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  1. The link below refers to a CAA investigation report into the damage and crash of a K21 glider which was struck by lightning on 17.04.1999 in the region of Dunstable - the strike caused severe damage to the air frame to the extent that the instructor and the pupil pilot had to bail out. The report also includes fairly detailed descriptions of types of lightning and their effect which some of you may find interesting: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/542300e540f0b613420009cf/dft_avsafety_pdf_500699.pdf
  2. Paul,

    There is still not enough time for editing - I just posted and there were typos which I wished to correct but was precluded from finishing these before I was timed out.

    I am conscious of the fact that too many errors in a post can reflect adversely on the poster and detract from what he/she wishes to say so I try to avoid this as much as I possibly can.

    This does take time, especially with a long post.

    Mike M

  3. I am finding this restriction on editing something of a bugbear - there have been a number of occasions when I have wanted to edit my posts, sometimes through typos and sometimes considered that I need to add or amend something pertinent only to find that further access to make corrections etc is verboten. Can we at least have more time allowed for making such corrections?
  4. From 1960 to 1963 I was a scientific assistant in the Met Office - we were plotting in C and most of the world was sending their obs in C, however the Americans still insisted on F, meaning we had to convert all their temps into C. After a while that became automatic, I still remember a lot of them. As a matter of interest do the Americans still send obs in F? looking at some their forecasts for their own public, they are still in F.
  5. Never seen anything like this before - get the impression that it is a rainbow effect from rain falling from the smaller cloud above the main one, any other ideas?
  6. Hi Mike , just seen this great story which you may have seen but if not here you go .:)


    1. mike Meehan

      mike Meehan

      Thanks Mark, I would have loved to have flown one of those - from what I hear they were a pilot's dream.

      Currently I am learning to glide again in a K21 at Dunstable but at my age it is taking a lot longer than the first time round in 1959 in a T31!

      And when I get the chance on the Costa Brava, this Foxbat, the other name for it. Strangely enough it is easier to fly than a K21.

    2. Mark wheeler

      Mark wheeler

      Wow , il be totally honest with you , I love planes etc have studied military aviation history etc but don't particularly like flying myself , infact before going on commercial flights I nearly always get the trots . Having said that it certainly wouldn't stop me getting in a spitfire .

      Anyway you probably have seen this a million times but just in case you haven't I found this on YouTube after you said what you have flown in the past and are now got me intrigued.

      Cheers Mark 




    3. mike Meehan

      mike Meehan

      That's the type I did my first solos in in 1959 - great fun, the weren't aerobatic 'cos the wings would drop off if you turned it upside down but they taught m how to do stall turns and it took a further 6 months to get rid of the grin on my face!

      Like you I am not over passionate about flying in airliners - small aircraft are much more fun  :yahoo:

  7. I think England's discipline was much improved - I think Eddie Jones has done them a power of good - hopefully should be set up well for the 6 nations.
  8. Paul with reference to the below do you think it might be possible for when people want to post an excerpt from twitter they could perhaps copy/paste as a screen shot then post it as an attachment?

    1. Paul


      I'm looking into it Mike, but if you can switch to a more modern browser in the meantime it'll fix it straight away :) 

    2. Gael_Force


      Guilty of posting the tweet link to show but there is an option for link only; would that help?

    3. Paul


      Yep, using that would stop it happening. 

  9. It appears that whenever people, these days post an excerpt from Twitter the page goes into an uncontrollable scroll mode making it difficult to read, quote and post further. It is happening on my desk top and my lap top so I do not think it is my computers - the only other thing I can think of is that I am currently in France and using Orange.fr as an ISP. Is anybody else getting a similar problem, or have any ideas as to how this can be prevented?
  10. Hi Mike , This might seem as a quite crazy suggestion but I see from your photo you are some kind of pilot. I have been interested in the 2nd world war since I was young and want to go to the duxford airshow next year . I love weather , love planes and steam engines it seems we only disagree about Europe . I realise you were born in 42 

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    2. mike Meehan

      mike Meehan

      You might be interested in this then Mark - combining the future of flight with fewer emissions:


    3. Mark wheeler

      Mark wheeler

      Thank you will give it a read later after work . Many Thanks

    4. Mark wheeler

      Mark wheeler

      What a wonderful read thank you . Lots of information I had no idea about . Thanks again .

  11. Thanks Sumsun, tried that, will see what happens if anything.
  12. Pass - not sure how you do that - I'm a thicko with computers
  13. Internet explorer Paul
  14. Sometimes when I want to reply to a quote I try to click the send box but it flits about at the bottom of the page and is not accessible to click on - I can sometimes get round it by going back a page then going forwards again but that does not always work - I also try to copy/paste my reply onto a word doc then try again but just lately noticed that the copy function does not always work. A bit frustrating when time has been spent typing with two fingers as I do. Any idea of how this can be cured?