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  1. Imported storms from the East, the last time I remember that happening was 2004

  2. Brrrrrrrr this is not a time to have single glazing!

  3. With every passing year, the hysteria increases.

  4. What a lovely evening

    1. TomW


      whats your temp?

  5. What an 'orrid day, trust the cold front to finally barge through at sundown,.

  6. Striking yellow/muddy brown sunset.

  7. Model output discussion on this forum is a joke.

    1. Geordiesnow


      Bit harsh, especially as during the summer time, the model thread is not a bad place to post in. Why do you think its a "joke"? I just looked through it and i see nothing wrong with the posts.

    2. Noctilucid


      There are some good posts in between all the baiting and obvious bias.

  8. West Germany slammed by multicell storms yet again, quite an incredible week for them.

  9. West Germany has been getting a pounding this week!

    1. Noctilucid


      And I mean that in the meteorological sense!

  10. We don't control the weather, so don't whinge when you happen to get the brown end of the stick in your area.

  11. The anti-drought cometh

  12. Noctilucent clouds to my north :)

  13. While the chief, put sunshine on Leith?

  14. Name changes, interesting :)

  15. FIFA/Specsavers sponsorship deal?

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