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    Moving House

    Katie, Parts of Gloucestershire are really nice - can be very scenic in places, although I can only really comment on South and West Gloucestershire. Depending on which part your hubbies's firm moves to, you should look at Cheltenham or the Forest of Dean (fairly good transport links to M4, M5 etc). Gloucester itself tends to be a bit 'chav'. The accent in Gloucester is 'gloster dog' (or so ive heard it called), not really sure how to describe it, elsewhere around it tends to be a bit 'arrrr', (think of a watered down Wurzels!). Hope this helps a small bit and good luck with the house hunting!
  2. Oh, never been to the Rosebowl but based my post on the fact they held the 20/20 game there, as well as a few other one day games. Agree with Taunton, but as you said probably too small. Mr. Data - is there any info on the total time lost due to rain in England? A difficult one to calculate I expect, but it would be interesting.
  3. Well, hopefully once the pitch at Hampshire has bedded in properly and is able to withstand the strain of 5 day cricket we should have a few more options.
  4. I assume that these figures relate only to whole days lost? Did the worst year (1954) coincide with an extremely wet summer or just bad luck? Also, no suprise that Old Trafford came out wettest! Seems to rain whenever I go to Manchester!
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