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  1. I was out in the garden in Clacton-on-Sea putting my rubbish out and I saw it.
  2. The Easterly flow is a double edged sword on the coast... The sea track is a bit longer and the winds are lighter than before. This allows more time for convection to develop, but also allows the surface air to warm a little more. Getting some lovely heavy showers with big flakes but the existing snow is starting to melt.
  3. Showers picking up intensity in Clacton, apparently heavier inland. Here on the coast it's alternating between big flakes and graupel.
  4. Nothing but a few flakes in the wind all day here in Clacton. Snow isn't melting but has compacted slightly and I think a little has sublimated. Can currently see a little bit of blue sky for the first time in a few days.
  5. Yep, when the precip is heavy, it shows it lighter over Clacton, when it's light or shows nothing. Can get very confusing!
  6. In my experience, more off road vehicles end up in ditches than any other type because the drivers seem to think they can drive however they want because they have "special" vehicles.
  7. Yep about the same here in Clacton, not had this much snow in a fair few years. In fact it pretty much ties with December 2010.
  8. Well my partner just set off for a night shift of care work. Took me ten minutes to get all the snow off the car. Where it rained this morning there was a thick layer of ice under the snow. The roads round here are treacherous. The tyre tracks in the snow are now freezing solid and we've had another 2cm of very fine powder snow in the last few hours from small convective cells which are still moving over us. Total for the day must be around 15cm now, most definitely warranted the amber warning here.
  9. That's an unusual turnaround.... Normally Clacton gets very little while Southend is on the northern edge of streamers and gets a lot more. This time we've actually ended up with more! Hopefully you'll be in on the action a bit more overnight with a more ENE flow.
  10. Yeah I found it hard to measure here in Flatford Drive, Clacton. 12cm on my car, between 0 and 20cm in my garden due to drifting. Still hammering down with tiny flakes and lots of drifting. If it carries on like this overnight we'll have a few more cm.
  11. Very difficult to judge accumulation in Clacton now as the snow is very powdery and drifting like mad. There's 12cm on my car but some pavements are only dusted. Just been for a long walk and in the local farmer's fields there were drifts of 50cm+.
  12. The band is intensifying from the east, more heavy snow incoming....
  13. 7cm in my part of Clacton now, still snowing but with lighter winds.
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