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  1. Never felt anything, some people here saying they did, some didn't, weird
  2. Feb 2009 was a bit hit and miss; plenty of thawing during the days being topped up by snow at night is what I remember. Better than Feb 2005 by a long way, but not quite a classic. It didn't do anything special depth wise (5cm max on 3rd), but at least what snow fell generally settled. Although February hasn't been any more likely than Jan or Dec to be completely without lying snow in recent times, it has been notably lacking in heavy/deep falls. The last time we had 10cm+ in Feb was 1994; the greatest since then was 7cm in 2007.
  3. Just light rain here although I might have missed a sleety bit or two. Front seems too fragmented to produce much of anything.
  4. It would count as a snow lying day if it fell at 8.55am! The official definition is 50% of the ground covered at 9am GMT (remember that's 10am after the clocks go forward) But of course individuals are quite within their rights to make up their own definitions and statistics. I always like to note days with lying snow at 1200 GMT as well, to show how well the snow lasted once the sun came up. There was only one day that managed that between March 2013 and December 2017! This winter so far here: 12 days at 0900, 9 at 1200.
  5. Light snow shower just now
  6. Mixture of snow and small hail currently, no lying snow that I could see earlier the ground was just wet.
  7. It's all cleared from here and the snow cover has mostly gone, very February 2005-esque
  8. Just been outside to investigate, it has been sticking readily to anything not touching the floor- hedges, fences, cars, garden furniture- and its nice fluffy dry stuff there. On the ground it's only just begun to stick since the flakes got bigger and is wet slushy stuff. About 0.5cm everywhere but very weird. Was an air frost last night, no rain today so why is the ground damp and everything else dry and frozen?
  9. Same here as well! Dew point comfortably sub zero, it's even the dry powdery snow, but it's not lying at all. It's making the ground wet. Been no sunshine today that could have warmed the ground. What on earth is causing that? Oh hold on, flakes got a bit bigger and it is starting to go a bit white. But really not even marginal temp and dew wise, not been above 1C or dew above 0 all day.
  10. Flakes have got a bit bigger and more organised, still light but might be some life in this system...
  11. 1C and light snow again here, but just been to Telford and it was 3C there with no sign of snow at all, not even on the Wrekin. Still bits of this morning's dusting in places but nothing added to it as yet, it's still very light.
  12. Still have the sugar dusting from earlier; oddly there doesn't seem to be any visible frost or frozen ground despite having dropped below zero and being cold enough for light snow to stick.
  13. Dusting on the ground now, small flakes still coming down
  14. August 1912 and August 1956 to see how they really compared to those crap summer months between 2007 and 2012.
  15. Yes a few flakes drifting down here
  16. Had a light snow shower about 1300, a hail one shortly after, a cold wind and plenty of sun.
  17. January 1996

    Exactly my opinion of 2009-10! 1995-6 was good here, oddly only the 5-6 Feb event was a bit of a let down (barely half as much here as some places 20-30 miles away) but certainly the best winter between 1990-91 and 2010-11. It produced lying snow in 4 successive months (Dec-Mar); no other winter has done that here in the last 30 years. It's odd how the places that missed out on big snowfalls in 95-6 seem to all have been in the southeast; it wasn't short on cold easterlies and that one in late Jan produced good accumulation a long way west.
  18. January 1996

    Surprised there has been no mention of the glaze/freezing rain event at the start of the cold spell; it was about 23rd or 24th. Here it rained overnight, froze on the ground, then a dusting of snow fell on top of it; it made everything very slippery and it affected quite a wide area from what I remember. The snow came on the afternoon of Fri 27th for us, we ended up with 5cm which isn't bad for a shower easterly this far west. It lay until the 30th, and I remember it being a very "dry" thaw (sublimation?). As others have said it was the dullness that let down that month. But the dose of winter weather at the end made up for it. Persistent dullness combined with no snow or frost to speak of is far worse: the last 3 months of 2015 springs to mind recently and Nov/Dec 2002 as well.
  19. Cold drizzle now, still bits of slushy snow around but melting quite rapidly considering the temp is still low. But another day in the snow lying column for 17/18...
  20. Coming down nicely, settled on the pavement now, snow lying at 9am. 11 snow lying days now this winter (9 in Dec, 2 in Jan)- the winters 13/14 to 16/17 inclusive had 5.
  21. Dusting on the ground now, got a bit heavier, may score a day of snow lying out of this...
  22. Snow falling here now albeit small flakes and wet, layer of slushy cover on cars and grass but road wet. Was foggy at midnight.
  23. Nice big chunky flakes and garden turning white
  24. Wet snow here, started as sleet but all snow now
  25. Your Deepest Snow Record

    In 30 years in the Shrewsbury area (5 different addresses, all within 6 miles of town centre, and all between 70-110m) the most I have recorded is: 28cm on 11 and 12 December 2017. Thats at 95m asl 5 miles N of town. From what statistics I can find it seems this was the deepest snow in this area since 1981-82. Previously it was 15cm (twice; 21/12/1995 and 22/12/2010). So Dec 2017 really blew anything else away that I've seen here.