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  1. Haha, will certainly be the case here. Can't wait to build my frostman tomorrow morning.
  2. Reading back it looks like we are not in the snow game here tomorrow in Baldock. Anyone South of London wanna put me up for the night tomorrow.
  3. Temp here 4.3c and dewpoint 1.3c Rain showing on radar but nothing falling as yet. Location: Baldock
  4. I think it's an afternoon/early evening event. You might have to pick him up early if the school shuts. Now in my day... haha
  5. Thanks Chris I have an Oregon weather reader from Argos. Well actually my wife does, but what's hers is mine, right? It now says 26% humidity. I wonder why the reading would be wrong and how I can fix it.
  6. Trying to work out my dewpoint. My temp is 3.9c My humidity is 24% So dewpoint -15c. Does that seem right?
  7. Just looking on the forecast page. There's a prediction of sleet turning to snow at 6am and staying as snow through to midnight. Where did that come from? This is for Saturday, sorry.
  8. Thanks mate. We didn't do so well out of the last lot. Snowed but never settled. So fingers crossed.
  9. Kold I love you. Not gonna propose marriage though. The missus might not approve. Thought Norf Arts might be in with a shot.
  10. Looks like good potential for snow in my area all this week. Surely we must get something out of either tomorrow, or Thursday, or Saturday or Monday or Tuesday next week.
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