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  1. Storms as predicted have died out over here just giving a brief shower of rain. It's looking like it'll be the 5th year in a row without a proper thunderstorm. It simply technically very difficult to get storms to initiate here even in favourable conditions
  2. Those storms are just going to miss here.. frustrated does not come close.. but it's pretty normal for us to miss them. Maybe next year (again)
  3. Those storms will miss Wirral it seems but Southport and Blackpool could be into something later
  4. You can see how little hope there is for storms here.. which is not surprising. However there is a possibility that a few will see something later this afternoon. It hinges on this low cloud moving away though which isn't guaranteed. I have to work at the botanic gardens today and it's a choice whether to take waterproofs or not. I think I'll leave them and just use shorts and t shirt as I'm not convinced we will get anything here.
  5. Fascinating to see how the evening has unravelled. Lots going on down south. Very impressive with the cell west of Norfolk which keeps on giving Alas it's too far north here to benefit, as the storms will die out by the time they reach here, due to diurnal cooling. Enjoy your storms, those who get them!
  6. Without meaning to sound negative; no - probably not. I always find unless we are the sweet spot, storms generally avoid us.. If there is higher CAPE and instability to the south of us, it usually signals they will die out before reaching here, and unfortunately, that looks like what will happen overnight. It may be that we get moderate rain, but that's all we will get. We just don't fare well from storms from the south, unless we have very very high CAPE (ie over 2500j/kg)/humidity etc. We are more successful from the west (ie polar maritime showers in winter)
  7. very interesting seeing what's going on down south. I can categorically say there will be nothing up here, based on countless experiences of such setups over the years, but with flooding on Cornwall and the south coast, it certainly is a strong plume of air.
  8. Any chance has now cleared away northeastwards.. nothing here. Pretty standard
  9. Very poor turnout in the end with realistically never much chance of storms around these parts. Not that surprising though.
  10. Nothing here yet although I think time is running out now chance wise
  11. A bank of fairly substantial Cirrus is moving over the area now putting a potential lid on any activity later. Quite disappointing but that is to be expected in most cases. Time to get on with things I have to do today. Good luck those with any storm activity later
  12. Still only 16.8 degrees here with cloud and a strong breeze. No sign of sun.
  13. If it is sunny yes if newcastle is getting them its good for the east coast too i imagine.
  14. Id love to agree but here in Merseyside, conditions are not really conducive to storms at this moment (cloudy,chilly fresh)
  15. Its surprisingly cold feeling outside.. its not that humid and the wind is rather chilly which is quite surprising despite such warm upper level temperatures and an offshore airflow. I remember in similar projected situations in the past it would be in the 20s by now even in cloudy, hazy conditions