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  1. Chucking down with snow last half hour after rain since early evening, turned sleety about 3am, dusting on ground. Snow in every month from Dec-Apr, last time that happened was 2005-6
  2. No snow but had some pretty large hail in a shower this afternoon. Definitely feels colder
  3. Summer of 95

    Old radar images of past weather events.

    Wow I remember seeing that map in Feb 1994 on TV, with the 0 in the Midlands and 10 on the south coast! Funny which TV weather forecasts stick in your head....
  4. Summer of 95

    Four Decent Snowfalls

    1995-6 for this area (19-21 Dec, 30-31 Dec, 26-27 Jan, 5-6 Feb, 11-13 Mar plus smaller amounts in early Dec, 23 Jan and late Feb) 2010-11 probably counts too, depending on what you define as "separate" snowfalls: there were measurable falls on 27 Nov, 30 Nov, 1 Dec, 17 Dec, 18 Dec and 20-21 Dec and a brief fall on 7 Jan. This winter counts for me; counting the falls of 8-9 and 10-11 Dec as separate, (they came from separate systems) there have been 4 separate 5cm+ events and a few light dustings on other days.
  5. Still small flakes falling, some blowing around, 5cm on the front lawn and everything covered. Very good effort for a late-season easterly. 19th morning of snow lying, it's now beaten both 2012-13 and 2009-10 on that score. Will it match 1995-6 (21) or even 2010-11 (26)?
  6. Throwing it down with snow now, been mostly light but persistent all evening. 2cm or so on the lawn, a lot had blown off the concrete leaving a thin layer but it is covering up again now.
  7. That last shower left a respectable dusting which doesn't seem to be disappearing as quick now Sun is down to December altitude.
  8. Snowing small flakes atm, sugar dusting on roofs
  9. Heard a bang in Bomere Heath but no precipitation at all- lots of people seem to have heard it, only a few had the hail.....
  10. Raining nonstop for 12 hours now, just like the snow a week ago....
  11. Biggest flakes of this spell so far, seems to be sticking well
  12. Head along the A53 (in either direction)..... Minimal thawing here, had snow on and off till about 4 or 5 am which covered all the cleared bits. Average this morning about 9cm but again huge variations: walked the dogs yesterday and there was a 3ft high, 10ft long drift on a footpath. It's surprising that it only takes modest amounts to produce big drifts, if it's powdery and the wind is right.
  13. Just been outside and there is still the odd small flake flying about. Nice snow cover, big variations though not as big as some of the pics on here, there are no bare patches. Varies from about 3 to 15+cm, there may be bigger drifts in the fields though. I'd say 8cm as an average. I see my old stomping ground in South Wales did well, happy for them, we did get our 20cm+ back in December after all....
  14. Still small flakes floating around, that's about 15 hours nonstop snow now. That's twice in 3 months we have seen that, after 20-odd years without.
  15. Summer of 95

    Premier League Discussion

    How to play against a team with 3 world class attacking players: Line up 6 good/average/unproven attacking players against them and try and outscore them. While not caring how flimsy/unprotected the defensive positions are as a result It's something like doing a cavalry charge against a row of tanks, with a 10-foot deep, 100-foot wide trench behind them- leaving a bunch of 12-year olds with clubs protecting your fortress. Another Wenger tactical masterclass!
  16. Bigger flakes here now, lots of blowing, 7cm average depth but some drifts are a good 15cm
  17. Roads that were cleared all covered again, still lots of those fine flakes coming down. It looks a lot like pics/videos I've seen of winter in dry but cold places like North Dakota or Mongolia: a few inches of snow, blowing everywhere- roads onto pavements, fields onto roads, roofs onto fields, with lots of small fluffy flakes drifting down.
  18. Snowing steadily since midday, lots of blowing around, building up steadily, typically 5-6cm level but small drifts in places. The temperature is really impressive- not been above -2, and not only could it be the coldest March day for decades it could end up colder than any February day since 1996!
  19. Snow for last couple of hours, small flakes but deceptively heavy, about another cm, 4cm or so depth but some piling up against walls, kerbs, fences. 4 consecutive months with lying snow- first time since Dec 95-Mar 96. 15 days for 2017-18 now.
  20. Small flakes coming down atm, something is getting over here. Definitely the coldest it's felt since Dec 2010 when you factor in the wind chill.
  21. 3cm here, everything covered again and been some blowing of the snow around. -4C at sunset and seems to be falling fast.
  22. More snow showers this afternoon, much less thawing than yesterday, 2-3cm on grass and in undisturbed spots.
  23. Heavy snow shower, quickly settled (though most of this morning's cover seems to have survived).
  24. Still have the covering from the shower at 5pm yesterday, blue skies and everything frozen. 14 days lying snow to the DJF quarter 2017-18. That's more than the same period in 12-13 (12 days). And it included the snow fest of 8-13 December which produced the greatest depth here for over 30 years. So a very good effort from 2017-18!
  25. Another snow shower just passed; interesting mixture of flake sizes. Started as small, fine but heavy, then snow grains, then lighter but large flakes. All covered again.