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  1. mike Meehan

    France weather

    http://www.midilibre.fr/2018/05/13/occitanie-pluie-intense-et-neige-en-abondance-en-plein-mois-de-mai,1669982.php#xtor=EPR-2-[Newsletter]-20180513-[Zone_info] Wow, there has been some interesting weather in southern France with quite substantial snow falls over the Massif - some nice pictures - then further down on lower ground heavy rain.
  2. Currently 28.4 C in my back garden at Watford - wall to wall blue sky with a strange yellow thing in the sky - just wonder what the weather gods will bring for the summer - maybe if we are lucky we may just about reach 35 C if we keep getting these highs bringing in south easterlies. Any bets? Whilst at Capestang in Southern France it is 22 C with a yellow warning for thunderstorms and floods.
  3. Yes we had a few flashes about in the sky, though nothing really close and some rain Saturday night. I have also decided that we were spoiled last week with the lovely blue skies and temps peaking at 28.5C at Watford - now back to business as usual for April, mostly cloudy skies with a temp of 15 C. Roll on the next settled warm/hot spell and ask those forecasters to be careful where they place the jet streams
  4. A lovely day at Watford - 22.3C at the moment still time for it to climb to climb further, managed 28.5C yesterday but the hint of summer looks like fading away next week. It's not that long ago since we were experiencing the beast from the east and anxiously checking snow radars and temps etc.
  5. mike Meehan

