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  1. I think on the 20th or 21st Feb, the thermometer hit 26 degrees in New York hitting a new record. The temp here was 14 degrees last Friday, and 0 degrees on the Saturday, which is a pretty extreme by UK standards, but this variation seems to happen quite regularly in the eastern US. If you lived there, then you'd need to check the weather forecast every night before travelling to work the next day, to ensure you were suitably dressed with a decent coat, hat and gloves etc.
  2. 4th Nor'Easter in the month of March will hit the New York, Boston and Washington area tomorrow. Forecasters are predicting a foot of snow. What an amazing month of cold weather for both the eastern US and Western Europe.
  3. Rapid thaw happening here (Sevenoaks) - I reckon all of the snow will have gone by midday. Looking at the models, the Easter weekend may deliver further snow from a northerly direction, although I'm ready for some spring warmth and sunshine now.
  4. I read somewhere recently (I think it was on TWO) that the latest ice day was the 26th April. Unsure what year though.
  5. Well remembered - I’d totally forgotten that this La Niña winter was meant to have front loaded cold only
  6. Looking at the charts and trend, I’ll be back again in 2 weeks.
  7. Showers pepped up here - reckon a 5 or 6 on the Murr scale
  8. Stopped snowing here in Sevenoaks
  9. Been consistently snowing here just outside Sevenoaks since 3.30pm - been heavy at times, but now lighter snow. Has settled on most surfaces
  10. Still heavy snow just outside Sevenoaks- settling on cars and roofs
  11. Heavy snow shower just outside Sevenoaks
  12. The snow today here has been much wetter than 14-17 days ago (todays snow reminds me of Jan 2017). Settled on cars and grass, but not pavements and roads. The radar doesn't look great for me (Sevenoaks area) overnight, although my fingers are tightly crossed.
  13. It’s sleeting / snowing but it’s definitely not settling anywhere, the precipitation isn’t heavy enough