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  1. Ana-type cold front developing and moving through southern regions over the next few hours. Shows up nicely on the radar. This will likely produce some very squally conditions and some quite interesting skies as it moves over.
  2. Indeed. Northern blocking can send the jet to a favourable position to advect cold into the UK, but it can also be wrongly positioned/aligned and leave us in 'meh' territory. It's having the building blocks in place that's important. It doesn't look like we're in for a raging, circular PV throughout the troposphere and stratosphere for the first part of the winter so anything could happen down the line.
  3. I'd also like to revisit the Great Storm of 1987. I was 12. I slept through the worst of it, waking up about 6.30am by which time the sting jet gusts had already passed Clacton. I'd love to be in an open field just to experience the 100mph+ gusts.
  4. fujita5

    What ever happened to ?

    I think he used the wrong combination of laundry products....
  5. fujita5

    Make us laugh

    What goes 'Ring, Ring, Ring, OUCH?' Stevie Wonder answering the iron.
  6. fujita5

    Windows Creaters Spring update

    I have such problems with Windows 10 and its awful update process. History.... Every time Windows Update attempts to find and install updates, my disk usage jumps to 100% rendering my laptop unusable for however long it takes. And you can't kill the process causing the disk usage spike as it doesn't appear in Task Manager. In Resource Monitor you can see the System process reading and writing vast amounts of data. Before anyone mentions viruses etc it's definitely not any kind of malware. I know this as I'm far from alone in this - there are numerous articles online going back over a year with this issue. I've tried everything suggested by other sufferers - disabling Windows Search and Superfetch, using the Update Assistant tool, manual updates, registry tweaks....and nothing helps. It's a major flaw in the update process that affects a LOT of users and Microsoft aren't doing anything constructive to help. And what's worse, if you disable the Windows Update service in the services section of Control Panel, it gets switched back on automatically whenever you restart Windows, which then starts the cycle again. I have a good, fast laptop (7th generation i7, 8Gb) and it's basically a brick for a few minutes even if no updates are required. If there ARE updates to download I can just kiss goodbye to my laptop until it's done unless I manage to get the manual download process working before it starts eating my disk. I have thought about wiping and reinstalling W10 but I've heard too many horror stories and often the problem returns as soon as any updates get instaled. I'm seriously considering going back to Windows 7 as I use my laptop for DJing and music production so I need it to be responsive!
  7. That would be a bit of a shock to the system. Interesting to see the configuration of the 850's in that image, big wedge of warm air to the N and E of the depression and cold air already overtaking the low centre in the south. That would be a strong cold front!
  8. Yes, the previous run shows that small disturbance south west of Spain throwing up a much more impressive ridge, the current run has a more transient feature allowing the trough to barrel through much closer to the UK. There will always be big intra-run differences with so many tropical depressions meandering in the Atlantic, especially 10 days out.
  9. fujita5

    Autumn 2018

    If we remain in a blocked regime for early autumn I'll be very happy - plenty of misty mornings and balmy evenings, and perhaps an early frost. Realistically though, I think we're likely to get a couple of pretty fierce storms passing or crossing the UK with SSTs being higher than average. Just hope we don't end up on the 'storm train' for the whole season.
  10. fujita5

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    It's a case of preparedness. In the UK we know it sometimes gets very hot but we don't expect it to. And it winter we know it gets very cold but we don't expect it to. Partly to blame for this is the sensationalistic reporting that always makes things sound a lot worse than they actually are. This ends up with people not paying heed when things do get very bad. E.g. the Express and Sun ramp up *every* hot spell and cold spell to make them sound like the end of days..... When the extremes do come people don't really believe it'll be that bad.
  11. Hmm. I'm in two minds. I'm loving the fact every day is sunny and I can play footy on my lunch break, but the high temperatures are a bit of a pain for me as I'm prone to over-sweating. Fortunately my employer has allowed everyone to wear casual/beach clothes during the heatwave and we've got decent air con (although the usual moaners keep making us turn it off due to being cold). When it does end I want it to go out in style, something similar to 24th June 1997 would do nicely. Or maybe a couple of slow moving supercells crossing Essex.....
  12. fujita5

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Looking reasonably good for the south with any unsettled conditions becoming increasingly confined to the north. As several have mentioned it's standard British summer fayre. Personally I would prefer summer to be dominated by high pressure to the south or SW as it gives nice clear skies and lower humidity for much of the time IMBY, it's been pretty awful recently with the north sea cloud.
  13. fujita5

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Yeah these types of days can be really frustrating. Every now and then you get a slight thinning of the cloud and it's *boiling* for 30 seconds then it's gone. Although once I did see a huge mid level MCS drift E>W just to my south with a complete clearance of the low cloud. Nice lightning show then back to clag!
  14. People just have different opinions on what is 'good' weather. I'm from Scandinavian stock and I get too warm if it's over 24C outside. I'm in shorts and tee shirt when it's 18C or over. What really, REALLY p1sses me off is people saying 'Coldies do this' or 'Mildies do that'. No, that's utter rubbish. A small number of people on this forum are a little forceful with their opinions but that doesn't mean that everyone with those opinions should be labelled as such. It's personal preference. Example - I strongly dislike avocadoes. But I don't go around criticising avocado lovers or trying to tell the world that eating avocadoes is wrong. And you can always choose to just ignore the people whose opinions you don't like..... just saying.....
  15. Ice pellets and rain here in Clacton, occasionally a few snowflakes but just marginal here at present. The heavier precip later should be snow, at least until the front clears North.