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  1. I'm all the way down in Mansfield but amazingly have seen a couple of flashes to the north. Presumably the Manchester cell?
  2. Thought to myself yesterday "wonder if I should take the gazebo down?" Thought to myself "nahhh it'll be fine!!" Fekkit..
  3. Am just standing here at the back door swearing a lot. Cant remember seeing a storm as bad as this in the UK- just effing incredible!
  4. Lightning maps is insane, looks like the whole of the south has an attack of chickenpox..
  5. That'll be the York's cell like mullet said. Same here, stars above and lightning to the north lol. Enjoy!
  6. Yeah that was about 2 mile from me but I didn't see/hear it lol Must be seeing the Yorkshire cell...must be really elevated!
  7. Just been watching some very distant flashes off to my north - nothing showing on lightning maps.. bizarre!
  8. Gawd sake, thought I saw lightning, but it was from the TV - bloody thunderstorm on X-Men 2. Tis far to early for me to get jumpy.
  9. Been so engrossed reading this thread that I've just eaten a whole bar of fruit n nut without even realising... Best of luck to us all tonight, reckon we deserve something good!
  10. That's wrong on so many levels, especially if it's over a foot....
  11. Been snowing here in Mansfield - just a smidgen though....
  12. Lovely downpour here just now, and constant rumbles of thunder. Lovin it
  13. Just driven home - 1/2 day at work Chaos out there! Had been snowing nonstop for a couple hours and in the wind it was proper blizzard conditions with visability really low. The minor prangs out there just about outweighed the amount of numpties driving like it was a summers day! Was great fun had my current car exactly 3 years and this is the 1st proper snow-drive. Handled great for a little punto Snow stopped the precise moment I pulled into the drive! I don't envy my colleagues trying to get home this evening if these showers carry on...
  14. Well I'll be at the dentist tomorrow early afternoon having a tooth pulled out. Could be rather 'atmospheric' while he's probing my cavity......
  15. Ruddy brill here. Thunder, lightning, biblical rain and periods of intense hail
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