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  1. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Seeing the jet buckled to this extent - very unusual!
  2. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Indeed! Possibly the most reliable forecasting tool we have at our disposal.
  3. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Early doors but an encouraging chart with the 2 disparate vortices over Canada and Siberia. Are there any other forecast models that are particularly useful with regards to the PV?
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    Looking very impressive for a Cat 1 now...
  5. Hurricane Maria

    Most likely to be trochoidal motions, usually caused by uneven distribution of convection within the storm and/or changes in structure. NHC will use up to 24 hours motion for forecasting.
  6. Hi all, Not sure where to post this, mods feel free to move as you see fit. My son has always been mad keen on his meteorology, especially the severe stuff as you might expect. He's noticed something. It would appear that if the Pacific has a quiet hurricane season, then the Atlantic will have a busy one and vice-versa. He's been back through the last 30 years and with just a couple of exceptions this theory holds true, see the graph attached: Is he on to something here? Has the correlation already been spotted and studied? It seems to be glaringly obvious I must say. And what would we conclude? Is there a finite amount of energy available during any given hurricane season? And what implications does this have with regards to the "drivers" (eg. Solar energy, SST's, moisture content)? He's done a good job researching this and I'm inclined to suggest he looks into it further. Any thoughts? Steve M
  7. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    Wunderground currentlyshows Lake Havasu City at 56C!! Must be a mistake?? Steve M
  8. Hurricane Matthew

    None, obviously. SB is pointing out - quite rightly - how impressive the system looks.
  9. Super Typhoon Haiyan

    Hi all,I'm wondering....why such a strong storm - for that matter why such so many strong storms this season in the Western Pacific? I haven't seen anything in the SST anomaly charts to indicate lots of warm water for "fuel". Steve M
  10. Make us laugh

    A fireman is cleaning his fire engine at the fire station one afternoon when a voice suddenly says, "Do you like my fire engine?" The fireman peers into the garden next door and sees a little girl with a cat which has a large piece of red cardboard taped to it's back. He also notices that she has tied a long piece of string around the cats gonads. "If you tie that string around your fire engine's neck to pull it, don't you think it will go faster?" asks the fireman. The little girl thinks for a second, then replies, "Yes, but then it wouldn't have such a good siren".
  11. Oh! I thought pics had to be on the web somewhere... Thanks Paul - I really must try to keep up with modern technology! Smich
  12. Hi Paul, thanks for replying. If it was a current chart I would and have done. Problem is, this is a saved chart (I've been following the 06z and comparing for trends) so it's on my hard drive. I think to need to find a more net-weather-friendly web picture host? Smich
  13. Hi all, Just tried to post a chart which I'd saved on my pc. I use MSN groups to host my pics on the web, but when I tird to add my post it said "sorry, dynamic pages in the tags is not allowed". Can anyone help? Thanks Smich
  14. Members' Weather Stations

    Ah! Think I might have found the right section to post this finally. I've asked for a weather station for Xmas - problem is, my wife doesn't feel confident enough to decide which one. So I've suggested a WS9035 from the Skyview site, as it looks like it has lots of functionality for the money without turning my house into a windmill. Can anyone endorse/decry my choice? I appreciate it's rather modest, but it'll be a start! Thanks Smich