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  1. We need the fabled polar low. Even that would probably develop a warm sector just as it reached NW England
  2. Edit: alternating with rain.. it comes down in sheets of snowy sleet then goes back to rain
  3. You are right though more development in the Irish sea.. still rain here.. however if the precipitation becomes heavier it will be snow
  4. It's not a joke no.. the showers have been quite infrequent today but inland areas have seen convective development as the showers headed inland
  5. It's quite a climb down from.previous forecasts that suggested frequent heavy wintry showers. Occasional showers suggests the Irish sea will remain fairly inactive. Today we've had a few rain and hail showers. Here tomorrow night precipitation will be heavy rain. It will be interesting to see if the relative mildness of the low pressure avoids more eastern areas of the region
  6. Still light rain showers here.
  7. I knew this would happen where the showers were weak as they hit the coast bit developed more as they headed inland. It's like a summer pattern almost
  8. Still rain in Heswall but I notice turning to sleet towards Birkenhead .. colder upper gradually having an effect further west.
  9. Tomorrow night's low was realistically never going to happen in regard to snow. The low was wrapped in mildish air with relatively high dewpoints.. even the portion with the offshore wind. I'm not surprised whatsoever. Today is going exactly how it should have been expected so far... Showers mostly of rain and hail west of Manchester and sleet and snow east of.
  10. Lots of rain and hail showers last night.. less frequent this morning but still the odd rain shower
  11. Graupel is effectively snow, but it's compacted in the same way that rain becomes hail. Graupel is a Cumulonimbus thing.. and therefore there should be some exciting weather anyway.
  12. in this case I'd probably disagree, there are milder uppers wrapping around the low, even around the area where the offshore wind would blow. Even if the offshore wind flicked the switch any snow would be very short lived as the W-NW wind would return very quickly. The setup is not as favourable as earlier in winter.. as it seems to steam through at a pace.. and we have no floodgates of easterly air opening. However, the setup you mention above could be very lucrative to inland areas.
  13. Chris did you hear thunder about 10 minutes ago? I heard a low eerie rumble that was reminiscent of an approaching storm
  14. I would be more inclined to think the GFS 12z is an anomaly than a groundbreaking change. It looks too progressive.. I think I'll err on the side of caution with this one and assume as per previous runs. Even so even with a southwards correction it'll still be too marginal for coastal areas.. but marginally better inland