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  1. Happened several times in my lifetime. I remember one BBC Breakfast forecast in the early 80s, it was Francis Wilson. We already had snow on the ground in Clacton and the forecast map showed a line from about the Isle of Wight to The Wash, to the SE of that the text said "heavy snowfall overnight" with mention of a further 6 inches falling. I'm guessing a depression was expected to track NE through the English Channel with snow on the northern flank. Needless to say I woke up the next morning to a half melted snowman and sunny skies.
  2. Caught this in the early hours of Saturday morning looking northeast from Clacton. My first ever sighting and photo of NLCs. The trees got in the way of my attempt to capture NEOWISE but I'm planning on a little early venture to the sea front in the next few days.
  3. Just had a few rumbles over Clacton, mainly from IC strikes, only one CG observed which was before landfall. Storm rapidly dying out now.
  4. I do remember the 1996 event. I was in Clacton and the sky was flashing constantly to the W in the evening and at times overnight. Incredible. A roll cloud passed over during the night from outflow from one of the distant severe storms with a very lively westerly gust and a temporary decrease in humidity.
  5. Yep that was 24th June 1994. Huge circular MCS spread up from northern France in the evening with extremely poor air quality just before the storm.
  6. Finally worked it out.... They were Starlink satellites, have seen video of them passing over the UK. Will have to see if I can find a tracker that shows them.
  7. Been down Clacton beach and can see a constant stream of what I assume to be satellites moving approx w-e a few degrees South of overhead. (Sorry if this isn't very descriptive). Each one seems to follow about 30s after the last. They're not showing on any satellite trackers. Any thoughts on what I'm seeing?
  8. I'm so sorry Matt. Thinking of you and all the health workers who are standing at the gates of hell right now. You and your colleagues are often massively underappreciated, right now we'd be totally lost without you. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  9. If this virus had been in the UK in late November in its current form, it would have exploded a couple of months ago and thousands would be dead already with the NHS on its knees. There are many similar viruses circulating every year, you may well have had a strain of flu or another similar virus that presents with these symptoms.
  10. That's rather concerning. Let's hope we can go some way to rectifying that in the next few weeks by bringing in the armed services and cancelling all non-urgent operations.
  11. I absolutely agree. Goods, money, jobs.... While they are hugely important they are less important than the lives of our citizens. The government will be weighing all this up to balance the massive hit on the economy against how many will die. Crap job to have to do. I just hope the inevitable rioting isn't too serious and not too much damage is done to our cities as it will just exacerbate the already horrific situation we're about to descend in to.
  12. Sadly if we were to try to implement that it would cause mass looting and riots, something I alluded to at the very beginning of this thread. The disaffected youth of London and other areas would see an incredible opportunity to run amok. The army and police can't be everywhere to stop it. I think the government know this and want to avoid it.
  13. Yeah I thought this myself. Not many people can afford multiple periods of time off work so could end up ignoring a second bout of symptoms.
  14. That's the thing, this could easily be covid-19 or just a cold, no way of knowing. With so many things doing the rounds it's likely many people will be forced to stay off work more than once over the coming weeks.
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