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  1. Chris as I drove around 1.45 pm from dry but cloud building Ainsdale to Birkdale, (and then on to Kew) there was evidence they had just had a very heavy downpour. Couple of miles can make all the difference.
  2. Just got in from shopping.....had .torrential rain here and a good few rumbles of thunder. Raining for well over an hour. Easing now but plenty more dark cloud around. Saw some lovely cloud formations as I left home earlier.
  3. Feels tropical and steamy outside now after that storm and rain. Sun very strong but dark clouds bubbling up to S and E
  4. My view N of the storm that’s gone over us and is Lytham way now.
  5. Very heavy rain here now after some small hail for about 30 seconds. Lovely rolling thunder and saw 3 CG strikes very clearly when I was still outside standing in the spotty rain.
  6. Rain stopped, lots of dark broken clouds coming up from South. Very fast moving. View to directly North of me taken from living room (minding grandson)
  7. First rumbles of thunder heard from dark clouds to SEE of me.
  8. Been outside for 45 minutes. Can see fantastic lightning tonthe W of me (over the sea), to the East (Ormskirk and Manchester way), south and north too! Some lovely rolling thunder. No strobe show like some of you, but lovely all the same. Gusty wind getting up now.
  9. Seeing first elevated flashes to my SSE. Going out to garden now to watch.
  10. We definitely had at least one CG that struck something very close to us......now blue skies and sunshine.
  11. Moved away now. Clouds now moving SW - NE. Just got the back edge of the cell left.
  12. That's over us now. Some big strikes but not too frequent.
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