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  1. Looking very stormy on Thu next week on GFS 18z this evening. Would be 60-70mph gusts widely inland with possible 80mph on coasts if this verified🌬 Storm Evert to be named possibly?
  2. My time-lapse of lasts nights full snow moon🌝

    This didn't turn out too well but I like it nonetheless. I thought the lit up sky and clouds looked quite pretty.

    1. lassie23


      It looks like a global killing asteroid 

  3. Iceman2606

    Full Snow Moon

    Tonight's full snow moon over Northamptonshire🌝
  4. Iceman2606

    Full Snow Moon

    Tonight's full snow moon over Northamptonshire🌝
  5. My time-lapse of 24th February 2021. Warm Winter's Day!☀🌡
  6. I use the Brinno TLC200 Pro. I've used this camera for over 2 years and I think is absolutely brilliant and very easy to use!😃 The temperatures displayed on the time-lapses I edit in myself using the Met Office temperature observations for my area. Time Lapse Camera | Brinno WWW.BRINNO.COM Brinno Time Lapse Camera, easy to create your time lapse videos
  7. A very mild and windy day here in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. A very pleasant spring like day overall especially in the sunshine!☀️ Temperatures peaked at 16C🌡
  8. A short night sky Time-lapse I did last night on my Brinno TLC200 Pro. Really happy with how it came out!😄🌕🌟

  9. Who’s missing summer? because I am! Hopefully a hot and thundery summer lays ahead☀️😎


    1. Zak M

      Zak M

      Bring it on!

    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      with that username?

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  13. A very spring like week coming up for many parts of the UK especially on Wednesday!📈 Remember that the GFS tends to undercook temperatures so you can add a degree or 2 onto those charts!
  14. Really starting to notice the days getting longer. Still light by nearly 6PM!😃
  15. I rate this easterly 3/10 overall for me. The cold itself was decent with harsh frosts and very low temperatures but the snow was very disappointing with only a dusting being achieved. Most of the snow showers dodged my area although there were a couple that were quite beefy but didn't last very long and amounted to nothing. Frontal snow events flopped also. Very disappointing here in Northamptonshire.
  16. ECM 12z still looking very mild🔥😍🤩
  17.  My time-lapse of 11th February 2021. Very Cold Winter's Day! ☀❄

  18. Possibly a much milder second half to February?
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