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  1. the 0400: 1600 thing is just related to the short term 1 to 5 day forecast being updated.
  2. its definatley todays, browse further up and see my post yesterdays, the dates and text are different
  3. Sunday 7 Feb - Tuesday 16 Feb Rather cloudy and cold across the UK on Sunday with wintry showers over eastern parts. An area of high pressure then looks to build to the north, and it will likely feel cold or very cold, especially in brisk easterly winds. There is a chance of conditions being dry at times with widespread overnight frosts, although wintry showers can still feed in from the east coast. Any organised areas of cloud and precipitation arriving from the southwest will not progress very far into the country as a result of the high pressure. However, they can bring the potential f
  4. UK long range weather forecast Saturday 6 Feb - Monday 15 Feb Remaining unsettled for much of the UK on Saturday with showers and longer spells of precipitation, wintry in places, especially in northern areas with a risk of heavy snowfall. High pressure then looks to gradually build to the north, which will introduce cold and dry weather across the UK, with widespread overnight frosts, though wintry showers could still feed in from the east coast at times. It will likely feel cold, or rather cold, especially in brisk easterly winds. Icy stretches along with other disruptive wintry ha
  5. For gods sake bbc is private firm meteogroup not metoffice. They only use metoffice for warnings
  6. Molegrips and nodecider failed epically in winter 2018,2019 especially February 2019.
  7. That's a downgrade, very cold gone and much drier.
  8. Shades of feb 2019 where meto long range kept saying very cold Feb, snow, molegrips and nodecider all on board ,for weeks ... in the end warmest February ever....
  9. Yes seems like a bit of delay, yet again. Always 10 days away
  10. UK long range weather forecast Wednesday 3 Feb - Friday 12 Feb Wintry precipitation is likely to persist over northern areas on Wednesday, showers in the far southwest, elsewhere rather cloudy with plenty of dry weather. Mild at first in the south; though high pressure building up over the north of the UK during this period is likely to bring easterly winds, cold temperatures, and coastal snow showers. A pattern of wintry showers persisting across the far north, elsewhere seeing mostly fine weather, widespread frosts, fog, and icy patches. Eastern parts seeing the most hazardous cond
  11. Contingency planners WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Our weather products help contingency planners prepare for and respond to emergencies. 3 month outlook 3-month Summary) • Overall reduction in the chance of cold conditions compared to normal • A cold 3-month period remains possible • Greater chance of cold spells early in the period • Slightly higher-than-normal chance of dry conditions • Near average or wet conditions remain possible 1-month summary (1-month Summary) • Increased chance of a cold February compared to normal
  12. UK long range weather forecast Sunday 31 Jan - Tuesday 9 Feb After a very cold but bright start to Sunday, rain will move in from the west later. Going into next week, unsettled conditions look likely to dominate, with low pressure systems moving in off the Atlantic. The weather will be changeable. Periods of rain or wintry showers, and strong winds are likely, especially in the west, with brief more settled spells in between. Westerly or southwesterly winds during this period will bring milder temperatures to most areas, but occasional interludes of cold northerly winds are possible
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