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  1. For me in Sunbury, this has to go down as a remarkable weekend considering the time of year. Yes, admittedly we are not buried in snow but it’s the biggest fall of snow I can remember here for a March day. The snow last night was impressive especially as it ended up coming from the south and not the east. What’s more, I was impressed how it barely melted today. There was then the surprise of a further six hours of snow tonight which has covered everything white again and filled in footprints. The first beast wasn’t terrible by any means but this ones been quite something for 18th and 19th March. Well done winter 2018 and thanks to everyone in here for their informative posts, great forum!
  2. How funny the weather is, went to bed at 10.30 disappointed to wake up to find whiteout conditions outside and our heaviest snowfall of the year so far
  3. It's great to see some areas get a good snowfall overnight but for the majority of us this is turning into a major disappointment For me I thought they were supposed to be dream synoptics, I just can't see how they were I thought it was supposed to be windy, it certainly isn't here I thought it was supposed to be unusually cold, it isn't I thought there were supposed to be widespread heavy showers merging into bands of snow - there hasn't been So what went wrong or was it just over hyped?
  4. Yes whilst I follow the thread, I never post. The behaviour on there is most odd at times. Glad I’m not a mod
  5. Yes I totally agree, I don’t think people in the West will be disappointed thiugh
  6. There’s lots of people trying to talk themselves out of snow chances before this spell has even started.
  7. I’d also add, there will be bands of snow that will pop up over the next few days, these are impossible to forecast...
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