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  1. A steady thaw here this afternoon with the sun out for the first time in a few days. Jealous seeing the heavy snow across the estuary in Kent. I can’t complain though with 3/4 days of snow 🙂 pictures of first thing this morning and now.
  2. About another 1-2 inches overnight here in Leigh-On-Sea... I’m guessing thanks to change in wind direction and a Thames Streamer. Still snowing moderately now. Picture of my road 🙂
  3. I know such a shame. Not what I was expecting. Hoping if the snow keeps falling over the next day/night and the temp continues to fall then it might settle better. Also got a good few days of below freezing temps and possible snow showers forecast for us.
  4. Hey! Been looking at these forums for years (mostly in the winter) but have never commented.. I decided I should make an account and get in on the action! Excited about the next few days, I’m based in south east Essex and thinking back to 2018 / 2010 it seemed that we had an almost constant flow of show showers for 2-4 days thanks to Thames Streamers and snow depths locally up to my shins... wondering how this might compare. Wind gusts have really picked up now! Sounds different in my house it coming from the East rather than the usual W/SW.
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