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  1. Can somebody please tell Tomasz Schafernaker that the barber shops are now open please

    1. Dami


      i like a rough and ready man though 😞

  2. Fantastic lightning last night here in Swansea. Very random CC & CG strikes for a good hour and the lightning detectors just didn't pick up half of the strikes. Hardly any rain fell though, just a 5 minute downpour.
  3. Blitz lightning detector not working properly ive got way more lightning than its saying
  4. Still waiting on liftoff. Cell to the south interesting and a faint rumble
  5. Nice towers in swansea although main action seems further west and southwest
  6. I'll bank that chart. Hopefully west is best chance for storms this week
  7. The skip frame left and right buttons and most recent frame button keep changing from the left hand side of the screen one day to the right hand side other days. (Today its on the right) Is this a known issue?
  8. Just ridiculous amounts of rain here gardens flooded and reports lower down from here shops damaged from flood water
  9. Its really rubbish so far not enough lightning in the heavier stuff
  10. Come on make it to swansea you bugger. Its gonna die out i know it.
  11. Disappointing here too. We had a faint rumble from a shower further north earlier. Apart from that nothing. Last chance tommorow although it looks rather poor again
  12. Hope you guys get some storms this evening, quite disappointing so far in south wales
  13. Fog just lifted. Looking north we have towering Cumulonimbus clouds yet again but will we catch anything today
  14. Downpour over Llanelli earlier but i think coastal areas no good for any storms ?
  15. Unbroken sunshine here in s wales. Think its going to stay dry and sunny throughout today. Edit some bubbled cloud looking north now
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