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  1. fujita5

    Autumn 2018

    If we remain in a blocked regime for early autumn I'll be very happy - plenty of misty mornings and balmy evenings, and perhaps an early frost. Realistically though, I think we're likely to get a couple of pretty fierce storms passing or crossing the UK with SSTs being higher than average. Just hope we don't end up on the 'storm train' for the whole season.
  2. It's a case of preparedness. In the UK we know it sometimes gets very hot but we don't expect it to. And it winter we know it gets very cold but we don't expect it to. Partly to blame for this is the sensationalistic reporting that always makes things sound a lot worse than they actually are. This ends up with people not paying heed when things do get very bad. E.g. the Express and Sun ramp up *every* hot spell and cold spell to make them sound like the end of days..... When the extremes do come people don't really believe it'll be that bad.
  3. Hmm. I'm in two minds. I'm loving the fact every day is sunny and I can play footy on my lunch break, but the high temperatures are a bit of a pain for me as I'm prone to over-sweating. Fortunately my employer has allowed everyone to wear casual/beach clothes during the heatwave and we've got decent air con (although the usual moaners keep making us turn it off due to being cold). When it does end I want it to go out in style, something similar to 24th June 1997 would do nicely. Or maybe a couple of slow moving supercells crossing Essex.....
  4. Looking reasonably good for the south with any unsettled conditions becoming increasingly confined to the north. As several have mentioned it's standard British summer fayre. Personally I would prefer summer to be dominated by high pressure to the south or SW as it gives nice clear skies and lower humidity for much of the time IMBY, it's been pretty awful recently with the north sea cloud.
  5. Yeah these types of days can be really frustrating. Every now and then you get a slight thinning of the cloud and it's *boiling* for 30 seconds then it's gone. Although once I did see a huge mid level MCS drift E>W just to my south with a complete clearance of the low cloud. Nice lightning show then back to clag!
  6. People just have different opinions on what is 'good' weather. I'm from Scandinavian stock and I get too warm if it's over 24C outside. I'm in shorts and tee shirt when it's 18C or over. What really, REALLY p1sses me off is people saying 'Coldies do this' or 'Mildies do that'. No, that's utter rubbish. A small number of people on this forum are a little forceful with their opinions but that doesn't mean that everyone with those opinions should be labelled as such. It's personal preference. Example - I strongly dislike avocadoes. But I don't go around criticising avocado lovers or trying to tell the world that eating avocadoes is wrong. And you can always choose to just ignore the people whose opinions you don't like..... just saying.....
  7. Ice pellets and rain here in Clacton, occasionally a few snowflakes but just marginal here at present. The heavier precip later should be snow, at least until the front clears North.
  8. Yep, totally against forecasts. The radar shows a large expanse of light snow becoming moderate quite rapidly. Visibility reduced to 1 mile along the train route from Clacton to Colchester. Looks like the upper warm front is more active then expected.
  9. Interesting to see snow breaking out more widely than the BBC forecast showed just an hour ago. Not heavy here in Clacton but it's settling as everything is frozen solid.
  10. fujita5

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Me... Luckily my camera seems to iron out a few of the wrinkles!
  11. And there's even colder air over Asia. If we get a long track easterly that lasts a week or more.....
  12. Off topic but just want to say I'm sorry to hear your news Fred. I like reading your posts and you'll be missed while you're away but get the truly important stuff sorted before you worry about the weather again. Best wishes.
  13. Wavering between sleet and snow in Colchester. Some slight coverage on wet surfaces and it's building up on existing snow cover but generally it's not sticking much. Met Office may have called this just right in terms of the 100m elevation....
  14. fujita5

    Hurricane Harvey

    Harvey is certainly an efficient machine isn't he, it's fascinating watching the loops - thanks to all who have posted these. I hope the inhabitants of SE Texas are taking this seriously, because this is about as bad as it gets. A storm over steaming hot waters with minimal shear, very light steering winds and the likelihood of stalling on the coast...I'm hoping against hope there won't be significant loss of life from this storm, but 20+ inches of rain falling over a wide area is an exceptionally extreme event and not likely to be repeated any time soon (I hope).
  15. The severe thunderstorm of 24th June 1994. It was a huge, violent MCS which moved NE across much of southern England and developed a strong mesoscale vortex so the whole storm system was visibly rotating as it approached. The lightning was incredible, the gust front winds were powerful enough to lift a wall of sand as it came in along Clacton beach and it lasted for HOURS once it hit. Clacton pier was struck numerous times, I was watching from under a beach shelter along the front. The buildup to the storm was the most dramatic I've ever known with towers stretching so far up into the sky they seriously didn't look real. The air ahead of the storm was strongly subsiding so there was a complete clearance of cloud as it came in. Best UK storm I've ever seen.