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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2018/04/11/the-oceans-circulation-hasnt-been-this-sluggish-in-1000-years-thats-bad-news/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.9d08d561ce30&wpisrc=al_environment__alert-hse&wpmk=1 My take on this is what has been suggested for a long time now, is that increased melting of Arctic Ice Cap would slow down the North Atlantic Drift because of the different specific gravities between saline sea water and fresh sea water. This would appear to be happening now and as it progresses the warming effect on North West Europe would gradually decrease. I wouldn't expect it to stop just there because the normal sinking of saline water in the Arctic is one of the main drivers of the global sea currents, so I would expect a knock on effect. Quite what the results of that would be, I don't really have the foggiest - it is well beyond my pension grade to work out. I can only guess that with a decreased speed of general circulation would allow tropical waters to get warmer whilst northern waters cool.
  2. Where exactly do you live in South Derbyshire near Burton on Trent? - as a young lad I was living with my grand parents at Belvedere Road in Woodville.
  3. Mostly hazy sunshine here today just about reaching 16C - it's amazing the difference a month can make at this time of year - also the origin of the wind can make a tremendous difference. It reminds me of my wedding day which was on 04.04.1964 - we got married at Berkhamsted and when we emerged from the church we were met by a slight flurry of snow, fairly large flakes. That evening we caught the 'Honeymoon Express' which was a Viscount to Jersey where the following week was glorious - I hired a scooter for our travels around the island - don't remember feeling cold even though we did not have any motocycle kit, and at times we sat on the beach.
  4. Snow now gone - it was nice whilst it lasted but it came too late in the season to give us a nice prolonged spell, so putting in a request to the snow gods that for next winter season they arrange for the stratospheric warming event to occur on my birthday in mid December. What I learned from this last episode was the effect that retained heat in the ground does have an effect and even when it is below freezing there is some melt caused by this. So what I would like would be the development of a good Scandi High with a build up of the cold and snow in Scandinavia, western Russia and the continent, to enable it to get well and truly established. For the first few days, dry with some quite intensive frosts to allow the ground to get well frozen, to be followed by a low skitting up the channel to allow for the first decent fall of snow. Also whilst there is still a good temperature anomaly between the sea surface temp of the Channel/North Sea and the uppers, this should allow for a good Thames streamer and with a max temp of -5C, this should be good powder snow with some drifting. Hang onto this situation until the end of February, then let the high slip to the south west, bringing us continued dry sunny conditions to allow the temperature to rise and the snow to be melted soley by the power of the sun. That's much better than the damp horrible westerly's which bring cloud and advection fog making it miserable. From there we can advance into a nice fine, gradually becoming warmer, Spring with lots of sunshine. Yippee, I think I've got that sorted.
  5. We have had snow falling for the past hour or so, note it was not forecasted when I checked earlier - Current temp -1.6, humidity 88%, bar started to rise 12 hours ago, then levelled off for last 6 hours. Would estimate about a cm of fresh snow, vis down to 600 metres. It has hardly got above freezing today, however it was quite mild for a few days prior to see beastie and I have seen some melted patches on the garden - I wonder if this because the soil is retaining some residual heat, then we had the snow which would have insulated it - just a thought - can't recall ever seeing it quite like that before. Wondering if it is the Thames streamer kicking off again
  6. I didn't expect that - the radar showed the snow coming up from the south now and we are just on the edge of it - fine flakes though - temp has risen to -1.5C, humidity down slightly at 85%.
  7. Just about fizzling out now, now too bad considering we are within 4 days of the spring equinox - nice icicle hanging from the street lamp and the cars an neighbour's garden have a good sprinkling - I'd say about 5cms in depth - temp -1.6, humidity 88%, snow back to light now after a coupla 3 hours of fairly moderate.
