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  1. Yes, good call CH, if you overlay the air pressure chart its looking good.
  2. Yes 252, Had a few squally showers pass early this afternoon, been at moms in wolverhampton, not long got back, lanes partial floods here and the Seen the new estofex & UK Iceland ADT layout? Looks like another squally band is about to hit here. Anyway, Happy New Year to you all - all the best for 2018.
  3. Snow , be it weak, compare the last image on radar. But its snow. Been an ace day on here reading posts.
  4. Some decent snow fell enough to white over the road, and still keeps coming!
  5. Hello, thanks for adding me to test the ios version. Runs fine, but switching between radar scales (NW New, NW orig and Trad) the horizontal intencity bar at the bottom does not change. When selecting 'Colours' nothing happens. Also is this thread for Android only or is there a thread for ios? My bad if in wrong thread!
  6. Couple of images from home, the tree line is obsucring view but looks quite dark underneath. Breeze has picked up a little too.
  7. A little bit of windshear usually works wonders, also a convergence zone helps.
  8. After 10 mins or so the clouds dissipate! Still time to go Pic took 5 mins ago.
  9. Long time no posting, good to see some of the ol skool still here! Anyway over the past 30 mins or so lower level cloud has been moving in a northerly direction, as the high level cloud been heading north east; Could this be the start of a CV Setting up? Pic was took about 15 mins ago.
  10. Sorry for my typos like been now neary 20hrs. Need sllep but want to see snow lol!!
  11. Oh and some snow is falling here now - only twence pence size, no 50's yet!
  12. Sorry ive been out the loop for a while! Should i say a week low pessure system it developing? thanks for the correction
  13. Hello. Not to ramp things, but the small anticyclone that is developing could well run out in favor of snow over the mids. NW Extra Euro 4 (lite) showing a good run of snow for several hours, like Tony said the cooler upper air is pushed aside from the atlantic, -3uppers in a few hours. (check sat 24 in infared you will see whats going on) Sorry for spellings ive been up 19hrs.
  14. A second shower of rain / sleet / snow is on its way. Bearing reddich worcester areas. NwX radar overlay, sorry if its not snow!
  15. Nice streamer about to hit south Birmingham, not as intece as Derby but hey its a start ?
  16. Just seen cresent moon, misty / light fog here, quicky gone by clouds, heres hoping lol!!
  17. Well its a last chance regarding snow for central England! Looking at sat24 infared a weak front is pushing west to east over the irish sea, then we got ppn coming in from the east, bearing east - giving snow. A member mentioned a convergance zone possible setting up today on here (sorry i cant credit who it was but TY) it looks like it may happen, the ppn is not fizzling out as it usually does from the east. I know its a weak band but its kept its momentum for many miles now and still holding.
  18. Some bright yellow / orange hue to the clouds, must be the angle of the sunset lighting up the cloud tops, better than a grey end to the day I guess!!
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