    Make us laugh

    Things said in jest can often be true - I like particularly the last bit. How do you tell the difference between an Australian Police Officer, an English Police Officer, an American Police Officer and a Scottish police officer? The answer is found below. QUESTION: You’re a policeman, on duty by yourself. You are walking on a deserted street late at night. Suddenly, an armed man with a huge knife comes around the corner, locks eyes with you and screaming something that sounds like obscenities, raises the knife and lunges at you. You are carrying your truncheon and are an expert in using it. However, you have only a split second to react before he reaches you. What do you do? ANSWERS: English Police Officer: Firstly, the Officer must consider the man's human rights. 1) Does the man look poor and/or oppressed? 2) Is he newly arrived in this country and does not yet understand the law? 3) Is this really a knife or a ceremonial dagger? 4) Have I ever done anything to him that would inspire him to attack? 5) Am I dressed provocatively? 6) Could I run away? 7) Could I possibly swing my truncheon and knock the knife out of his hand? Should I try and negotiate with him to discuss his wrong-doings? 9) Why am I carrying a truncheon anyway and what kind of message does this send to society? 10) Does he definitely want to kill me or would he be content just to wound me? 11) If I were to grab his knees and hold on, would he still want to stab and kill me? 12) If I raise my truncheon and he turns and runs away, do I get blamed if he falls over, knocks his head and kills himself? 13) If I hurt him and lose the subsequent court case, does he have the opportunity to sue me, cost me my job, my credibility and the loss of my family home? Australian Police Officer: BANG ! American Police Officer: BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! 'Click'...Reload... BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! GlasgowPolice Officer: "Haw, Jimmie....! Drop the wee knifie son; rite noo, ....unless ye want it stuck up yer ass!"
  6. I have three computers here, though one is destined to go to France. On the main lap top, sticking short cuts is simple, as it was with window a few year ago because if you click on the dots on the top right it gives you a list on the right of options, one of which is to pin to the task bar. But doing the same thing on the others the list of option on the right is not similar at all and they are all on windows 10. Any ideas anybody? - I've grown rather attached to the task bar, it is so much more simple. Once difference I have noted is that on the top one the three dots are horizontal whilst on the other they are vertical.
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2018/04/11/the-oceans-circulation-hasnt-been-this-sluggish-in-1000-years-thats-bad-news/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.9d08d561ce30&wpisrc=al_environment__alert-hse&wpmk=1 My take on this is what has been suggested for a long time now, is that increased melting of Arctic Ice Cap would slow down the North Atlantic Drift because of the different specific gravities between saline sea water and fresh sea water. This would appear to be happening now and as it progresses the warming effect on North West Europe would gradually decrease. I wouldn't expect it to stop just there because the normal sinking of saline water in the Arctic is one of the main drivers of the global sea currents, so I would expect a knock on effect. Quite what the results of that would be, I don't really have the foggiest - it is well beyond my pension grade to work out. I can only guess that with a decreased speed of general circulation would allow tropical waters to get warmer whilst northern waters cool.
  8. Where exactly do you live in South Derbyshire near Burton on Trent? - as a young lad I was living with my grand parents at Belvedere Road in Woodville.
  9. Mostly hazy sunshine here today just about reaching 16C - it's amazing the difference a month can make at this time of year - also the origin of the wind can make a tremendous difference. It reminds me of my wedding day which was on 04.04.1964 - we got married at Berkhamsted and when we emerged from the church we were met by a slight flurry of snow, fairly large flakes. That evening we caught the 'Honeymoon Express' which was a Viscount to Jersey where the following week was glorious - I hired a scooter for our travels around the island - don't remember feeling cold even though we did not have any motocycle kit, and at times we sat on the beach.
  10. Snow now gone - it was nice whilst it lasted but it came too late in the season to give us a nice prolonged spell, so putting in a request to the snow gods that for next winter season they arrange for the stratospheric warming event to occur on my birthday in mid December. What I learned from this last episode was the effect that retained heat in the ground does have an effect and even when it is below freezing there is some melt caused by this. So what I would like would be the development of a good Scandi High with a build up of the cold and snow in Scandinavia, western Russia and the continent, to enable it to get well and truly established. For the first few days, dry with some quite intensive frosts to allow the ground to get well frozen, to be followed by a low skitting up the channel to allow for the first decent fall of snow. Also whilst there is still a good temperature anomaly between the sea surface temp of the Channel/North Sea and the uppers, this should allow for a good Thames streamer and with a max temp of -5C, this should be good powder snow with some drifting. Hang onto this situation until the end of February, then let the high slip to the south west, bringing us continued dry sunny conditions to allow the temperature to rise and the snow to be melted soley by the power of the sun. That's much better than the damp horrible westerly's which bring cloud and advection fog making it miserable. From there we can advance into a nice fine, gradually becoming warmer, Spring with lots of sunshine. Yippee, I think I've got that sorted.
  11. We have had snow falling for the past hour or so, note it was not forecasted when I checked earlier - Current temp -1.6, humidity 88%, bar started to rise 12 hours ago, then levelled off for last 6 hours. Would estimate about a cm of fresh snow, vis down to 600 metres. It has hardly got above freezing today, however it was quite mild for a few days prior to see beastie and I have seen some melted patches on the garden - I wonder if this because the soil is retaining some residual heat, then we had the snow which would have insulated it - just a thought - can't recall ever seeing it quite like that before. Wondering if it is the Thames streamer kicking off again
  12. I didn't expect that - the radar showed the snow coming up from the south now and we are just on the edge of it - fine flakes though - temp has risen to -1.5C, humidity down slightly at 85%.
  13. Just about fizzling out now, now too bad considering we are within 4 days of the spring equinox - nice icicle hanging from the street lamp and the cars an neighbour's garden have a good sprinkling - I'd say about 5cms in depth - temp -1.6, humidity 88%, snow back to light now after a coupla 3 hours of fairly moderate.
  14. Temp at Watford, now -1.4C - humidity 84% - bar steady - we had continuous light snow which did not add up to more than a cm, the roads and pavements remained dry but now it has started to perk up a little more and starting to lie on the pavement: Radar looks interesting for the few hours - the circle indicates the position of Watford and the bar chart on left indicate ppn per hour - I'd say an average of 35mm, adding up to 70mm for rain for the next 2 hours - but with dryish snow, which this should be with sub zero temp, you could multiply that by 10, we get 7cm but we will see:
  15. No, not with an easterly coming off the continent - dry sunny and even hot some times, though coastal areas could be afflicted by North Sea Stratus, early in the season.