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  1. Portland Paul

    Monday 7th May Weather Observations

    Clear, sunny and very warm @ 21.3 c and a 4 mph easterly. Had already reached 18 c before 8 am, after overnight low of 13.5 c. All way above the surrounding sea temperature, with little wind, our wedge is well heated!
  2. Portland Paul


    Candlemas, 2nd February, if clouds and rain, winter is gone and will not come again.. probably works just as well too, as a dull, wet end January/ early February may tie with a progressive mild pattern (as in 2011 after the severe first half of winter). The clear and bright scenario certainly worked this year, for February and March!
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have any stats or satellite pics etc regarding the evening and overnight period of this intense belt of thunderstorms moving north through England and Wales? Off memory, May 1991 was very dry, dull and cold, then June 1991 became very wet and was mostly cool. During the first few days in July, low pressure sank southwards into Biscay allowing very warm and humid easterly airflow to affect the UK. Later on Friday 5th, torrential downpours moved up from the Channel to bring a succession of intense thunderstorms overnight in the Midlands, and it felt remarkably sultry and tropical. Anyone with any recollection of this night?
  4. Merry Christmas Paul, and to one and all! Just gone through the 6z GFS; after several mild and cloudy days until Christmas Day, we go into a few turbulent days, with some shots of cold air over the northern half of the UK, so the chance of wintry showers, maybe a surprise snowfall for a few
  5. It did on 8th December 1990, that was quite a blizzard! This evolution has shown some consistency in recent runs, and this latest run is extra special! At +168 can be remarkably accurate followed by the usual downgrades, followed by upgrading nearer the event.. Definitely one to keep an eye on..
  6. Portland Paul

    Summer of 1997: 20 years ago

    The extended summer, May to September 1997, was excellent in the West Midlands, with the notable exception of around 7th June to 3rd July. The second half of June was very wet, and often cold and dull. Although May began very warm, there was an unusually cold spell with wintry showers by week 2, then after an unsettled, warming period, the second half was excellent in terms of many sunny, warm days, which spilled over into early June. A thundery breakdown on the 7th led onto a dire three week period, with periods of persistent rain, and low temperatures at times of just 10 to 12 c in the daytime. An improvement by 5th July, and a generally warm or very warm July, with sunny periods, followed by an exceptionally hot and sticky August and prolonged sunshine, with easterly winds at times bringing a really stuffy feel from the continent. A bit more unsettled later in the month, and I remember thunderstorms one Sunday (24th or 31st?) September seemed also to have many settled and sunny days; I remember October also being often dry too but some very cold nights.
  7. Portland Paul

    April 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    11.0 please 8-)
  8. Portland Paul

    Late December 1996-early January 1997 cold spell

    Maybe it's just perception, but was January 1997 also very dull indeed? I can barely remember any sunshine that month
  9. Portland Paul

    The Winters Of 85-86 In The West Midlands area

    Hey Walsall Wood Snow, in south-west Birmingham, late November 1985 had a sudden hail/ sleet shower one dusk, turning to snow, about 2-3 cm accumulated, followed by very icy surfaces for a few days with sunny days. Late December 1985/ early January 1986, I think around 7 or 8 cm of snow accumulated, with a bit more towards 9th January, enough, I remember, for sledging and snowmen! January 1987 (14th-16th) was very severe, with high drifts and a bitter wind-chill, whereas 7th March 1987 was a day of wet snow on a raw SE wind, turning to proper snow from late afternoon, with about 10 cm by dusk (gone 6 pm) November 20th 1988 was a light early morning snowfall, about 4 cm, with sunny and frosty days to follow
  10. Portland Paul

    The Winters Of 85-86 In The West Midlands area

    Hey, I lived in south-west Birmingham, and have fond weather memories of the mid 1980s winters. My 10th birthday being in January 1985, and I've been a keen weather watcher since the age of 6! 1983- 1984 winter - I remember December starting frosty and sunny, turning milder and more unsettled followed by a short cold spell and a few cm of snow, then milder again. January 1984 was very unsettled, and turned much colder towards the middle with some heavy snow showers. Unsure memories about the rest of the month, but remember some snow and hard frosts in February 1984. For 1984-1985 - December seemed average, pretty unsettled, but remember a much colder and snowy period in early-mid January 1985. Milder and changeable fourth week, some snow showers late in month. February, those blizzards around 7-9 th, over a foot of snow in strong SE to E winds. Thereafter, fine and sunny with severe frosts and huge icicles 1985-1986 - Snow showers and hard frosts in 4th week November, followed by the same at the end of December. Lying snow until 11th January 1986, then mild and stormy for a short time. Very cold again later in the month, then a bitterly cold February, with some sunny days, and very hard frosts. Some snowfall, mostly early in the month, with lying compacted snow and ice persisting for a long period. March was very cold also. 1986-1987 - December was mild, but January turned extremely cold towards mid month with large snowdrifts to 3 feet high, powder snow on a strong Easterly. More snowfall in February 1987 too, and again on 7th March. Hope this helps
  11. Portland Paul

