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  1. Can you start sharing the snow? @Scott Ingham😂❄️
  2. Must be passing through you before it gets to us, blizzard like must have dropped 1cm maybe more in 10 minutes. Some heavy stuff near hull developing too. Just goes to show how things can crop up at short notice in this type of set up and if you find yourself under a streamer it’s quids in time. Brilliant radar watching.
  3. Might not have had surprise snowfall but the radars given me a surprise. Within 5 minutes most of the precipitation disappears in the North Sea and somehow appears clumped together in wales. Very strange.
  4. Morning,how did you do overnight? Looked like everything we was getting was heading in your direction 

    1. Danns


      Ey up, managed to get another centimetre, I think shower intensity dropped off further inland. Got 5cm snow cover. What’s the depths in and around Lincolnshire?

    2. caistor top

      caistor top

      We’ve ended up with around 13cm but probably more higher up round here

  5. Agreed, this could be the start of a more intense streamer that Euro4, Arome and Arpege have modelled crossing into South Yorkshire at 22:00. Interesting.
  6. A lot can and probably will happen in the next 72 hours. The proper cold is in now , so let the fun and games begin.
  7. A bit of a break and then the next streamer inline for Sheffield/Rotherham possibly Doncaster and Barnsley. Beefy.
  8. Deep orange almost red echo headed towards Rotherham. The stuff in the North Sea has just loitered around in the same place, not sure what it’s doing.
  9. Is the merger of the streamers what GEM predicted? Really good if so.
  10. Please track like this. Look like the place to be. Grenoside/Foxhill. Edit - Rotherham is going to get hammered.
  11. Based on current wind direction I would say it’s likely to take this track, but not sure if wind is due to change. @Craigers and @Scott Ingham are better at picking up on radar patterns.
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