many low maxima and snow lying days it had. Bad: 2015/16 Probably the worst though it was a close thing. Almost completely snowless in the three winter months, horribly mild especially in Dec. Unlike 13-14 had no storms/floods to keep us interested in the weather. It was just a non-season. 2013/14 Almost though not quite as snowless as 15/16, ridiculous number of wet days, lack of frosts even though it did have quite a few clear nights. Any attempt at cold (there were a few) was just blasted out the way by another 950mb low before it could properly get going. 1999/2000 As bad as any of those mid-2010s shockers this- mild, almost snowless, very boring Jan and Feb in particular. Remember a couple of times snow was forecast but gave nothing. 1991/2 and 1992/3 A pair of winters with about 6 flakes of snow between them. They don't come higher up the list because they weren't especially mild, in fact they had some decent frosty spells. Just for some reason no snow, even when it was cold enough. Other contenders 2014/15 was very frustrating, it started snowing several times but either turned to rain for no reason or melted as soon as it stopped. 2007/8 was another snowless one though it was quite sunny. 2016/17 had one slight snowfall in Jan but was otherwise boring and rubbish. Second half of 2001/2 was vile, but Dec and early Jan were wintry enough.
  20. 9.1 and 78mm. We are well overdue a cold one, so many longstanding jinxes broken in the last 12 months. Mix of wet and dry spells.
  21. Summer of 95

    Least favourite weather events

    10 Aug 2003 (and most of Aug 2003, except the 9th) 1st July 2015 Most of winter 2009-10 4 Feb 2012 Just from a local point of view, those... Really exceptional rain totals are interesting in a masochistic kind of way, so are extreme wind speeds, and I love thunderstorms. The worst things are steady moderate/rain for hours/days or prolonged sunless spells. Particularly in the warm months when they disrupt things that prefer decent weather. I've been to wash out weddings, mudbath camping trips and summer days at the beach with the sky murkier than the sea.... And many memories of rained off sports days and matches at school. That mass of murky cloud that I drove all the way to Devon to see in August 1999 has a special place in my hate list. I hope I will get to see a total solar eclipse someday, somewhere.....
  22. Summer of 95

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Shawbury 52mm in 24 hours to 7am, that's a lot for round here. Pretty sure it's the wettest day round Shrewsbury since 13 May 2007 (when Preston Montford got 79mm), as for Shawbury which only got 40-something that day I'll have to look what I can find.... Another notable event in the 12 months beginning Dec 2017 then.
  23. Summer of 95

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Weatheronline has Shawbury 36mm in 12 hours to 7pm; it's still coming down, 50mm for the 24 hours looks easily possible.
  24. Summer of 95

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Finally stopped raining about 7, so had dinner and went to walk the dogs and on my way back started pouring again! Must have had at least 20mm today, lots of standing water around and some of the lanes getting flooded. But having been a very chilly 12C at lunchtime it now seems to have gone warmer, it did that one day in August too.
  25. Summer of 95

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Absolutely belting down outside. Why has Helene changed her name to Ali?