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  1. robb

    Hurricane Florence

    Should have a grandstand view of Florence tomorrow from 40,000ft as I'm flying to the Dominican Republic. Today's flights have skirted round her to the west. Should imagine they will go round to the east of her tomorrow.
  2. First daylight image of the day of TS Florence, TD9 and TS Helene.
  3. Latest Hires GOES image shows the developing low off the NE coast of the States
  4. M6 buoy to the west of Ireland is in the firing line and pressure is falling rapidly there now. http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=62095&unit=M&tz=STN
  5. Living in the Wirral area this is not good news. I've seen many severe NW gales over the years and the funnelling effect between the Clwyd Hills and the Pennines/Peak District as deep depressions pass to the east can give very damaging gusts through the Wirral, Merseyside and the Cheshire Gap.
  6. robb

    Hail on Radar

    Cheers Paul, thanks for the reply.
  7. What size does hail have to be to show up on the precipitation type radar? I've never seen hail shown on radar images even during a hailstorm that left a covering that was close on an inch in depth.
  8. Some of today's frames are showing the radar from yesterday.
  9. The deepest levels of undrifted snow recorded in the UK includes one very close to you Carl. 65 inches at Ruthin and 83 inches in County Durham, both in March 1947.
  10. 06Z GFS ensembles show some very worrying charts though for Fri/Sat, especially coming so soon after Wednesday's storm
  11. I was only 13 years of age then and even I, as a snow and cold lover, got fed up with it. No central heating, outside loo frozen numerous times, side roads like skating rinks for 3 months. Not sure we would cope if we had another prolonged winter like that, the strain on energy supplies and the transport system would be far greater now. Anyway back to March 2013 here is a selection of pics taken around Eryrys in North Wales on 24th March. It's about 350m ASL. Have included a Google Earth image of Eryrys without the snow. Enjoy