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  1. This any good mate? Current Weather | Current conditions WWW.CLIFTONWEATHER.CO.UK Weather data for the village of Clifton in Bedfordshire, UK. Plus Hillwalking and weather related photos
  2. I can see the charts with lots of showers coming down from the Wash, but not sure if they will reach Stevenage. Would anybody be able to help?
  3. Found the below radar quite useful to track the showers coming in. /apple-touch-icon.png WeatherPro WWW.WEATHERPRO.COM WeatherPro
  4. Very very light snow blowing about in the wind. You have to really look to see it. I'm north Stevenage, Herts.
  5. Still snowing in Stevenage SG1 but not really adding to the 3.5cm we have here.
  6. Seems an exceptionally blowy winter so far to me. Expect it in autumn or spring but not so much this time of year. Or my memory is not what it was.
  7. time 5am - 6am location -Stevenage type of ppn Snow, then sleet after 6am, then rain amount 1inch likely gone before I crawl out of bed
  8. How's about those showers coming through the midlands now? They seem to have a bit of a swivel on. Temp here is 1.7 and dewpoint is 0.7.
  9. Merry Christmas Everyone! Thank you for all your valuable input over the last year. And in the words of a Snow Watch Legend. Stock up on yer mince pies! According to the grebes there's some intresting weather coming.
  10. I'd just like to 2nd 3rd 50th 175th the comments made above regarding Snowking's post. To take the time and the trouble to set it all out in layman's terms is marvellous, so thank you. Today, the surfboard has stayed afloat whilst it rides the waves of excitement unhampered by the tumultuous swell of disagreements. It's a joy and a pleasure to be here ladies and gents. Long may it continue. And may my knowledge grow in your warm embrace field of expertise.
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