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  1. So So sorry for your loss....MY thoughts are with you...
  2. Sob.. you just made me cry with laughter..with the dogs post.After such a bad year and having lost family to this awful cov19 ..its the first times my tears are part laughter... Thankyou Ali :) x
  3. agreed....changes are a on-going..northern areas may be game..or with a shout. good for a covering. The most northern point is non script..surprises are, what they are. btw...great freezing fog in stockport right now.
  4. indeed...more bones too chew on as thats much way further north..
  5. And the winner of the most excellent award of being most excellent...goes too..."Homer simpson!" These models are...at best ..say no more..
  6. Kasim, your posts are honest and informative..please may it continue If i may ..let me tell you a story... Once a poor nomadic man walked the barren plains, his feet swollen, hands blistered and eyes stinging in the wind. Pulling his cart behind him the poor man lumbered onward until he came too a crossroad. At this crossroad he saw a well dressed man..a rich well dressed man; the well dressed man lifted his hat and looked at the poor mans cart.."what provisions do you carry that you are willing to trade?" The poor man wiped his eyes and answered "i have just butter and poor che
  7. That aint just any old cat....There be the Snow Leopard..eyes white
  8. Hop onward folks.. lets hope this dry air invection will not such out our percipition..
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