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  1. I got June right, at least for the first three weeks of it... Not so September though!
  2. Those were the days when the replay was the same week, not 2 or 3 weeks later... The one I most remember being abandoned by snow was about 1996, Notts Forest against someone, it got abandoned before half time. Something that doesn't seem right for 1987 in that clip: There's a Ryanair advert at the side of the pitch! That's at least 10 years before anyone had heard of them, they must have been flying something from Luton in those days.
  3. Interesting feature near the Balearics on the Sat24 images, is it a "Medicane" forming?
  4. 28C here today, warmest it's been in the second half of Aug for years. Virtually unbroken sun too
  5. Turned into a nice warm sunny afternoon after starting as grey and gloomy as yesterday
  6. Had to post it, that day you could walk down the end of Great Yarmouth pier to see the snow
  7. It happened in May or June about 2004? 2005? Shetland was 20C-ish with a flow off Norway when the GB mainland was stuck under a cutoff low and masses of cloud.
  8. Been sunny ever since the storm, and didn't cool down at all. Second day this year over 30C, the first time that has happened since 2006!
  9. Yes, nice little cell with bangs and flashes went through. Sun out again and still very hot and sticky, wouldn't be surprised if we get some more...
  10. And we've just had a thunderstorm. Now the sun is out again....
  11. Very little cloud here. The question is, how warm? Hotter than Tuesday or hotter than 1990? No real reason I can see why the heat should confine itself to London and E Anglia, the skies are clear all the way to the W coast and the wind is SSE.
  12. And another one... Following a brief interlude it's pouring again, seen forked lightning and heard loud booms
  13. Woohoo we have a beast! Flashing around for an hour, then rumbles getting louder, finally heavy rain with loud booms and bright flashes
  14. Topped 30C today, that's 3 out of the last 4 years done it after 10 years without. Sunny day clouded over at sunset, no rain yet and still 24C at 11.30pm
  15. What a match, both teams ultimately deserved it. Super over is a brilliant way of deciding it, ruined by the rule if the super over itself is tied! The players did they know boundaries came into it, the umpires had to explain it to them... Something about that Stokes fluke deflection, had they appealed could he have been out obstructing the field? Would have been controversial, but look at this..
  16. High pressure, warm airmass, light winds and 95℅ cloud cover. Has been for days now, although plenty of clear spells at night. Only in Britain, why can't it burn off?
  17. That one is done, maybe another chance tonight for one of the 2/10. Could see the rain from those cells falling either side of me, one 10-15 miles N, one the same distance S. Never heard any rumbles at all
  18. Absolute perfect demonstration of the Shrewsbury storm shield in action. They get 10 miles from here, then at least 8/10 times either die or veer off to Birmingham/Staffs/Wales/anywhere else. Never used to, just since 2007.
  19. It had better not- it came from Oswestry direction, if it gets 10 miles away and then effs off in that direction it'll prove most storms are allergic to this area
  20. Out last Sunday afternoon 9th, so no waiting till August this year (2017 and 2013) or going all year without an overhead storm (2010 and 2012). 2014 and 2016 the only years of the 2010s to even approach long term average for thunder days.
  21. Actually had full sunshine at times this afternoon, maybe 2 or 3 hours in total, though it rained this morning. Nothing but a few spots coming over the Welsh hills now despite some black clouds, now of all times the storms need to stay the hell away from Lincolnshire. They get enough of them when they are not already under water...
  22. 10 minutes or so of sun late yesterday, rain again overnight, heavy an hour ago just beginning to move away now.
  23. Heavier stuff is here, may be in for a while if it keeps on as slow moving as it has been. As well as wondering how much rain we will get, there's the question of when will we next see the sun? Not seen it since early Monday morning, less than 30 hours so far this month.
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