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  1. just stopped in Hornsea. Measured outside for first time 5cm on level parts of paths etc obviously parts with a lot more and 10 cm on grass. It is definitely the most snow ive seen here for years. I think there is another shower inbound on the radar.

    It seems today the showers have got steadily better which is totally the opposite of what I expected and getting bigger flakes too. 

    Fingers crossed for you guys later inland 🤞

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  2. 2 minutes ago, IRON-BRU said:

    Worrying times for snow lovers in low lying East Yorks

    This winter is a cold one by modern standards and yet we still have not had a covering

    Have to go back to the beast from the east for the last covering of snow here

    If we can’t get snowfall in this set up , one does have to wonder when we will?

    Radar looks same as yesterday here -say’s it’s snowing -it isn’t !

    Good Luck everyone for today

    it is the currently the heaviest its been the whole time in Hornsea literally 3 mins and everywhere is totally white ( even on the road )  Iron Bru - biggest flakes so far so you never know!! keep the faith!!!

    If this was a streamer and didn't keep stopping every few mins it would amount to a load but so far 5 mins is max before it stops again

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