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  1. For 2020 I'm going for 295. Good luck and happy new year everyone. ?
  2. Is it time to start thinking that any link between low sun spot numbers and colder winters in Europe was either a coincidence or has been eradicated by climate change? I think if next winter is mild my mind will be made up ? I know this winter is far from over but I would have at least hoped to have seen some snow by now. On the plus side we've had a fair few frosts. Just sick of all this rain...
  3. Did yesterday's spot get counted? Was its polarity SC25? Thanks
  4. At current rates we'd be looking @ ~250. Time will tell ?
  5. Distant rumble in Shrewsbury. Looks to be over the Long Mynd again.
  6. If past cycles mean anything I would hope the next 2-3 winters see something cooler. If they end up like this year then it looks like any link to low sun spot activity and colder winters is toast ? Time will tell....
  7. Be great if you could post some pictures up ?
  8. Went to Prague in December 2005 and had a great time! I'm sure it's changed a lot since then though, would love to go back some time to see! I recall the cold feeling very different to the UK, a very dry cold which makes sense! We went on a trip with a guide who was a Czech English teacher, he told us some good places to look at and sample a proper Czech pub off the beaten track ?
  9. I think the biggest question is how much "global warming" or "climate change" will play out with this IF we see the sun go as quiet as some expect. Interesting times for sure. The biggest danger IMO is a quiet sun lulls some into a false sense of security and nothing is done to kerb harmful emissions. (which ever way you look at it pumping the atmosphere full of gases can't be a good thing!)
  10. If only today's spot had arrived a little earlier!! Not a bad guess ? I wonder what 2019 will bring?? I'm going for 260-280 spotless days days....
  11. Yep, that pesky spot has ruined my guess of 220 spotless days!
  12. Looking good for my guess of 220 spotless days, just need another run like the last without any TINY pesky spots spoiling things!!! ?
  13. Thanks, very useful. Spaceweather only ever showed that spot when it was barely visible.
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