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  1. Hopefully get some -10 uppers and get the old North sea snow machine woken up before end of Feb can dream.
  2. There quite few in this region that still havent really seen lying snow this winter i cant remember what 4 inches look like 🤣 Even Blackpool have had more snow then us this winter and now Central London. All need now is Penzance and Isle of Scilly to get snow just to top it off lol
  3. So frustrating but sums up this winter here overcast barely above freezing dewpoints below freezing clouds look full of snow but no preciptation if was anytime to snow this is it. can gurantee later in the week the rain wont have such an problem missing us
  4. Yer it is indeed an awful run managed to get an little snow fix early hours of this morning with an hour and half of snow which gave the smallest covering on bins and car roofs yes it is that bad not sure if got any in your location? Was more impressive for the fact temps were in double figures two hours before cant say ever seen such an drop in short time. And least can say seen snow 😅 because i was half expecting Penzance and Isle of Scillly to have more chance of snow then us way it being going recently.
  5. Yer snowing here now not settling but pretty impressive considering temps were in double figures less then two hours ago.
  6. Are these the charts that get pushed South closer to the time and usually end up in Northern France?
  7. It got snow for my location so probably not very reliable 🤣
  8. Yer we really have got the short straw so far this winter expecting another mainly snowless winter my memory might be playing tricks on me but cant remember such an dire run of winters here since 2013 barring 2018 . It's Snowing and settling quite widely at low levels in the north west to Runcorn, Widnes, Warrington and Crewe this evening. Mad to think less then 100 miles away here the temps are in double figures. It also snowed in Great Yarmouth Cromer and Sheringham right on the Norfolk coast and settled on Saturday so why not here lol.
  9. Or next failed attempt ha but at the end of the day its only weather just be nice to see an covering before winter out. Norfolk not doing so bad snowing and laying in Norwich. Even on the coast in Great Yarmouth and Cromer snowing and settling.
  10. Another bust here cant say im suprised must admit my thoughts are turning to spring now and the dry season. March and April are usually good these days for an early taste of summer bring it on cant wait for the lighter evenings.
  11. I live in Hull or just right on the outskirts and we have defiantely had snow in the last 8 years lol. Mainly marginal and quickly turned back to rain or whatever fell melted quite quick apart from Feb/Mar 2018. Last time we had proper snow lying was in Feb 2019 but it melted after 3 or 4 hours. You could technically say we had an white christmas to it did snow on christmas morning but was just an few flakes. But it has being very poor recently but has being the case for most low lying area's recently within 20 odd miles of the coast anyways.
  12. We do here it seems well least u got an good few hours though better then nothing i guess. Until we get an proper cold spell showing -10 uppers within 24 hours time frame then i wont get my hopes up for anything here.
  13. Send some this way since Jan 2013 when we had almost two weeks of lying snow i dont think we have recorded 24 hours of lying snow in the 8 Januaries since and unless something major pops up in two weeks wont be changing the 90's Januaries where Narnia compared to this ha.
  14. Looked quite good on the York railcam though u could tell it was marginal but seemed to have lasted good few hours we got sod all here apart from more rain. Like someone said earlier the death of an proper Northerly in winter has done it here . Seems pretty much same close to the East Coast up to North East Scotland down to East Anglia in recent years.
  15. Sorry just popped in from the yorkshire and Lincs thread and concur entirelly with that were in East Yorkshire 20 odd miles from the coast at sea level and it just being an rain fest 2 or 3 celcius so frustrating when everyone else is gloating over snow 2 decent events in over an week. While we get sod all im done with this winter tbh another write off roll on some spring warmth or just an prolonged dry spell.
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