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  1. Being an Arsenal fan on deadline day is like studying the T+240 charts for a hint of an easterly

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    2. Summer of 95

      Summer of 95

      Looks like it's a proper signing too not a Mickey Mouse loan

    3. Scorcher


      As a United fan I'm very disappointed Welbeck is leaving- the tradition at the club is to give young local players a chance and I don't think he has been given enough of a chance in his best position. Very good signing for Arsenal I think if they play him up front.

    4. Eugene


      What an idiotic move from man utd getting rid of one of their most promising young players, Arsenal desperately needed a forward and we just proved them with one for a bargain price, he's young and English which usually adds a premium to the transfer fee, think man utd won't make the top four again this season, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and now Arsenal look too strong

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