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  1. Just had our heaviest shower by far here since the weekend, totally unexpected I’d given up 😃 Nearly a cm in minutes
  2. Hi pal Notice you have a weather station, I’m new to this but I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while, would you recommend the one you have if so can I ask the name / model please?
  3. Very very heavy snow here, started at 6,30am and have a few cms already! if this continues till lunch we could be looking at 10cm+ I reckon
  4. It Is probably going to be about elevation again, 200m+ asl looking good 150m+ asl decent chance That’s my unqualified guess anyway
  5. I know sky weather isn’t the best, but they did just say up to a foot of snow expect in our area Thursday!!!!!
  6. Snowing in Birkenshaw and sticking straight away 👍 Ground solid
  7. Snowing in Birkenshaw for last 10 mins, quite heavy but no sign of settling
  8. Heaviest snow shower of the day so far and the bitter winds are really picking up,
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