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  1. So what are people’s latest thought on what’s going to happen now it’s dark. Seems to settling better now. Looks good going by radar fir at least 10cm to be
  2. If you look at the radar there is an area of the coast of the Humber that’s getting wider and filling in. Seams to have the south of our regions name on it. Going to start to get interesting soon. Only my gut feeling though just looking at the radar. Should help too with the light fading later
  3. Guys and gals keep the faith. Showers set to intensify around 3 as we head towards dark. Think you will see them merge together a bit more too to give longer falls. The better stuff was always forecast for this afternoon and overnight into tomorrow morning. Got plenty of time as the showers not forecast to dies out till tomorrow evening at the earliest 🙂🙂🙂
  4. Just got to my unit just outside central Rotherham and it’s intensified. Starting to wonder if something brewing. Are we going to get one of those unexpected falls 🤞🤞🤞
  5. That’s a joke. How is that possible with an easterly. Just goes to show how crap the presipitation charts are
  6. So does anyone Scott) lol want to have a go at a weekly forecast?? And anyone else for that matter. Would be interested as a lot of others would be but will be also intending to see how close you are to what actually happens. Just bought a new house today and not expecting to get much moved over this next seven days or so 🙂🙂
  7. Can anyone in here explain to me why certain posters on here are saying this cold spell is OVER. Ok the GFS has had 2 bed runs (mainly for the south east) but two things to note. 1 All other models are against it and how many times have we seen this model drop the cold fir 24 hours only for it to come back running with its tail between its legs
  8. The other thing is let’s see where the gfs sits in its ensembles. Personally I always find these to be a very good guide when looking for a general pattern. Have a feeling that it will be on the milder side but we will see. Don’t mean an outlier just milder
  9. My take on this with my very limited knowledge is that even thought the models have move EVER SO SLIGHTLY towards the ECM they are still amazing. The low just about clear ESE rather than NE as the odd run has suggested. The bottom line is all that’s happened is it’s been delayed my maybe 12 hours or so. All 3 models are on board and looks better to me long term. Talks of downgrades are generally people on the wind up. Must admit thought not having the ECM on board is a bit of a worry. The ECM it generally on its own but cannot be ruled out as we are still 120 hrs away from the start of th
  10. Sorry doctor I quoted the wrong post. Meant to quote where he describes each model lol
  11. We need to stick to the reliable time frame which is 96 at best and ALL model are just showing the same theme. These downbeat comments are laughable. It may turn out that the ECM at day 6 is correct but the one model that models cold the best is the UKMO FACT and upto 96 hours it’s spot on where we need it to be fir cold
  12. As other have said the usual thing is fir these systems to correct southwards. Not a done deal but the trend in the models are there. It’s as we go through Friday that the real interest lies. Going to be an interesting couple of weeks with a few surprises me finks
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