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  1. I have to agree with Reef and others in East Yorkshire it was definitely disappointing in terms of snow depth. There was certainly no hours of heavy continous snowfall, but more like short bursts of heavy showers which only reasonable in depth due to their on and off nature. Thia period will remembered more for that strong Easterly wind that caused snow drifts and often near zero visibility on exposed coastal strips and exposed elevations. It was pretty good, above average in the christmas pudding; nothing spectacular and certainly not up there with the best. Well I hope that's it for 2018 i enjoy my outdoors pursuits like running and cycling far more than 'just cold'. Certainly don't want to see anything on it near Saturday 17th March as I have my first long distance bike ride of the season planned: 200km / 125miles.
  2. Am starting to believe them stories about governments seeding the clouds to warn away severe weather because this is not what was forecast. Snow everyday Tuesday onwards yet the forecast show zilch for this area. Cold weather is not interesting by itself, these so called ice days won't materialise without snow cover.
  3. The Beast from the East is turning into a Chihuahua from the Sahara.
  4. That BBC forecast from yesterday evening clearly shows the winds moving from a NE to a straight E with the bulk of the showers heading through the far North of our region missing most of us entirely. I am yet to be convinced of snow amounts given the track of showers showing a near miss.
  5. Cold sure is hanging on today... high of 6... heading to Hull earlier about 10.30am temperature of 1C along the A15 accompanied by rain.
  6. Travelled from the M180 services all the way past Scunny. The weather was atrocious for a time as it feel very heavily and the mway was very quickly becoming white.
  7. Yes what a massive disappointment. Only snow we had was during Thursday... It's been heavy rain since Friday when i was hoping for heavy snow. How could the forecasters get it so so wrong... Sigh Deep in puddles not in snow
  8. Unexpectedly very windy, my mind was on snow watch not wind watch. No snow here in Grimsby, but apparently snowing down the road and home in Immingham, can't see anything sticking, too wet and not cold enough for starters.
  9. Well hello, haven't posted for well over a year, a few names I still recognise here and many I don't! First signs of something colder on the horizon - tbh my levels of enthusiasm are at rock bottom... what a December it has been, must have been the warmest on record - a really crazy Winter so far. I cannot see much in the way of Snow after this blow torch Winter to date - happy to be proved wrong! My mind quickly thinks back to 2010 which was an exceptional Winter here in Grimsby, described as a 1-30 year event - I am not expecting anything equally wonderous any year soon.
  10. Well forgetting the long period of cold temperatures that were essentially the talking point of Dec 2010 for most parts of the UK, in my part of the country we saw most likely the highest amount of snowfall, an exceptional 18inch, well over a foot (remembering from top of my head) was recorded. That sure would take a whole lot of beating - and its only 5 years on from what was at the time deemed a 1 in 30 year event. However having said that I truly hope you are right, like most on this forum I love Snow - it brings back the child in all of us + a few days off work ;-)
  11. Probably late in posting this one, but here is a recent video from the USA in the last few days. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10203136384594199&id=1344562217&_rdr Very unusual. Discuss.
  12. On the mobile version it no longer shows a datestamp against each thread - this is a fairly large omission as it's the only way to see if new posts are available 'before' opening a thread and scrolling down. Other than that thread page views now in my opinion show too much information on mobile. For example no need to show Member Post Count, Gender or MultiQuote button. Previous mobile version was very concise, new version is now anything but concise. Finally revert back to one button top left at top of page. No need for breadcrumb. Users do use back buttons on phones!
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