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  1. I can vaguely remember at the end of summer 2008 news reports saying that farmers were calling it the worst harvest in 40 or 50 years. Both for lack of growth and difficulty in reaping it I think. I think it was the persistent rain and cloud that just wouldn't let the ground dry out and the fact that August was particularly damp and dull. 2007 and 2012 presumably not quite so bad because August was the driest summer month? I remember the shops having difficulty getting hold of some vegetables in early summer 2012 and saying it was due to the weather. I wonder what 1992 was like, that was a horribly wet August but followed a warm May and June.
  2. Raining or drizzling for 30 hours non-stop now. Much of it that horrible soaking drizzle that doesn't look heavy till you go out in it. And the temp has been between 12-14C the whole time. Late October or July? Charts showing high pressure Sat-Sun, even a couple of days of 20-21 and sunshine will be a huge improvement on what we have seen this month so far.
  3. It's very true that 2018 had no spring at all. Snow on April 2nd, then about 10 days with virtually no sunshine and single figure temps, midmonth it suddenly flipped to 20C+ and clear, like going from Feb to June almost overnight. And it stayed mostly warm and sunny until early August. The total opposite of years where it seems to be permanently spring or autumn (2008 and 2015 I'm thinking of you..)
  4. 2006 was certainly the best. The only really sunny summer that decade (though August was a letdown), the biggest snowfall of the decade in March, plenty of frosty weather in winter (even in the mild December) and some decent convective setups. 2005 had such brilliant synoptics that never delivered, except in late June and part of July. Late Feb/early March should have been like 2018, August much warmer and late December much colder and snowier. It just seemed to keep being as frustrating as possible. Still wasn't a "bad" year, but should have been awesome. 2001 was quite a good year, no season was a classic but it did get properly cold in winter and hot in summer a few times, and lacked long spells of SW'lies. April and September were the months that spoilt it. 2002 just varied between tedious and boring (most of the summer) to absolutely vile (late Jan, Feb, November and December), and it started so promisingly with that cold first week. 2007 is famous for its "summer" but other months had their moments: snow in Feb, warm sunny April, some nice weather in August, dry autumn. Better than 2008 for me.
  5. Very hard to pick. 2010 had more in the way of warm sunny weather (in June) but also more in the way of cloudy rubbish (virtually all of July and August). July 2009 was horribly wet but the other two months were on the dry side. August 2009 was just very frustrating with it being constantly warm in the SE while it couldn't top 25C here but it wasn't as bad as August 2008 or 2010. 2010 had the better shoulder season weather. A very sunny spell in April (when the volcano went off) and actually had its warmest day in late May. September wasn't too bad either as I recall.
  6. 25C at Lands End, that's impressive. So often the far SW just sits in murk and 18C when it's high 20s plus elsewhere. Or sea breezes stop it getting above 21-22 even when it's sunny. Shawbury currently 28C, maybe still a bit of heating to go (often it's warmest around 5-6pm), notice the dew point is higher round here than in the SE for some reason (15C vs 10-13C). Feels very warm and hardly a cloud.
  7. If Heathrow is always hottest because of the planes, why is it never Birmingham, Manchester, Stansted or any other airport, just Heathrow? Then again it's right next to some of the busiest motorway in the land, and it's downwind of the London heat island in an easterly (but it is often warmest in W'lies too?). You hardly ever see the yearly maximum outside the SE and E Anglia nowadays, it was common until the 90s. Even if it's 33 in the Midlands or Yorkshire it'll be 34 somewhere in Londonland.
  8. I'm sure it's happened before, just before they measured temperature by modern standards. When the Romans grew grapes in Yorkshire, no rain fell for 3 years according to the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, sophisticated observatories in what are now some of the cloudiest places around- certainly wouldn't rule it out. Just like -30C was probably done in one of the "cold eras". In the modern age it might have happened somewhere without a weather station (Cheltenham is in the Cotswolds - How hot was it down below by the Severn in 1990? That hot day in 1808 sounds like a possibility as well). Those satellite measurement that detect temperatures remotely, I wonder why they can record in Britain. And when Britain was still joined to the continent but after the ice age had finished, who knows? That "climatic optimum" in the early Holocene, warmer than today and no sea to cool 40C air from the east.
  9. 2012 definitely. 2007 had a cracking April, a fairly decent spell in early June and some spells of decent weather in August (particularly the bank holiday). It was most of May, late June (though that was thundery) and especially July that were bad. The rain seemed to come in a few great 2-3 week deluges with drier spells in between. 2012 had only that brief warm sunny spell in late May. Otherwise it was a cloudy, cold, damp crapfest from early April until late September. Even when it was drier and warmer it was still mostly dull (eg August), even that attempt at a good spell in July was spoilt by nuisance cloud here on many days. Then there was that 32C and sunny with storms in London, 21C and cloudy elsewhere day or two in August as a final insult. The second best summer spell of the year was in late March. That was how awful it was. One thing redeemed the April though, the only significant snowfall of the year on the 4th. It really was a year without any semblance of seasons in the right place. December was also a washout and very mild in the second half. I'd be inclined to agree 2008 was also worse than 2007, it had a decent first half of May and a hot week in July but that was it. June was just mediocre (not unlike 2002) but it was August that really stank it out. Unlike the deluges of 2007 it was just grey cloud and steady rain all month, even when it wasn't raining it was overcast. July and August 2010 were also appallingly cloudy but not as wet (June 2010 had more sun than July and August combined here). The best summer of that period was Autumn 2011!
