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  1. Crazy - probably about 3 inches here in Guisborough, obviously melting now but I think we have had more than we got in the Feb beast ( was it a beast ?! )
  2. Woke up to a covering this morning and it was froze solid. Looking like a nice day now but it's bitter cold.
  3. Yes, came in quite cold and misty at that time didn't it. Got to say that I am a cold / snow lover, but only for four months of the year, Nov to Feb, after that I think it is just a waste with the longer days and sun strength etc and who really wants cold weather after today's BBQ weather. Saying all that it looks like it is coming from Monday onwards.
  4. Must be this site changing it to chicken, crazy, I mean male bullfinch !!!
  5. Chicken bird ?? Predictive text for chicken bird.
  6. Amazing pic, beautiful bird is the bullfinch, well the chicken bird is certainly beautiful, unfortunately the hen isn't as colourful. I have been watching a pair for a few weeks now in the woodland out the back of me, I have tried many different foods on my bird table but they don't seem to be keen garden visitors.
  7. I love the snow but it was a lovely dog walk this morning in the warmer temperature. I know the temperature didn't reflect it but I actually thought yesterday was the coldest feeling day of all that cold spell, howling freezing cold wind, snow wildly drifting off fields and the wind actually brought trees down where I walk the dog.
  8. No doubt if it had been down south we would be seeing red danger to life warnings.
  9. Yep, all in all, pretty rubbish. I will go for the glorious warm sunshine over the other options.
  10. Think they should be a warning out for this wind, it is extremely strong and roads are being blocked, cars stuck from Guisborough over to Whitby / moors etc with large drifts blowing off the fields,
  11. Been snowing for a hour or so here, not amounting to much on the ground though, tends to melt as it hits the wetter parts of the ground but adding to lying snow in parts. It does give me the impression it is the beginning of the end but as I mentioned in my post on Tuesday I think we will be getting excited again from around the 23rd - time will tell.
  12. Well the BBC forecast has really gone off on one for tomorrow for here. Heavy snow showers from 8am to 4pm and again from 11pm to 5am Saturday morning - not sure where they are picking that up from, will probs change later today.
  13. Yes there was a light graupel shower here around 6.20am. There is also a band of light snow showers out to sea which may just skirt the region later, not sure ?
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