  8. Temp at Watford, now -1.4C - humidity 84% - bar steady - we had continuous light snow which did not add up to more than a cm, the roads and pavements remained dry but now it has started to perk up a little more and starting to lie on the pavement: Radar looks interesting for the few hours - the circle indicates the position of Watford and the bar chart on left indicate ppn per hour - I'd say an average of 35mm, adding up to 70mm for rain for the next 2 hours - but with dryish snow, which this should be with sub zero temp, you could multiply that by 10, we get 7cm but we will see:
  9. No, not with an easterly coming off the continent - dry sunny and even hot some times, though coastal areas could be afflicted by North Sea Stratus, early in the season.
  10. So you missed that event - my boy remembers it very well!!!!! - he's a clever lad He was born at home in Wood Lane End.
  11. Dunno, really, according to the radar we were on the lower edge with slight snow but see that it has now meandered a little so that we are more in the middle and the snow has intensifie a little - temp now dropped to -0.4 and humidity 82%. There is a stream coming in our direction from North Norfolk. Pavements still dryish but snow is now blowing in wind. In these conditions it is hard to predict, especially since more showery type ppn is being forecasted and this can be quite variable. I would suggest that the area of the amber warning is a line on a map and it can vary.
  12. Little stories here - my son was born on 05.03.1970 at Hemel Hempstead - it started snowing quite heavily the previous day, so had to trek out to the telephone box to call the midwife to ensure that she was given plenty of notice. Our sone was born about 0500 the next morning. The snow depth by then was about 20 cm, possibly a little more, so later that morning I took our daughter then aged just short of 2 years into the garden to make her an igloo. The second is about 06.03.2010, we were down at our house at Capestang in southern France. During the evening it started to snow, large flakes and I was quite surprised. It started off wet but with time it became dry. The next day some friends of ours from Montpellier visited and reported that the A9 was almost blocked, mostly by the heavies losing traction on the uphill gradients but they had been able to get through with their 4X4. The following day, the Monday we decided to go shopping in Narbonne. We got as far as Cuxac to find that their were diversions, so we travelled through the villages. The scenes were beautiful with the contrast of the fresh white snow against a wonderful azure sky - the French were using JCB's to clear the snow and once the road had been cleared most of the road surface, except for patches of melt water, became dry very quickly. I still regret not taking my camera with me. At Narbonne in the car park of the Commercial Centre I was fascinated to see the powder snow being blown off the roof of Tri Dome. It remained fine for the rest of the week with thaws during the day and frosts at night. Towards the end of the week, en route to Narbonne again, I saw the Sapeurs Pompiers dealing with a small fire in a ditch, though snow was still lying over a lot of the surface. It appeared a paradox that with the snow about the vegetation was still dry enough to burn readily in a small bush fire.
  13. At Watford snow started approx. 0500 to 0600 hours, mostly wet but temps gradually dropping, now +0.1*, so just about freezing depending on accuracy of thermometer but the wind and wet ground is likely to cool the ground below freezing now - not bad considering we were in double figures yesterday. For the last couple of hours snow been fairly light, though there were heavier spells earlier but still patchy where it has melted on warmer patches off ground - where it has settle about 1cm in depth. Wondering if the freezing temperatures will affect the cherry blossom on our tree which started blooming about a week ago. During the course of writing this temp now at zero, humidity 81% and during the last 8 hours the bar, which had been rising, is now steady.
  14. mike Meehan

    In Memoriam

    Stephen Hawkins was truly an outstanding man who has moved human knowledge on despite suffering from a condition which would have caused many to give to give up. His name will always be remembered amongst the giants of science. I have always been fascinated by his subject, though only able to understand most in the broadest of terms As a tribute I can do not better than to include this link which gives an insight into his character and motivation: http://www.euronews.com/2018/03/14/stephen-hawking-best-quotes-from-a-man-dedicated-to-science?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=en&utm_content=stephen-hawking-best-quotes-from-a-man-dedicated-to-science&_ope=eyJndWlkIjoiN2ZmM2I0YmUyZTI2OTI5MzA4ZDZmMTA3M2YwODVmYzIifQ== Perhaps he is up there now, or in some parallel universe, now able bodied and still continuing his research into this so fascinating subject, however the more we find out, the more we find there is to find out. To find all the answers really would take an eternity but that should not stop us from trying and advancing the knowledge of human kind.
