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  1. Fail. The Bawtry reading is impossible IMO. It's not possible to get that hot that far north in mid summer never mind September. I call false reading.
  2. What an insane place Melbourne really is!
  3. Pretty much yeah. Mind 22 degrees there in January would be beautiful because the sun would not be anywhere near as intense, but still strong enough.
  4. Yeah 22 degrees in the winter sounds great, and to be fair so does 28 degrees in the summer. The thing is though, the sun at that time of year at that latitude is so intense that it's almost unbearable. Think of the difference in sun strength at any given time of the year between England and say Majorca, it's very noticeable. Well then you've got the same difference again between say Majorca and Tenerife. So the difference between England and Tenerife is huge. I mean even in Southern England in June/July, if the shade temperature is 28, the sun temperature can be over 45 and pack some real heat. I've been to various Med locations in high summer with shade temperatures of 28, 32, 35 and it feels very much hotter again out in the sun. Once went to Tenerife at the back end of July and some days were "only" 26 degrees in the shade, some were 30 or 32 obviously, but out in the sun it was unbelievably intense heat - never felt anything like it, I bet it was 60 degrees. The Canaries are 28N latitude, not a million miles North of the Tropic of Cancer, the northern boundary of where the sun is directly overhead in mid summer. So looking at shade temperatures and thinking "ooh 22 and 28, looks perfect" can sometimes give you a false impression of how hot it really is.
  5. Let Scotland have independence now Andy Murray has won a Grand Slam for Britain.
  6. I don't know but be sure that The Climate Change Industry will find a way to spin it.
  7. Amazing to see 7 inches of snow on 18th June on the North Yorkshire Moors which rise to barely over 1,000ft!
  8. Incredibly, nearly 200 miles away, we had an almost identical day. Hot and sunny morning, a peak temperature of 26.6º at 2pm, followed by the most memorable thunderstorm and hail. I actually took some pictures of the giant hail - I've seen nothing like it before or since - and the stones were up to 40mm, and 25-30mm with regularity.
  9. You don't like cold by the looks of things, yet you live in fricking Buxton?
  10. The record I believe is 5ft level snow somewhere in Teesdale. Imagine that!
  11. just one double digit day would be nice

  12. The 1761-90 Mean was 2.2º? Certainly it should serve as a reminder to the warmists and the climate change industry and taxation and power and control machine, that the world has been warming for 250 years not 25.
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