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  1. Cold here today in northern Illinois. High was -16c and supposed to drop to 25c tonight. Wind chills of -35c. 3-6 inches of snow on Monday expected.
  2. Yeah, my house is timber with aluminum siding so if the tornado had tracked a mile or 2 further south I shudder to think what would have been left!!
  3. yeah these were from Monday afternoon...first January tornado in the area since 1950. Just a week ago the temp was -20c then Monday it reached 16c, then a tornado...now 3 inches of snow expected tomorrow
  4. Some photos of tornado damage in Boone County Illinois. Rated EF3 where these photos were taken. Luckily it missed my house in Harvard by 1 1/2 miles!!!. The third photo with the red van in the background between the two trees...there used to be a house there!!! Link to writeup of storm plus a map http://www.crh.noaa.gov/lot/?n=20080107tor#pns
  5. Yeah we sure are...luckily we don't live near a river. Many rivers are approaching record levels and with more rain expected major flooding is expected. Another 1.83in fell yesterday through this morning. Now up to 13 inches (325mm) exactly for the month. Severe storms with damaging winds and heavy rain expected later today!!!
  6. Lots of rain this month in northern Illinois. 12.17in so far in my rain guage with another 3-5 inches expected by the weekend!!.
  7. Here are some of my readings from the cold snap in the midwest. I am located in far northen Illinois right on the Wisconsin border. Date High Low Snowfall(in) Jan 27th -1c -10c 0.5 28th -6c -14c 0.2 29th -5c -15c 0.8 30th -6c -15c 0.3 31st -7c -19c 0.5 Feb 1st -6c -15c 0.3 2nd -14c -18c 0.2 3rd -13c -19c 4th -19c -24c 5th -16c -27c 6th -12c -24c 2.1 7t
  8. got about 2 inches here, Rockford got 4 1/2 I think, Chicago about 3 maybe. The heaviest snow seemed to go just south of Chicago.Heatwave today..up to -12c at midday!!!!
  9. Brutally cold here in northern Illinois. High on the 5th was -18c after a morning low of -27c....wind chill made it feel more like -35c!!!
  10. I took loads of pictures of the snow as I don't ever remember seeing snow like that (I only moved here from Nottingham 4 years ago). Now its just cold cold cold....yesterday the high was -9c and the low -20c!!! Still got 13 inches of snow on the ground after I recorded a total of 14.8 inches in Friday's storm. Possibility of an inch or two more Tuesday night.
  11. Almost over now..haven't measured but looks like around 15 inches total
  12. 8.45am and now 12 inches on the ground and still snowing hard. Will try and post some pictures later on today
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