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  1. On ‎02‎/‎06‎/‎2018 at 20:26, mikeofmacc said:

    Just spotted that too! Nooo! It's literally a yearly tradition a pint in The Crown Rivers in T5! What is my world coming too! Anyway, there looks to be a nice restaurant/bar to meet in T3 called Strada if anyone fancies meeting there? I arrive at 1105, so should be there around 12 to 12.30.

    Sounds fine to me if I get there in enough time. Get to LHR at 13:10 then got to get to T3 and through security etc.

    This time next week we'll be in the air! Anyone looked at the models? I'm not very good with them but the first few days look quite promising to me but keeps changing.

  2. 25 minutes ago, Newbie85 said:

    Is anyone up for meeting up at Heathrow airport on. BA flight on the 11th June?? 😁

    I should get into Heathrow 1.5 hours before our flight so I'd be up for meeting :) Only 24 days to go!

  3. 2 hours ago, matty40s said:

    The stream wasnt in the usual place?????

    Bit disappointed in the team, no updates or comments to us at home. 

    The structures and hail on other chasers feeds were pretty awesome before I fell asleep.

    The WeatherHolidays facebook page (part of Netweather) had the live stream although at times I was the only one watching! I believe it was also on the normal Netweather page though, it was patchy early on but improved after midnight.


  4. On ‎27‎/‎04‎/‎2018 at 22:40, Tom Lynch said:

    Ok well  counting down for the tours.  4 weeks to go for my first tour starting and then heading to Denver for the start of tour 4.  I love the plains and i have to  say Denver is pretty amazing . The views are spectacular. The Rockies are outstanding. 




    Hi Tom :) 

    Don't think I've been on a tour with you since 2010 so it'll be good to see you and the now famous Chicken George again! Looking forward to seeing more of Denver and Colorado too, I think I've only been there on one out of my 4 tours and loved it.

    6 weeks today until most of us on Tour 4 will be arriving/meeting up in Denver. Feels like it's taken months just to get from 8 weeks to 6 weeks but getting there slowly.

  5. 1 hour ago, Jodie_Samantha25 said:


    Oh wow 5th time?! I'm guessing it turns into an addiction! I'm arriving on the 9th to get in a little bit of sight-seeing around Denver, so I'll be raring to get going! Have you been sight-seeing around Denver yourself? If you have, are there any particular attractions you would recommend?

    Yup I've accepted your request! Thank you for the description, it sounds incredible and will probably turn into an addiction for me too :D

    It really does become an addiction, I wasn't supposed to be going this year but I couldn't resist! 

    Sounds great I've never been to Denver, just passed by on a previous tour. I've landed in Dallas all the other times I've been. 

  6. 23 hours ago, Jodie_Samantha25 said:


    I can't wait to meet you all, this will be my first tour and the excitement is kicking in!

    Is anyone flying back to Gatwick on the 23rd at 14.35 with Norwegian? Or are most people flying back later in the day?

    Also any tips on what to expect when touring will be appreciated haha!

    Hi :)

    This will be my 5th time and I'm just as excited as I was the first time, if not more!

    It seems most of us are on the later BA flight on the 23rd. Are you arriving on the 11th or 12th?

    I'm sure you'll have an amazing time, even taking away the storms it's such a great experience travelling around the states with a lovely bunch of crazy people, eating amazing food and having a few drinks too. Fingers crossed for plenty of supercells and some tornados but even on down days there's always something interesting and memorable to do and sometimes the odd slower paced relaxing day can be nice to recharge, but hopefully there aren't too many of them :) 

    PS. Just sent a friend request on facebook in case you're wondering who it is, I'm Mark.

  7. On ‎09‎/‎04‎/‎2018 at 21:30, chionomaniac said:

     I will take a medium size case alongside a hand luggage case. I haven’t decided whether to take my tripod or buy a cheap one out there. 


    Here is a great beginners guide to supercells and what to look out for if you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time!

    Regarding the tripod, I'd strongly advise against getting a cheap one there! I got one last time and it was the most useless tripod I've ever had and prevented me taking long exposures of lightning if there was the slightest breeze. Had to tape it up within a few days too as it was broken pretty much out of the box. There may be some better ones available somewhere like Best Buy but I'm planning on getting a decent (£40-50) travel tripod before I go this time.

  8. It looks like your flights would be much cheaper if you arrived on the 12th. I'm seeing £541 return from Gatwick with Norwegian, but that doesn't seem to be available for the 11th :/


  9. Hi :) I've been four times and only once arrived a day early, but it was well worth it, I'd definitely recommend that if you don't mind the cost of the extra night.

    I might yet be joining Tour 4, I need to sell some stuff and work some overtime but I'm hoping to take a space if I can. The draw of storm chasing is just too strong!

  10. Chase day 1...

    ...D6/Wednesday -- Southern Plains...
       With the approaching low and increasing southwesterly flow aloft,
       environmental conditions are forecast to become favorable for an
       uptick in severe risk over the region. Several days of
       south/southeasterly low-level flow will advect increasing moisture
       towards portions of western Texas and Oklahoma. In turn, as forcing
       for ascent spreads across the region in association with the
       approaching low, isolated to scattered thunderstorms are expected to
       develop. A veering wind profile with height (and sufficient
       southwesterly mid-level flow) would likely be supportive of updraft
       organization/rotation within this pattern. Deterministic/ensemble
       guidance are in relatively good agreement regarding the
       time frame for this potential, such that a 15-percent area is


    Looks like a decent start :)

  11. Well I haven't started packing yet so I'd also like to see what others are taking, I normally forget something. What sort of size suitcases are people taking? I'm collecting an 80 litre wheeled holdall tomorrow just hoping it's big enough. Buying my tripod out there to save on space so someone on tour 2 can have that :)

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