  10. At least 3 different storms rumbling around Shrewsbury from about 5-8pm: one I heard to the W near home north of town but no rain from it, then I had to go to the south side where it was dry but very black to the NE and N, then near the centre I hit the rain and had lightning and more rumbles. Had rained when I got home too.
  11. Beauty of a storm here, near constant thunder and plenty of flashes, heavy rain too. Like August 2015's little brother!
  12. 10-11 July 1995 (all night lightning display), 19th June 2005 (hot Sunday afternoon turned into a cracking storm with large hail) and 22nd Aug 2015 (short duration but incredibly frequent lightning and thunder, it was like being under strobe lights) are the ones that stand out round here. Seems to be something about years ending in 5. Also worth mentioning are 13 Sept 2016 (multiple storms all afternoon) and July 2014 (that month had more storms than the previous 4 years, none were epic but there was at least one decent nighttime lightning show), the late May bank holiday of 1992 (think it was the Saturday, classic hot day/evening storm) and July 1993 I think (when it suddenly went dark about midday with really loud thunder). Elsewhere in the UK there was that one I somehow caught in Scarborough in August 2017 (about 22nd or 23rd), struck about midday out of the blue with booming thunder, frequent lightning and flash flooding on all the roads (it recorded something like 40mm in 2 hours). That year was almost thunderless in Shrewsbury as well. All the mentions of Tyneside in this thread and in 3 years at university there I clearly remember only one storm, in October 2003 when some cells moved in off the North Sea one evening (seemed a strange way to get thunder, especially that time of year). I wasn't there in any August or late July so probably missed a few.
  13. Been a display here tonight, long line of them low in the north
  14. Cloud never really cleared today, even though it was supposed to move away SE-wards, felt cooler than yesterday even though there were a few glimmers of sun.
  15. 1998 was on the poor side but not the absolute worst: May had quite a decent spell, June was mediocre but not as poor as 1997, July was lousy with no hot spells, August was an improvement. It wasnt a classic but it did have one very nice warm weekend and several warm and sunny-ish days. September as I remember also had a late warm spell, before a horrid wet and windy October 1999 can be summed up simply: superb July surrounded by rubbish. June was wet and unsettled though it did have some thundery stuff (similar to 2016), August was a shocker once the storms and humid weather that ended the July spell departed around the 3rd. I have a particularly poor opinion of that month because of the total cloud cover that I saw down in Devon on eclipse day! September again had a warm spell though. July 1999 was the best summer month here between 1995 and 2006, but it seems forgotten for being a one-off. 2001 was and still is my benchmark for an "average" or "typical" summer. It repeatedly had 3 or 4 day hot spells, often ending in thunder, mixed in with a fair bit of cold wet rubbish and several 20-22C partly cloudy days. It was a real mixture of synoptic types that kept us guessing, but when the hot spells arrived they delivered. Unlike 1998 and 1999 September was just cold, dull and horrid, then October was an odd one, very warm but unsettled. I suppose 2001 and 1999 were both average but in completely different ways. As for 2000, it had a decent start to May and one hot weekend in June, then a lot of cloudy cold stuff in July and a completely unmemorable August. It was a poor summer overall but nothing compared to that autumn.
  16. This is so similar to the VE day weekend in 1995, except there was no thunder or rain on the cool down then. Warm Saturday, airmass change Sunday, damn chilly on the Monday (which was the BH that time, if it had been the Friday would have been much nicer weather).
  17. Thunder and lightning here 1830-1900, heavy rain just stopping, out of the NSC early this year (earliest since 2016)
  18. Just had about half an hour of rain now sun has come out and feeling pretty warm and humid
  19. 1992 was the best I remember, although the warm sunny weather didn't start till the second week. There was about 2 weeks of it followed by a thundery breakdown in half term week that lasted into early June (which went very similarly to May). May and June really saved that year which was virtually snowless, had a rubbish July and August and a disappointing April and September (though October was more interesting, unusually cold and frosty). 1995 and to some extent 1997 and 2005 were memorable for their topsy turvy weather, 2001 was pretty decent as were 2016 and 2018. But it's true we haven't really seen a May that was hot and sunny almost throughout like April 2007, July 2006 or Aug 1995 in the last 30 years. Worst one undoubtedly 2015. Like a crap October; never exceeded 21C all month (even 1996 managed that), day after day of drizzle, light rain, constant nagging westerly winds and 14C temperatures. It came between a notably sunny April and June which made it stick out for its wretchedness even more.
  20. Never thought it could be so windy with 1040+ air pressure!
  21. I have been wondering about this for a while. The area of Europe with the closest climate to the "cool and dry/humid and wet" winter/summer of Wuhan is definitely northern Italy, albeit it is not quite as hot and wet in summer. Some more questions/observations: Winters in Wuhan are actually very similar to those in much of Britain, summers are completely different though. Spain's cases are concentrated around Madrid (~5C average in January) not the coastal areas that average 10C+ Why has Turkey seemingly escaped despite being smack between Iran and Europe? Something to do with the area on the Turkey/Iran border being far too cold? Warsaw and Kiev in particular ought to be much colder than that in winter. Another black mark for winter 2019/20 in the UK and Europe? 5-11C average can occur in any month from October to May in the CET zone. China warms up much more quickly in spring If it switches to the S Hemisphere later in the year and still likes the same weather, most of Australia could get off lightly but New Zealand could be hit quite bad, as could southern Chile.
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