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  1. Still incredibly hot, isn’t it? Skies look very dark and stormy.
  2. Seeing a few bright flashes to my West. Out at sea, I think. No thunder heard.
  3. Just had a few deep rumbles of thunder a few minutes apart, rapidly darkening skies from the N and now torrential fat raindrops.
  4. Still getting a good light show from my bedroom window, looking out to sea. Thats around 3 hours of activity for us this evening.
  5. Storm gone out to sea now where it seemed to re energise electrically for a while.......still raining and can see an odd flash of lightning from it. Fantastic evening for us.
  6. Been outside watching the amazing light show. Only came in 5 mins ago when torrential rain and winds picked up. Still lots of activity going on.
  7. Cracking storm just gone over us in Ainsdale, We are S of Southport and N of Liverpool. Storm travelled more or less E to W, unusual direction here. We usually have West winds most often, sometimes Southern Lightning looked like strobe at times, very frequent.
  8. Chris as I drove around 1.45 pm from dry but cloud building Ainsdale to Birkdale, (and then on to Kew) there was evidence they had just had a very heavy downpour. Couple of miles can make all the difference.
  9. Just got in from shopping.....had .torrential rain here and a good few rumbles of thunder. Raining for well over an hour. Easing now but plenty more dark cloud around. Saw some lovely cloud formations as I left home earlier.
  10. Feels tropical and steamy outside now after that storm and rain. Sun very strong but dark clouds bubbling up to S and E
  11. My view N of the storm that’s gone over us and is Lytham way now.
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