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  1. Hi Paul The 15 min radar has stopped working for me too. Was all ok about 1 hour ago. Have tried refresh and re-entering etc. Cheers
  2. Hi Karl Cleared cache, have Firefox, I am afraid there's no difference. When I first click "ppn type" I get a chart but then clicking on any box including "6" I get the "H500" text only appear. Cheers
  3. Hi Yep if I click on ppn type I only get the one chart too, click on any box - nothing In fact I get "H500" text entry
  4. Now Christmas Day is on the 25th but Christmas eve is on the 23rd-- cool---
  5. I see according to the calender on NW that Christmas is coming a day early this year ??
  6. Sorry if this post is in the wrong place. I am setting up my weather station in Ipswich (Davis Vantage Pro2) and have just had my anemometer erected on the aerial mast. Does anyone know how I can calibrate the wind speed or check that it is roughly accurate?. The house is on a hill (for Ipswich anyway !) and is high. I have asked (Pm'd) a forum member in Ipswich, in case they had any idea of a nearby station to check/correlate etc (or indeed had a station themselves) but they have declined to reply. Any information/advice would be gratefully received, and when I have a data logger I am
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