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  1. What are the roads like in Beecles @General Cluster i work @ CBF will i need extra time to get there ?
  2. Ah so it is all down to the wind how long does the wind have to be maintained for for a streamer to form , i mean the distance between the 2 i mentioned must be no more than 50 miles can the winds really be that different in my location compared to where the streamers formed ? Thanks for replying MB
  3. I must be the most noobest person here so i have a question for some of the more experienced. I see the streamer formed to my my north in great yarmouth and another to my south what stops them converging into a more organised mass off precip ?
  4. I feel your pain @Marie, lived in Brighton 40 years and many a year i craved for even 1 flake of snow , live in Lowestoft and right now blizzard conditions . Happy days
  5. Thankyou makes logical sense now , more of a chance of a cold spell if a majority of ensembles showing cold . I think moved from one bad spot Brighton to another although 2018 was niccee here but too cold for my old bones , My next questions is however , how can start data differ so much in say 6 hrs as per gfs or is that a case of too many runs and too much different data , im a mechanic by trade and too much info can lead to a head ache to get to the final outcome ?
  6. Thanks for the replay Paul, so if thats the case how come models can show complete opposites at the same time frame ? Is there some human input involved or more a case of models see outcomes differently ?
  7. As a complete noob ( yes we were all one once ) but do the models share each others data when coming up with their charts ?
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