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  1. Looking forward to the sunshine

  2. Light snow this morning giving way to thunderstorms this afternoon and feeling very hot, temperatures around 40C. Very windy with severe gales.

  3. A lively day in Florida!!!

  4. Another lovely day in S Wales

  5. 15.5°C this afternoon

  6. Will there be a Storm chase in 2012? Will defo be interested

  7. A good 3 inches more this morning

  8. Temp dropped from -1C to -3C in 20 minutes

  9. Some people still moan...even when they have snow

    1. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      I don't have snow up in Tyneside, but I'm not moaning as we're likely to get some tomorrow (lol!)

      I sympathise though with those who end up with an inch of solid ice and then moan.

  10. Frequent snow showers here in S Wales

  11. Let It Snow let it snow let it snow...

  12. Got all the supplies in: san miguel, budweiser, and a bottle of tequila

    1. lindy2017


      yeah wine becks whisky gin............

  13. -3C at midday, amazing for 2 miles inland from the coast

  14. Latest weather from Altnaharra, Scotland: -14C with Light Rain, lol Metoffice

  15. still no snow in Swansea

  16. A low of -7C on the coast here in Wales

  17. -6.5C here we have not had these temperatures for years here

  18. My god, some impressive looking charts tonight, POTENTIAL blizzards next week

  19. 1500 users online by 10pm tonight!??

    1. Backtrack


      I'd say more 1499 myself. ;)

  20. Nice to see the forums busy again :)

  21. Snow likely for many before Christmas?

    1. caz100


      oo how do you know that...

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