  15. It is looking like a return match in a week's time with the beast from the east, though it looks more like the little brother of the first one.
  16. I suspect that Theresa has upset our European friends and they are now declining to send us the weather we really love - the temp at Watford is now +0.1C, humidity 91%. Overall I reckon we had about 8cms of snow, though a lot of it was scattered into drifts in the wind. Adieu niege, adieu gele. Salut printemps
  17. I'd much rather have dry than wet - it reminds m when I was speaking to a cap with a Finnish wife a few years ago - his mother in law came over from Helsinki to spend Christmas with them - she did not like it - it felt too cold here, no doubt the damp effect - it's funny that - I can recall times when I have been out in -5C but dry calm conditions and it feels much warmer than a damp +3C - something to do with the difference between heat and temperature - they are not both the same.
  18. I see as far as our part of the world is concerned we will be in a bit of a col with a slack gradient - 500 mb thickness is just over 530 metres We might just scrape a -4C on the uppers, so snow possible with the thickness and this and we are north of the jet stream Sure enough Meteo Ciel shows snow but with temps of +4C. I doubt it will settle, so all in all it looks a bit marginal. Interesting to note temps up to 24C in Catalonia - Spring is on the way, Yippee.
  19. I prefer the dry breakdown - back in March 2010 we had a nice little blizzard in the south of France - despite having snow on the ground it remained dry and as soon as the snow was cleared off the roads they dried out as well, te exceptions being the patches of melt water. Mostly melted by sunshine, a clear blue sky and gradually warming conditions towards about +6C - very pretty to look at as well. It took about a week for the snow to go but during that week I saw the pompiers attending to a small brush fire in a ditch at the side of th road, with some snow still lying. It must have been tinder dry to have caught in the first place and remained so despite the snowfall. With the damp conditions we often get the nasty slush and at times advection fog - now that is miserable.
  20. If anything the snow has now turned to snizzle, - causing some reduction in vis - if it was proper drizzle the outsides of the widows would get wet but they are remaining dry, probably gained an extra cm or two during the proper snow period. Now -1.6C 88% humidity and the bar has been level for a little while now - some snow still blowing in the wind. It is worth noting that as the temperature rises towards freezing the point the traction when driving on the roads reduces, so that much more care needs to be taken - the art is looking ahead, planning your route at the same time allowing yourself plenty of space and time for the unexpected. The slipperiness is caused by weight on the snow or ice caused that top layer to melt a little, so making it slick and the colder it is the less likelihood of that film of water forming. As I have previously said traction is much better when it is fair bit colder, especially if it is fresh powder snow on a dry road. The ultimate is that those on skis in really cold conditions such as in the Antarctic find that there is little 'glide' with their skis.
  21. That's a bit better, had some moderate snow for nearly an hour and now blowing around in the wind again - temp -1.2C, humidity 85%
  22. Woe, woe and thrice times woe - Occasional rain drops are now appearing on my windows, though it is still -1C. Does not appear to be that much on the radar either. A short sweet interlude of ice days with powder snow and sunshine.
  23. At Watford we have had precipitation for pretty well all the day, mostly as what I would term as snizzle (a frozen drizzle falling from the sky) it has not added much to the overall accumulation, which is about 3 to 4 cm, though it is being picked up by the wind and blown into drifts. The temperature has slowly risen from a min of -5.4C to -2C and humidity is now 84%.
  24. Morning all, still snowing albeit lightly now hope you are all white - the A41 outside obviously got a covering of snow during the night but the traffic has worn away tram lines back to tarmac. Temp -3.9C - difficult to estimate a total depth of snow in these drifting conditions.
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