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  1. Just started in the last few minutes, temp 1.1C, slight snow, settling easy on frozen surfaces, wind easterly moderate, which could cause drifting. Humidity 88% and intensity of snow increased whilst typing, temp down to 1.0C.
  2. Quite heavy snow for the past 30 minutes or so at Watford, large flakes, settling, approx 1cm - temp +0.8 humidity 90%. First snow I've seen this winter. Strange - NW Europe radar shows rain, not snow,
  3. I missed that, went through that region on Saturday, travelling over the Massif to Clermont Ferrand. A journey we have made quite often over the last few years, with the weather ranging from thick fog - warmth, mid 20's in mid November, and snow a couple of times above 900 metres
  4. Final figures not in but it is reported that this July has been the third hottest in France since 1900, being surpassed by 1983 and 2006: http://www.languedocliving.com/third-hottest-july-in-france-since-1900-news-10113.html Temperatures forecast to reach 40C this week in our area.
  5. I was saddened to see the fires in Attica, Greece earlier this week. A few years ago my son was working on detachment in Athens for a couple of years and we went out to spend a fortnight with him. Overall we were impressed with the Greeks, with the exception of the driver of a cab who charged us €13 for a short journey, we were impressed with them. Overall they are friendly, hard working, sociable and hospitable, so we have happy memories. Hearing about a catastrophe in an area you know at least to some extent affects one much more than just a dot on the map, in any case it does me.
  6. Have been down here since 02.07.2018 with temps mostly in the low 30's C and we have had a couple of wet interludes in the form of storms but not amounting to too much in precipitation which has been mostly at night - the kind of weather I dreamed about having as a youngster - warm sunny days with the rain falling at night. However, in the last few days it has warmed up a bit more up to the 36C mark - we are obliged to turn on the air con - the problem we have with that is that the temp sensor is in the vicinity of the outlet to the air con which pushes out warm air, so the figures won't be to
  7. I do tend to agree with CM - if you look at nature generally there does appear to be a progression, albeit it isn't linear. I do sense that there is a purpose to life and that purpose I to improve albeit that we are still struggling with baser instincts still quite a bit of the time, although we no longer have public executions in Europe, we longer have the gladiatorial games but as recent as the last century we have had some appalling atrocities and there is a big danger that it could happen again. At the same time we do get some remarkable people for example Baroness Tessa Jowell
  8. My sister in law moved to Norfolk, there the cold winds normally come off the North Sea - the locals call them lazy winds - they don't go round you, they go straight through you.
  9. I'm getting confused now Pete - first of all there is a MAD thread I can't find, then there is a WNW wind which whizzes across from the North Sea to the Baltic. I still remember the lecture relating to Katabatic and Anabatic winds when I was an air cadet 60 years ago - something to be aware of when coming into to land in a hilly area, or near a polar ice cap. Anyway monkeys don't have brass balls, except for the 'See no evil, hear no evil and say no evil' variants. The suggestion was that they were brass triangles on board the old fighting vessels used to store cannon balls but to p
  10. Take it that it would be a Katabatic effect, see there is snow about and the air on the tops of the hills gets cooled down more, thus heavier, then it rolls down hill. They can be pretty vicious in the cases of where they come off the ice caps of the Arctic and Antarctic.
  11. Well, yes Pete, I agree, the ultimate prognosis is that with an expanding universe the matter will grow too far apart to permit the reformation of new stars, so eventually the existing ones will gradually die out, though I am not really expecting that within the next week or two. At the same time nobody has really worked out what was before the 'big bang' and what triggered it off, though some speculate it may have been interference via a parallel universe. Nature also goes in cycles, so may it be that universes are created and die in cycles, as stars and galaxies do currently? I don
  12. It's something I have often wondered about - some scientists will say that everything we see about us happened by accident starting with the 'Big Bang' but for these things happen according to the various laws of science, physics, chemistry and biology combine in the overall rules of nature. But the question I keep coming back to is who or what formulated all these rules in the first place? I can't help but think that there must be some kind of intelligent process behind it all. This takes me on to other dimensions, further than the normal 4 we experience in everyday life - se
  13. Drug addiction is something which more enlightened countries treat as an illness, rather than as a crime in our country. I know something of it because I used to work on the county drug squad, though I have never participated myself but each year there are a number of deaths which arise from the misuse of drugs. The galling fact is that most of these are preventable because the trade is in the hands of criminals who have no conscience at all - they are just out to make money. The punter who buys them does not really have any idea of the strength or the purity, some drugs are
  14. I'm not so sure about that Lauren, towards the far right of the chart, it made a difference of £25K which could be borrowed - it may not seem like much but in my part of the world where property prices are relatively high, it could make the difference between getting anywhere half way decent. Also, didn't I hear recently that the interest rates on student loans were being increased to 6%? If so this is bound to make a difference. My interest in this is that my eldest granddaughter has just finished her first year at Falmouth, then I have another who should be ready to start 2 years
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