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  1. The storm over eastern Canada on that frame looks exceptionally compact, more like a tropical feature. Wind gusts would be well into the 100mph range!
  2. We had quite a lot of unexpected snow in Clacton on 2nd March with storm Emma - the warnings were very much centred on the west of the UK but the frontal system was much more active in the east than expected. The snow was powdery and drifted quite a lot causing travel chaos. There was about 4" of level snow by the end of the 2nd, with drifts up to a foot. It hung around for several days too, despite the weather being sunny - temperatures struggled to get above freezing, even on the coast on the 3rd. We had further snow around the 17th but it didn't last long. So yeah, I'd be quite happy with another late Feb/early March cold episode if that's all that's available this season.
  3. It is frustrating but that's only looking at a short time frame. As that system slides east to the south of the UK and takes its warm sector with it into Europe, it increases the chances of the cold being drawn further south and west.
  4. Amazing images as always BFT! Interesting times ahead, hope there are no casualties but it seems almost certain there will be.
  5. Agreed this is quite unusual territory - we're already seeing decent attacks on the vortex and we're likely to see it get hit very hard when it should be at its strongest. Expect the unexpected in January....
  6. Remember - having an SSW is not the only path to cold weather in the UK (and western Europe as a whole). It can help, as long as all the pieces of the puzzle align perfectly for us. It can also be a major hindrance as it can push the trop vortex into a highly unfavourable position. Don't lose hope just because one forecast (or forecaster) says it'll be a rubbish outcome for the UK. Winter hasn't even begun yet
  7. From an IMBY perspective that would provide a bit of interest.... -5 850's over a warm north sea, add a bit of instability and it's a nice recipe for thundery hail showers on the coast
  8. I must say this is actually really cool. Great work, keep the images coming if you don't mind!
  9. Hell no! Me and my partner both have naturally high body temperatures, especially at night. Plus we have a dog who likes to sleep under the covers with us so he keeps us toasty. We love having windows open, even when it's cold outside. The general rule in our house is to put on a jumper if you're cold! The heating only comes on when daytime temperatures are below 10C or nights are below freezing - and even then it's only on for an hour in the early morning and an hour mid evening. The only exception to the rule is if we have anyone elderly visiting or if anyone brings a baby round. Neither of those situations arise very often so our heating bill is generally lower than the average.
  10. If Silva had made a joke comparing a white player to a stereotypically white caricature nothing would've been said, even though Silva is of a different racial background. Mendy wanted nothing done about it, he laughed and took it in the spirit in which it was intended. The FA and the whole of society need to just get a grip. There's a vast difference between comparing someone to a picture and being racially abusive. I do understand the need to stamp out racist abuse in sport and elsewhere, however there has to be a cutoff point, governed by common sense. Sadly the common sense part seems to be seriously lacking these days.
  11. A mesocyclone moved approx NNW-SSE over my location in Clacton around 17.40. Was very surprised there was no funnel. Good rotation, lots of upwards motion. Just uploading a video to YouTube, will link shortly.
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