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  1. Is anyone else still on Internet Explorer 5. I'm at work and can't post on the forum, no box to type in, I can only post here. Any way around it? Thanks.

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    2. cheese


      How does it feel working with an ancient artifact?

    3. Bobby


      Fred Flintstone called, he wants his browser back

    4. chubbyfan


      a museum near you wants its stone age technology back.

  2. Thanks, I tried again tonight after hearing that rumble but got nothing more got to be really lucky to get photos of thundersnow events.

  3. Clear blue skies today in the North East and feeling warm, this wasn't supposed to happen.

  4. Anyone playing the Walkers crisps competition? 1mm or more around Achnaha in W Scotland for £10.

  5. Highest temp of the year in the office, 31.8C! Cloudy outside and windows wide open, confused!

  6. Enjoy your storms further south, radar looks nice already. It's a convective graveyard here.

    1. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      I know the feeling. Days like this used to annoy me in the North East, especially after people and TV forecasts commented on how lucky I'd been to escape the heavy downpouors! Fortunately not my problem today though.

  7. Amazing sunset here, best I've seen for a long long time. Pics in photography forum soon!

  8. Sun already breaking through and feeling very warm and humid. Feels almost like the Midwest!

  9. Much more comfortable up here, about 22C, partly cloudy, just nice.

  10. Capello must go, too stubborn and negative. Get Shearer in the job!

    1. A.J


      get shearer in the team!....lol

  11. Come on England! I'll be watching in the office :(

  12. Merry Christmas and happy new year! 2010 will be the big one!

  13. Happy Birthday!

    Why can't I find a girl like you!

  14. Good to see someone from Jarra on here! I'm there quite a lot at my Grans, and I lived in Hebburn until 4 years ago. Welcome to the forum!

  15. Welcome to Netweather. You a photographer? Your name makes me think of the Canon EOS and snapping photos :)

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