    What's your favourite month from past memories?

    March 1995 was brill, just like a March should be! Everything from gales, very warm sunshine, thunderstorms, hail, hard frosts, and snowfalls
  12. Portland Paul

    What's your favourite month from past memories?

    Very hard to decide, so I'll pick a fave from each year to my earliest memories - December 1981, for intense cold and heavy snow. July 1982 for being very dry. August 1983 for heat and thunder. April 1984 for snow showers at first, followed by a very warm and sunny late Easter. February 1985, for the blizzards then the freeze. February 1986 for intense cold and severe frosts. January 1987 for the intense cold and blizzards. October 1988 for its quiet, sunny and frosty school half term. July 1989 for heat, and a very violent thunderstorm on 7th. July 1990 for baking sunshine. February 1991 blizzards. May 1992 for heat and thunderstorms October 1993 for thunderstorms, then much colder, frosty weather. October 1994 for dense fog clearing to sweltering sunny afternoons. August 1995 for exceptional hot, dry, sunny weather. June 1996 for hot spells after the cold May. August 1997 for heat and thunderstorms. February 1998, exceptionally warm and dry. May 1999, thunderstorms. March 2000, very pleasant, before a dire rest of the year. September 2001, mostly dry and settled. October 2002, fine and warm start, stormy later. February 2003, very dry and sunny with some hard frosts and snow earlier on. August 2004, very thundery indeed. March 2005, cold and wintry, then much warmer. July 2006, very hot and clear. April 2007, very warm, very sunny, very dry. October 2008, snowfall on 28th. February 2009, severe first half, very spring-like second half December 2010 for snowfall and exceptional cold. April 2011, hottest on record, very sunny and bone dry. March 2012, warm and sunny before a dreadful rest of the year. August 2013, warm and unusually calm. July 2014, hot and sunny. October 2015, fine and hazy for long periods. And so far, for 2016, July, which here has been very dry indeed. I lived in Brum until 2009, then been living in Portland, Dorset since
  13. Portland Paul

    Storm Katie

    Very noisy, violent winds - peaking about 10 mins ago, now dropping slightly. Difficult to sleep!
  14. Portland Paul

    The Great Midlands Blizzard 9th December 1990

    Great memories of this event, living near the south-west outskirts of Birmingham (3 miles from Halesowen), aged nearly 16. Friday evening ( 7th ), overcast with drizzly rain and relatively little wind. The lights in the house kept blinking after about 9 pm ! Went to sleep about 11 pm, then woke to a loud thunderclap just before 2 am. Looking out of my bedroom window, already several cm of lying snow, and poor visibility due to heavy falling snow. Back to sleep, then awoke 8 am to nearly a foot of level snow with higher drifts. Much of the daylight hours of that Saturday 8th kept blizzard conditions going in a strong northerly or NNE wind, and some huge drifts round the sheltered edges of the local playing fields developed to around four feet. Small icicles also formed from the bases of fascia boards and guttering during the course of the day. We spent much of the Sunday 9th clearing our cul-de-sac of snow in the lighter north-easterly winds, and some quite pleasant sunshine, but then misty, wet conditions ran up from the near continent on Monday 10th to shift a fair amount more of the snow, or turn it to slush. Despite much milder weather in the last ten days of the month, odd piles of cleared snow could still be found in country lane ditches of north Worcestershire a few days after Christmas
  15. Portland Paul

    August 1992.

    August 1992 was a pretty awful month in the Midlands, the end of the month particularly being autumnally wild, wet and windy. A brief warm, humid plume brought spectacular thunderstorms one night (of the 8th - 9th, I think), strangely accompanied by fog for most of the time. Quite a bizzare, tropical feel, with the strong forked lightning lighting up the fog and torrential downpours.