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  1. Very fine sleet here. 1/10 on the Murr scale. Doubt I’ll be sledging today.
  2. We have a wintry mix here now in Sevenoaks - reckon we had 2 cm until about 4am, but since then much of it has melted. Better than nothing, although I was expecting / hoping for 5 cm.
  3. I’ve really enjoyed watching the snow falling, although I prefer snow to be dryer / powdery than this. Uppers are very marginal
  4. Another amazing archive chart - a mid Atlantic high, I assume an undercutting low, low heights over the med and the Azores, cold air flooding in from the north east, and the photos show the outcome. Why do rarely see charts or weather like this anymore?
  5. Tom, I love these archive charts that you produce, you don’t see models with these type of sypnotics anymore. Please keep them coming!
  6. If the front is slowing down, it may explain why it's still dry here.
  7. Steve mentioned last night on the SE regional discussion, that he is go karting today, and he expects sleet in the SE tonight.
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