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  1. Overreactions, gusts of 50 to 60mph are a normal winter storm.
  2. Aaargh, clouds having affairs with showers! Whatever next! It has been dry all day here but of course being on the coast the wind is rising a bit now. But for the Central South Coast this will be nothing more than a normal autumn gale.
  3. Definitely wrong type of leaves on the track. The sort of leaves that are still attached to the trees.
  4. Wind showing on CHMET very light, F2 gusting F3, very unusual to have it this quiet and still on the coast. Calm before the storm definitely! http://www.chimet.co.uk/%28S%28ou5nmnqhsif5ai55fktzpj2h%29%29/wind.aspx A webcam in Bognor so you can see tomorrows weather here. I personally doubt we will get severe wind but expect lots of rain. Please! http://www.bognorregisbeach.co.uk/live
  5. High PB, hope you are keeping well. Was the Chilli festival at West Dean Gardens by any chance? Net weather 7 day forecast is only showing a maximum of 38mph wind here which is most likely only to be a gust not sustained wind I reckon. We do look to be getting many hours of heavy rain though which pleases me as we so badly need it in Bognor Regis. Grass was getting way too brown.
  6. A lot of high cloud also over the coast here which appears to me to be the forerunner of this storm. Still very bright at the moment though. Hanging baskets now in the greenhouse and any really nice blooms in the garden have been picked and making a lovely show in the house. Thanks for my bouquets Big Bertha.
  7. Bertha showing up well to the west of the Bay of Biscay on this animation. http://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/1000hPa/orthographic=-6.47,52.41,2775
  8. Hi William, as I edited above, I am only looking at my area and based on the METO fax charts. I am aware that other charts are showing a different track. I think this one will certainly be a 'wait and see' situation. Personally the last thing I want is wind because my pear tree has a mass of fruit and also I have an apple tree and I so hate picking up damaged unripe fruit!! If this was autumn I would be hoping for a full scale storm as I love strong winds and wild weather.
  9. If the METO FAX comes off then Gatwick shouldn't be too badly affected. I personally think the rain will be the worst feature of this low and not the winds. That could be wishful thinking though. We need the rain down here but no-one needs strong winds with the trees in full leaf. My only preparations will be to take my hanging baskets down for a day. Certainly not likely to be a storm in my opinion but then it shouldn't be in August. Edit, my comments above are only my view of what will be the case in the very South of the country, maybe worse for other areas though.
  10. Well here in the middle of the South Coast I am hoping we get the rain and not the strong winds. The rain is very badly needed as we have had almost nothing since early June and the grass is a lovely shade of Khaki! Thankfully we are getting a steady gentle rain at the moment. Anyone else is welcome to the winds, please take them with my compliments!!! I have finally had my gate repaired by the landlord after it was torn off it's hinges in the February and March storms and my flowers are flourishing after having watered them 3 times a week for what seems like forever. Getting too old for all t
  11. Probably fire crews going to Brighton as they have had flash flooding and are pumping out a few basements it seems. Also trains delayed half an hour after lightning struck something on the railway News here.:- http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/11369589.Storms_causing_delays__disruption_and_damage_as_heavy_rain_and_lightning_hits/
  12. I woke up around 5:ooam but I was actually feeling cold!!! First time for a few months! I can see your storm, and hear it but is is still just to the east of me. It seems very slow moving but is definitely getting bigger looking at the radar.
  13. Sorry if you are hoping it has died out but no, it is still building over France and may even continue to do so into tomorrow!
  14. Well nothing is coming my way now for hours. As last night's severe storms kept me awake until 3:00am I am off for some shut-eye and hoping I will be woken by some action later in the night, or more likely early morning. Night all!
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