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  1. Thanks for popping your head in Tamara, you're a sight for sore eyes! Yes, most long range forecasts failed miserably, but if you look back over the last few years they often do at all times of year - it's just that during winter a lot of people (me included) get childishly excited at the prospect of snow and ice days. We don't get people kicking off to the same degree when thunderstorms fail to materialise, or when it's forecast to be sunny for a week and it turns out cloudy. People need to get a grip and sometimes have a serious think about what they post and more importantly *how* they word it. And to the mods - you've really been under it this silly season and you've done a remarkable job keeping the rabble in check.
  2. fujita5

    Did you know.

    To keep a fat, naked, bean-covered Dianne Abbott out.... Or in? 🙂
  3. fujita5

    Metal Detecting

    Clacton beach is a favourite site for detectors, especially very early mornings during the summer where quite a lot of cash can be dug up, however there are a few die-hards who 'own' certain patches and get very arsey when anyone else tries to muscle in. 🙂
  4. fujita5

    weight lose thread

    Would always recommend lifestyle changes rather than 'quick fixes'. Look at your eating habits, what are your weaknesses? Do you eat at the wrong times? Are you addicted to sugary foods and drinks, is it crisps and snacks or is it everything? 🙂 Identify your triggers and try to phase them out. Replace high fat dairy with lower fat options (but watch for added sugar - read labels!). Replace crisps and processed snacks with raw nuts or fruit. And aim to get more exercise. If you are able to find time to walk, do it! Get yourself a smart watch (doesn't have to be a Fitbit, you can get decent ones on Amazon for £30) and try to do 2,000 then 5,000 then 10,000 steps a day. Take up lifting weights (start slow) or get on a bike. Do all of these things and you WILL start to lose weight. Once you start you'll hopefully enjoy the results and stick with it.
  5. There's too much dumbing down these days. When I was younger the weather forecasts on TV were much more technical but didn't try to go into micro detail for a small area of land. You were told the general weather type for your part of the country, shown synoptic charts, told about the jet stream etc on a daily basis. Nowadays everyone has access to forecasts on apps from numerous sources with no explanation of probabilistic forecasting and they just look at the app and say "Oh it's going to snow at 3pm" and then get arsey when it doesn't snow til 4.30pm, or sleets at 2.45pm! The other thing that gets me is when the news says "forecasters are predicting heavy snow/rain/storms" and everyone just goes around like headless chickens saying "Oh it's going to (enter weather type) today!" without any understanding or context. There's too much data and not enough common sense just as you say.
  6. Clacton.... Wet and soggy, exactly as the short term precip models predicted. Currently on the train to Colchester and the sky is looking increasingly white as I head inland.
  7. Nothing happening in Clacton yet. Radar has shown a band developing in situ overhead but nothing getting to the surface. It's feeling extremely cold out there now though.
  8. Nah just spots of rain at the moment.
  9. Yeah it's often the case for us in Clacton that it rains on the coast with occasional bursts of sleet but you can literally see the sky turning whiter within 2-3 miles inland... and you can walk for 20 minutes and be in snow!
  10. It's likely the air lower down in the atmosphere is quite dry and anything that's falling from higher altitude is evaporating before it reaches the surface. It'll show on radar but you'll have to wait a while for a more saturated lower atmosphere or heavier precip.
  11. All models very keen on keeping the Essex coastline snow free. This is odd though as the air coming in to the south coast has more of a sea track than that between France and Essex. I'm hoping for a surprise covering overnight but not expecting it....
  12. Raining here in Clacton with.... Maybe.... just occasional signs of sleetiness. Doubt we'll get any laying snow here tonight.
  13. No backing down yet...
  14. It's gonna go right to the wire this one, in terms of where the precip will fall and what actually falls... And if it does snow then are the parameters going to be right for it to settle? Squeaky bum time!
  15. fujita5

    Apropos of nothing

    I spend a lot of time on the wrong side of YouTube. But it depends on your definition of 'wrong'.... 🙂