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  1. I think it’s more to do with the rate of precipitation. We’ve only had light snow here or flurries blowing about in the wind and although temp is -0.5 and we had a dusting at night, in the day time it doesn’t really settle. Also have to factor in the urban heat island effect with temps hovering around zero. An example of this is my thermometer reads -0.5 at the back of my garden yet on a thermometer right outside the house window is registers +0.5, that whole degree makes a big difference at those margins. The cumulative effect of that with other houses giving out the same even more so. Three
  2. This is true. But the margin for error still seems to be 3/4 days. Small changes in that time frame can lead to a whole new pattern down stream. The default flow is west to east and the models always seem (from what I can see) to revert to that mind set. Even the meto revert to that after the immediate time frame. Always sit in the fence. I know I’m off topic do I’ll leave it there. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  3. I don’t post often, but a long time lurker, going back to BBC snow watch days. Only thing I’ll add is that over the years, Dec 2010 as an example, once the cold is entrenched the break down is always delayed. Back in 2010 I remember the models breaking it down after 4/5 days, then it’s extended etc etc. In the end it lasted a month. Granted it wasn’t a snow fest every day, but the cold held out. As long as this spell evolves as shown then I’d be surprised to see any break down making it much further than skirting the south before cold reasserts itself. The models are always to quick to break c
  4. What are the chances of exceeding a forecast like this, one of my all time favourites.......
  5. I don’t post in here often but even so I check in here religiously and have done so for over 15 years now and so in my own way I feel a connection with the community. On that note I just want to send my condolences to BFTP. My thoughts are with you at this trying time....and you didn’t fail anyone! When you’re ready I along with many others I’m sure will welcome return.
  6. It's funny but when snow is predicted I actually get butterflies in my stomach and generally feel like a little boy again. I don't know why. Always been the same since I can remember. I don't even need an alarm to wake me up, it's in built every two hours through the night my eyes spring open and I'm at the window - usually nothing but that excitment and the chase for me is what it's all about. Nice to know I'm not crazy alone.
  7. To my untrained eye those charts look the exactly the same. What to look for to indicate whether the system goes under or over?
  8. 65 recent quakes at yellowstone....if she blows we'll be in a permenant state of freeze http://www.seis.utah.edu/req2webdir/recenteqs/Maps/Yellowstone.html
  9. Can you imagine the media histeria if we were to get a snow event like that now. Our molly cuddled (not sure i've coined the right phrase there?) society would go into melt down. Everything stops with just 1cm in recent years........well down here in the soft south that is. :lol:
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