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  1. Proper cold this morning! 32.7°F (0.3°C) for a low in Morningside. Coldest reading since April 13th. 🥶
  2. Good to know that the brown hills in April/May aren't too abnormal. And thats an interesting and informative point on the regrowth! I hadn't thought of that, but then again, I am too knowledgable on how land regenerates itself on an annual manner. I use the good ole and super scientific "eyeball" test. But it does sound like crop stress is starting to become a concern "“In Europe, as the recent cold period eases, attention has shifted to ongoing dryness after little or no rain fell in France, Germany and the UK over the past few weeks, increasing concerns over crop stress,” said Mr L
  3. A perfect day for a hike in the Borders! Loch Skeen at the top of Grey Mares Tail was just pristine today. But so dry! Not sure I’ve ever seen so much “burnt” landscape and dust in Scotland. Big pattern changes coming tomorrow. Certainly colder but just how much more precipitation as we head into May?
  4. Can anyone help me put into context just how dry this April has been relative to recent years?
  5. Also, gonna post this twitter thread as well. Interesting to watch. Could be some close to record low thickness values in parts of Scotland by tomorrow. As a reminder, the colder the air, the denser the air becomes and the distance between any two height levels also decreases. Translation, some really cold columns of air incoming!
  6. Just too dry! Impressive cold, but it may be so dry that even the highest peaks of the Pentlands don't see anything as well.
  7. It is Easter after all! But I am also a bit out of season with my winter/snow forecasting. Here is a tweet that might fill your needs
  8. Down to 34.7F for a low last night! Coldest reading since March 6th.
  9. Forgot to post this picture from Threipmuir on Sunday! Seems the reservoir is super low. @101_North, can you confirm this? Wondering how the water levels compare to past years.
  10. My station shows a 42mph gust in the last hour here in Morningside. But I'd venture to say some of those gusts were 50+. My station isn't ideally located for wind detection.
  11. Question for the group. Is anyone else surprised how little flooding there was considering the rapid melt? I checked Braid Burn and the Water of Leith today and both were certainly high, but not nearly as high as I was expecting. What gives? Perhaps the snow had a low water content? There was a considerable "fluff" factor. But I am a bit shocked that there hasn't been more widespread flooding issues. @LomondSnowstorm @101_North
  12. Probably! There is definitely some disagreement in model guidance on what happens at the end of next week. But this is is a bit silly.
  13. Did you make it up there? I decided it was a bit too cold myself!
  14. Snow showers generally moving from about 300º (SSW). Lines up moisture convergence nicely along the A7 and eastern edge of the Pentlands terrain. Too bad temps are above 0! This could have been a nice afternoon dumping for Edinburgh
  15. In a pretty decent snow shower now. Forecast seems to be breaking down a bit. Convergence zone on the western edge of the continental high is about 60 miles further west than it should be
  16. Wow, the western edge of this band got a lot closer to land than I thought it would.
  17. Fingers crossed that I wake up in a few hours to a surprise. Hoping this line moves further inland than forecast
  18. Me too! A friend and I are planning a morning run starting in Swanston
  19. @101_North or anyone else get up to the Pentlands today? How much snow up there?
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