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  1. Thank for trying I have just commented saying I'm finding it very confusing as its a biased chat
  2. Does anyone else find it hard to follow the MOD chat? I'm new and learning but if its bad for them in the S/E they say the models are rubbish. Why don't the moderator's say anything about it being biased surely there chat should go into the regional one?
  3. I really hope the West Midlands sees some of this snow but the more I read the more I'm getting jealous of you southerners! I've missed out on most of the heavy snow this year. But really enjoying reading the posts and learning at the same time
  4. Very light snow in Walsall looks like its stalling and fading by the time its gets to me! Good luck guys i hope you all get a decent covering, its not looking that good for me
  5. Hi everybody, this is my first post and I'm loving learning new things on here. Just checked and both Met O and BBC have downgraded Walsall to sleet, fingers crossed they have it wrong. Does anyone think they might be right or do you think lamppost watching is needed!!
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