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  1. Just outside Sevenoaks on the foot of the north downs.
  2. It's snowing and settling, but there's also still a lot of drip, drip, drip. If the snow continues to be this heavy, plus the forecasted temperature does fall to zero by 12pm, I think we may see 5 cm.
  3. According to the met office website, Sevenoaks is 145 metres above sea level.
  4. Snow settling here in Sevenoaks.
  5. Yesterday morning was the same - heavy rain before the snow arrived. Fingers crossed.
  6. Stopped here - backed to rain again
  7. Finally - the rain has been replaced by snow.
  8. Heavy rain here. Definitely no snow.
  9. Steve - Do you think there maybe any snow shower so south of the Thames?
  10. I’m hoping that North West Kent gets to see a few flakes, similar to last week. There would need to be a massive push south of the low for us to see snow settling.
  11. Snowing heavily here, starting to settle on the grass and garden furniture.
  12. A snow flurry here in the weak sunshine.