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  1. GFS did have a wobble for a couple of days when the ECM came on board though.
  2. I'm glad I never check the JMA then. Looking forward to see the 12Z runs from the GFS, UKMO and ECM. Hopefully we carry on with some good trends for later in January.
  3. Don't worry guys according to XCWEATHER Wellesbourne airfield has a dew point of -38 now you just need some precipitation. 😂
  4. Wellesbourne airfield has a dew point of -38 according to XCWEATHER. 😄😄😄
  5. Well we got wet snow here. Nice surprise thought it was going to be all rain.
  6. With a warmer then normal North Sea I thought it would be mostly rain on the coast and a little bit inland. Surely you would need lower uppers to be safer for snow.
  7. Thanks for the info. Been a while since I have been on here checking charts again. Nice to hear GEM is doing well in the short range. 48 hours to go, hopefully it’s near the GEM then. EURO4 having none of it yet. Also worries me it will go to far south, does happen a lot of the time. Hopefully get a better idea tomorrow, but as always it will most likely be a nowcast radar watch.
  8. Yeah normally it does. Keeping a keen eye on the charts over the next 24 hours. This looks better. Shame it’s GEM.
  9. Rather keep it further south for us as I know it will be rain if further north haha.
  10. Temperature has dropped here again, and the light winds have changed from a SW to a NW.
  11. Same here. I can’t get much closer to the sea so that don’t help, plus the winds coming from the sea add to the mix. Changes to north wind later. The waiting carry’s on.
  12. Amazing how two different people say the opposite to each other on the ICON run. Does become a little confusing in here at times. Looking forward to the GFS 12z compared to the last couple of runs.
  13. A lot of people also are from the south that post on here. But I am very enjoying all the posts on here at the moment including yours. Keep it up.
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