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  1. Seems to be down, network error. Maybe too many NW members hammering it?
  2. Looking at the live stream there appears to be a LOT of lightning as the storms interact with the drier air.
  3. But quite a lot larger now that the ERC has finished. Means it won't have to get as close to the Florida coast to cause major damage
  4. Have heard reports that the ERC is nearly complete. Inner eye has collapsed and the new eye is contracting. Dorian will now have a larger wind field, albeit *slightly* less intense but she may restrengthen. Really, really not good.
  5. Great to hear that people are making progress and getting help. Well done, it's a huge step and one you'll never regret! I've been off my antidepressants for getting on 6 months now, it's been a bit tough at times as they (citalopram) also controlled my anxiety. I'm getting occasional spells of worry, nervousness etc but they're few and far between. I have been using CBD oil when I've needed it and it's great, keeps me nice and level. One thing I've noticed is that I'm experiencing 'proper' emotions again now - antidepressants keep you from getting too low but they can also prevent you reaching proper 'highs' in situations such as being around your kids and partner, or when doing things you enjoy. Now they're fully out of my system I'm feeling relatively normal for the first time in probably ten years
  6. I agree with much of what has been said about food, I have actually started eating a lot less red meat recently - have been doing 2 fully vegetarian days per week, fish once, chicken once and red meat on the remaining day if I feel like it. I can't profess to be eating local produce as I do most of my shopping at low-cost supermarkets out of necessity. I simply cannot bring myself to go vegan, I am too much of a cheese monster and I drink a *huge* amount of tea with milk. I am yet to find a non-dairy alternative that doesn't make tea taste like dishwater. But as @JeffC said above, the biggest question we should probably be asking ourselves is 'Should I have children?', or if that's unpalatable then 'Should I have more than one child?'. We urgently need to slow population growth but this issue is just too emotive and contentious to be asked in many people's eyes.
  7. Continental Europe will still develop its own cold pool during winter, it's just the depth of the cold that may be lacking - so if we are to see a more meridional climate then undercutting scenarios would be our favoured route to snow. I have a question for the more knowledgeable - with more energy in the atmosphere as a whole and less of a baroclinic zone across the north Atlantic, would we see storms developing in different ways? What I mean is; currently we see jet streaks leaving the eastern seaboard in response to the stark difference between polar air over Canada and the northeastern US - if this was less of a common event, would we see more storms developing in response to the temperature difference between mainland Europe and the increasingly warm atlantic air?
  8. Quick snippet of the video we took at Clacton beach last night at 19.20 ish. Incoming mid level cell seemed to propagate forwards and dropped a ton of rain and hail in the form of a microburst and this is the resulting wind. The object flying right to left at the end was a wooden deck chair which was fairly heavy. https://youtu.be/0JUQ5Ss4S0c
  9. A senior forecaster on UKww put up a chart showing maximum convective gusts and it showed values of nearly 90mph as the cluster develops further over SE England...
  10. PJB over on UKww has the SE, EA and CS England as the most active area later. I rate him as an exceptional storm forecaster and his forecast for 2 days ago was astonishingly accurate. Subtle changes in the mid and upper analyses seem to have shifted the focus more to the S and E.
  11. I follow Reed Timmer on Twitter and some of the storms he's intercepted up there recently have been amazing. Beautiful structure coupled with wonderful scenery. Jealous!
  12. Beautiful! Whereabouts was this taken?
  13. I like the west country accents, I used to go on holiday to Devon and Cornwall. But I don't think anyone actually likes hearing their own voice. In terms of MLE, it seems it was a kind of 'levelled' accent that came from the suburbs of London where a lot of cultures were thrown together. There are influences from the Caribbean and Asia. I first started hearing it in my raving days in the early 90s, with London MCs chatting over a DJ's set. It has got stronger and more ridiculous since then....
  14. Apparently this new dialect is called MLE (Multicultural London English).... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multicultural_London_English
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